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Fans who were lucky enough to catch the screening of the new Eagles documentary at this month's Sundance Film Festival are buzzing over the quality of the footage found in the film. History Of The Eagles will premiere on Showtime on February 15th and 16th and be released on DVD the following month. Co-founder Don Henley told Rolling Stone that despite the Eagles' closed-in ranks during their heyday -- having a film crew on hand was a great idea: "We were very private. We didn't allow a lot of access to outside people or press -- we tried to keep it all in-house. We did have the foresight to get some filming done."


Henley went on to recall the band's slow rise into becoming the era's biggest band and beloved songwriters: "My (pre-Eagles) band, Shiloh, had done a few singles, but I was a terrible songwriter when I got in this band. I learned from Glenn (Frey), and J.D. Souther, and Jackson Browne. I'd done eight or nine years in bars and clubs and paid those dues and we'd all done that. . . There was no plan B -- we were learning as went and that was our pattern. We could make an album, listen to each one (after release) and say 'that song stinks' and we can do better than that. We were just trying to top ourselves."

  • Don Henley told VH1 that the amount of fame and notoriety the Eagles attained in the '70s was hard to deal with on a day-to-day basis: "Y'know, when you're young and you get hit with all this stuff, you, you, you freak out. (Laughs) Because, y'know, things, things get magnified in importance. So it's nice to have survived all that."
  • Don Henley will next perform on February 1st in Atlantic City, New Jersey at Venue Revel Ovation Hall.
  • The Eagles will play their first show of the year on March 23rd at Las Vegas' Venue MGM Grand Garden Arena.


  • Don Henley and Glenn Frey co-founded the Eagles in 1971, and are responsible for writing or co-writing the band's best loved songs, including "Hotel California," "One Of These Nights," "Desperado," "Tequila Sunrise," "Best Of My Love," "Life In The Fast Lane," "New Kid In Town," "Heartache Tonight," "I Can't Tell You Why," "The Long Run," and many more.

CHECK IT OUT: The Eagles with J.D. Souther in 1977 performing "Best Of My Love":

Don Henley On Dealing With Fame As A Young Man

Ultimate Classic Rock reports new documentary reminds the Eagles how funny they used to be

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