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Ex-Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch told Artist Direct in a new interview that he is "really excited" about reuniting with his former group for four shows this spring and summer. After being initially announced to join them at two German festivals, Welch has now also signed on for a U.K. concert and an appearance at Columbus, Ohio's Rock On The Range extravaganza in May. Welch played one song with the band last May at the Carolina Rebellion festival, marking his first time onstage with them in eight years.


Welch said, "It's a bit surreal because I didn't expect it to happen. We have no hate for each other like some of these other bands that haven't talked in years. People grew. Everyone went to different places in life . . . It was so long that I didn't see it happening, but then when it crept up on me last May during Carolina Rebellion, I saw the emotion. Nothing else mattered except reconciliation, brotherly love, and that family feel with the guys and the fans. People were in tears. I thought, 'This is a really good thing.'"

  • He added, "When they hit me up about the shows this year, to me, it was time. This is the proper time. The reason I felt like it would never happen because it wasn't the proper time yet. As soon as the day hit when I felt it was right, it felt so good. I'm really excited about this year with them."
  • Welch left Korn in 2005 to become a born-again Christian and look after his daughter. The band did not replace him, continuing instead as a four-piece.
  • In addition to playing full sets with the band at all four shows, Welch will work a double shift at Rock On The Range since his own act, Love And Death, is also on the bill.
  • Korn has been touring for much of the past year behind its 10th studio album, The Path Of Totality, but has also begun work on a new set of material.


  • Do you think Head will permanently rejoin the band at some point? Should he?
  • Has Korn missed his presence in the lineup all these years? What did he bring to the group?
  • Should they also reach out to ex-drummer David Silveria and make it a full reunion?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

JHill wrote: "I'm not a korn fan, but four out of five original members is better than a lot of bands are doing these days."

Keanu Borgir wrote: "Head will unite with Satan in Hell for his eternal torment. Jesus said leave Korn yet he slithers back for the prospect of earthy pleasures. Head failed God's test and he will burn in Hell...with Satan."

nancyboy wrote: "Sounds like a woman. 'I want to be with you...just not right now. I need time.' Loon."

RedZombie "Head rules. Hope he rejoins again full time after the shows."

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