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The Strokes will release their fifth studio album later this year, according to Billboard, which confirmed the news after a Seattle radio station reportedly got hold of a copy of the first single, titled "All The Time." The Strokes have been working at New York's legendary Electric Lady Studios since June on the disc, which will follow up 2011's Angles. That album ended a five-year gap between records for the group.


  • Angles has sold 221,000 copies since coming out in March 2011.
  • Although a new Strokes album doesn't quite command the same hype these days as their earlier ones did, guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. told us a while back that the Strokes still feel pressure when recording something new: "I definitely think there's always pressure in making something like a record, where basically what you make is what you'll get ten years from now, you know? You can't really change a record. So there's definitely pressure, but I think as a band we work quite well under those kind of conditions."
  • Asked last summer if he thought the new Strokes record would sound different from Angles, Albert Hammond Sr., the singer/songwriter father of Albert Hammond Jr., said, "I don't think they'll go in a wildly different direction. Obviously the songs will be different, but I think the Strokes are the Strokes; they always will be the Strokes."
  • During the half-decade break before Angles was released, all five members of the Strokes embarked on solo projects, and there was even speculation that the band -- known for its in-fighting -- would not return.


Are you excited about a new Strokes album or not interested anymore?

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

Chip Love wrote: "Best band from 2000 to 2010. Hall of Famers and the last truly great rock'n'roll band in history. Everything since then is hybridized dance music or some kind of metal. They (along with Black Keys and maybe the Kings) are the last rock'n'rollers."

MountainMan wrote: "Yes!!! Last week gave me a new Bowie song and this week will give me one from the Strokes?!?!?!?!? Rock n' Roll Revival 2013!!!"

gooch wrote: "CANNOT WAIT!"

CHECK IT OUT: Watch a complete Strokes concert from the U.K.'s Reading Festival in 2011:

Strokes Guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. On Working Under Pressure

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