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  • Blabbermouth reports rock and roll "history" was made on January 14 as filmmaker J.R. Getches shot the first- ever dramatic portrayal footage of late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott, starring U.S. actor/singer Rob Liotti, in Charleston, South Carolina. This initial scene will serve as a teaser film and prelude to the upcoming trailer now greenlit and in pre-production. "Bon Scott - The Legend of AC/DC" was originally reported upon in August of 2012 and garnered viral worldwide attention.  Russell Cotter of High Voltage Productions Pty. and an Australian said: "The Bon Scott movie has got legs! Rob has worked tirelessly to get the movie off the ground and it has traction.  "More than 30 years after the death of AC/DC's legendary frontman, Rob has promoted the legacy of Bon Scott, the man, and has been able to pull together the story, the people, and the logistics of what will soon become a landmark movie. Fans around the world will finally get to see what they have long waited for."  A confidential meeting was held in mid-November 2012 to solidify commencement of filming and involved key staff as well as key principal role actors. Also noteworthy is the fact that an agreement has been reached with Charleston Sound Studio, LLC in neighboring Mount Pleasant, South Carolina where the trailer's theme song will be recorded. Owner and chief engineer Jeff Hodges has been tasked with capturing the all-important track. The studio has been utilized by stars such as multi-platinum artist Darius Rucker and noted Nashville producer Frank Rogers.  While there has been much speculation over the casting of roles within the project, radio interviews with the film's star (both in Australia and the United States) have given indication that some preliminary casting has been accomplished for the trailer. It has been learned that besides the principal role Liotti holds as Bon Scott, the roles of Malcolm Young, Angus Young, Mark Evans, Phil Rudd and Margaret "Silver" Smith have been cast thus far. In preparation for shooting, the film's star took on a serious physical regimen dropping some 40 lbs. in preparation for the role.  Director J.R. Getches added: "The story of Bon Scott is a classical tragedy. He travelled across the world, made his mark, and then died too young. He was a misfit who found his place in rock music and became immortal pursuing his dream. This is a story worth telling."  The associate production company High Voltage Productions Pty. is seeking an independent production house and is said to be waiting for the right fit and vision. But they have pledged that the film's trailer will serve as a vehicle for fundraising and an instrument to give visual perpetuity to the investment interests at-large, as well as the public.  For more information, visit  Read more at Loudwire and Ultimate Classic Rock


  • Blabbermouth reports Aria Guitars of Japan is proud to introduce the Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass. This guitar has been a year in the making and is being made with the authorization of the Cliff Burton family and METALLICA. Cliff Burton was the bassist for METALLICA for their first three albums, "Kill 'Em All", "Ride The Lightning" and "Master Of Puppets".  The Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass is a replica of the Black 'n Gold I bass that Cliff played. Painstaking attention to detail was taken to build a tribute bass. It has a 7-ply maple/walnut neck with a neck-through, heel-less neck design. It has the same headstock with the patent statement on the front and Cliff Burton's authorized signature on the back of the headstock. Each of the tuners are handcrafted out of brass and gold-plated and the 40mm nut is made of brass. The neck has a 34-inch scale with 24 frets. The fretboard is made of rosewood with cat eye and mother of pearl inlays.  The body is the original SB shape and made of alder. The Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass is loaded with an Aria MB-V passive pickup. It has a single tone and volume control with a dual sound mini-toggle switch. The bridge is solid brass with gold plated saddles. The bass will ship inside of a deluxe ostrich hardshell case and a certificate of authenticity signed by Ray Burton. Both players and collectors alike will desire this unique bass guitar.  When the new Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass was presented to Cliff's father, Ray Burton, he stated: "What a beautiful instrument and a wonderful tribute to Cliff. The first year Cliff was with METALLICA he played a Rickenbacker guitar that he purchased in 1982. He loved his guitar, but he did not feel it was a strong enough instrument to withstand the rugged treatment of the daily rigors of heavy metal touring. Early in 1984, Cliff was treated to an Aria Pro II bass guitar. He really liked it and therefore did not seek any other bass to play. He told me it was strong and ideal to play. I never heard a discouraging word about his Aria bass guitars. To give testament to his preference, he had several of them at the time of his death."  The Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass will be officially launched at Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California on January 24-27 in the Aria Guitars booth, Hall E, Booth #1548. Cliff Burton's father, Ray Burton, will officially introduce the guitar on Friday, January 25 at 12 o'clock noon and be available to sign autographs for dealers and METALLICA fans. The Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass will be available through authorized Aria dealers in the United States and throughout the world. North America dealers can contact Jim Chen of Audio Images in San Francisco, California at 415-957-9131 for more details.  Read more at Loudwire


    Headstock: Original SB Design
    Neck Shape: Standard, Medium
    Neck: 7 Ply Maple/Walnut
    Neck Joint: Neck-through, Heel-less Cutaway
    Tuners: Handmade Solid Brass Tuner Buttons, 24 K Gold Plated
    Nut: 40mm Width Solid Brass
    Truss rod Cover: Solid Brass
    Headstock Front Inlays: Patent Statement
    Headstock Back Inlay: Cliff Burton Authorized Signature

    Fretboard Scale: 34" or 864mm
    Frets: 24 Frets
    Fretboard: Rosewood
    Fretboard Inlays: Cat Eye, Mother of Pearl Inlays

    Body Shape: Original SB Shape, Super Balanced Body
    Body Material: Alder
    Pickup: Aria MB-V Passive Pickup
    Controls: 1xVolume, 1xTone, 1-Dual Sound Mini-Toggle Switch
    Knobs: Black SB Knobs
    Tailpiece: Solid Brass With 24K Gold Plated Saddles and Black Plated Body
    Strap Pins: 18K Gold Plated Solid Brass
    Strings: Rotosound RS66LB (35, 55, 70, 90)
    Certificate: Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Ray Burton and Toshi Matsumura
    Case: Deluxe Ostrich Hardshell Case With Gold Hardware


  • Blabbermouth reports legendary hard rock vocalist Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) has been confirmed as one of the guest musicians who will appear on "The Mystery Of Time", the new album from EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet's AVANTASIA project. Also scheduled to make appearances on the CD are Michael Kiske (UNISONIC, HELLOWEEN), SAXON frontman Biff Byford, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, drummer Russell Gilbrook of URIAH HEEP, AYREON mastermind Arjen Lucassen (also ex-BODINE, VENGEANCE), Ronnie Atkins of Danish hard rock veterans PRETTY MAIDS and MR. BIG frontman Eric Martin.  The new AVANTASIA CD was recorded in part at VOX Klangstudio in Bendestorf, Germany with producer Sascha Paeth (KAMELOT, EDGUY, EPICA, RHAPSODY).

    "The Mystery Of Time" track listing:

    01. Spectres
    02. The Watchmakers' Dream
    03. Black Orchid
    04. Where Clock Hands Freeze
    05. Sleepwalking
    06. Savior In The Clockwork
    07. Invoke The Machine
    08. What's Left Of Me
    09. Dweller In A Dream
    10. The Great Mystery

    Immediately after the release of "The Mystery Of Time", a metal opera based on a story written by Sammet, the band will embark on a full-fledged indoor tour, during which the band and special guests will bring the epic undertaking to the stage.  Since the performances will embrace all the different eras and history of AVANTASIA, these shows will feature an extended playing time and the entire evening will be dedicated to AVANTASIA with no support acts.  Tobias originally wanted to put AVANTASIA to rest after the release of the "The Flying Opera - Around The World In 20 Days" concert DVD in April 2011, but he has since had a change of heart. He explains, "Even though I love to record and tour with EDGUY, I didn't foresee how much I need AVANTASIA when I decided to finish this chapter of my life in 2011. I didn't know if there would be another AVANTASIA album one day, but I didn‘t feel like doing it. After the worldwide success of the latest studio releases, an arena world tour that was sold out pretty much everywhere, collaborations with childhood heroes like Alice Cooper, Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Eric Singer of KISS, etc. I 'knew' that I had said everything I could possibly say in the name of AVANTASIA. But that's not what AVANTASIA is all about. I wanna create more great music, I wanna create more fantasy worlds, the bigger and the more epic, the better. And listening to the material that I have created for this forthcoming chapter in the history of AVANTASIA, I know there is no way I am not going to do it! I have got the feeling and the certainty that this is absolutely meant to happen and to be!"


  • Blabbermouth reports according to Dunmow Broadcast, former IRON MAIDEN guitarist Dennis Stratton has thrown his support behind a new rock school in Saffron Walden, England.  Offering "music lessons with a big difference," Livewire is open on Monday evenings at The Friends Meeting House in the High Street, teaching electric guitar, drums, bass and keyboards.  "This is a great opportunity for people to learn and play music with professional musicians," said Stratton.  Every lesson finishes with a 15-minute jam session with all students joining in well known rock and pop songs.  For more information, visit participated in the recording and production of IRON MAIDEN's self-titled first album in December 1979. He also appeared in the home video recording "Live At The Ruskin" in early 1980 (released in 2004 as part of "The Early Days" DVD set), MAIDEN's first video "Women in Uniform", the "Women In Uniform" single, some subsequent single releases, as well as in the band's first appearance on British TV ("Running Free" performed live on "Top Of The Pops") and the "Live!! +One" album.


  • Blabbermouth reports the studio recording of GHOST's cover version of ABBA's "I'm A Marionette" has been released on Spotify and is now available for streaming in the YouTube clip below. The track, which reportedly features none other than Dave Grohl (FOO FIGHTERS, NIRVANA) handling production duties and sitting behind the drum kit, serves as the B-side of GHOST's strictly limited 10-inch clear vinyl version of its new single, "Secular Haze". You can now pre-order a copy from the Swedish webshop  In a recent interview with Decibel magazine, one of the Nameless Ghouls stated about GHOST's decision to record an ABBA' cover: "We are Swedish, and ABBA has always been a very, very strong part of our modern musical heritage. We all grew up with their music very present. Not only that — ABBA basically took a few hundred years of traditional Swedish music and made it into pop songs. I'm talking about folk music from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Anybody outside Scandinavia probably isn't familiar with those tones or musical language. But one of the reasons ABBA broke through so enormously first in Sweden was probably because of their folk music influences. I think anyone from Scandinavia is easily infatuated with that sort of music, so ABBA has a deeper meaning to us, I think."  GHOST will release its sophomore album, "Infestissumam", in the spring via Loma Vista Recordings, the new record label founded by Tom Whalley in partnership with Republic Records, a division of Universal Music Group. Frontman Papa Emeritus and his Nameless Ghouls summoned Nashville-based Grammy Award-winning Nick Raskulinecz (DEATH ANGEL, DEFTONES, FOO FIGHTERS, RUSH) to produce this offering.  Read more at NME

    "Infestissumam" track listing:

    01. Infestissumam
    02. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
    03. Secular Haze
    04. Jigolo Har Megiddo
    05. Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
    06. Year Zero
    07. Idolatrine
    08. Body And Blood
    09. Depth Of Satans Eyes
    10. Monstrance Clock

    The band's debut album, "Opus Eponymous", was released in late 2010 in Europe and in early 2011 in North America via Rise Above Records.

    "I'm A Marionette" studio version:

    "I'm A Marionette" live performance:


  • Blabbermouth reports the original lineup of the acclaimed 1990s rock band SAIGON KICKMatt Kramer (vocals), Phil Varone (drums), Jason Bieler (guitar) and Tom Defile (bass) — will announce its first shows since 1992 "any day now," according to Kramer. The band rehearsed for the first time on November 12, 2012 in Southern Florida in preparation for the reunion dates. They are being joined by another returning SAIGON KICK member, bassist Chris McLernon, who will handle rhythm-guitar duties on the road.  A photo taken at the first rehearsal can be seen below.  Bieler, who recently launched a new project called OWL STRETCHING, told last year about the prospect of a SAIGON KICK reunion, "I am open to anything at this point, I am really just distilling this down to what it was about when I started… making music and having fun. So far… so good!"  SAIGON KICK is perhaps best remembered for its second album, 1992's "The Lizard", which spawned the band's biggest hit single, "Love Is On The Way". The track reached No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and its accompanying video was in the top 10 MTV countdown for many weeks. Just before touring for the LP commenced, DeFile was fired and was replaced by ex-COLD SWEAT bassist Chris McLernon. They toured from summer 1992 to spring 1993 and "The Lizard" was eventually certified gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America) for sales in excess of 500,000 copies.


  • Blabbermouth reports Cult Swedish stoner-rock outfit ASTROQUEEN has remastered a bunch of old and rare demos, along with the recordings that KING DIAMOND's Andy La Roque produced from the years 2000-2003, and has made them available in its brand new Bandcamp store.  After receiving hundreds of mails from fans all around the world searching for the infamous demos, the band decided it was time to make them official and give something back to their fans. You can stream them for free or download them for a small fee.  ASTROQUEEN was put on hiatus in 2004 after the "Astroqueen vs Buffalo" split CD (Dias De Garage, Argentina) but the interest has remained strong throughout the years.  The band's 2001 release, "Into Submisson" (Pavement Music), is considered a classic stoner-rock album.


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