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Ozzy Osbourne was injured on Thursday morning (January 17th) while attempting to put out a fire in the Beverly Hills home he shares with his wife Sharon Osbourne.  According to Blabbermouth, firefighters were called to the house after a lit candle that Sharon forgot to extinguish before bed time started and had left burning through the night exploded in its glass vase, sparking a small blaze in their living room and put out the fire before any significant damage was done.


On Thursday's edition of the CBS morning program The Talk, which she co-hosts, Sharon explained, "At five o' clock (in the morning), I heard a noise like metal had fallen . . . A few minutes later, my eyes are stinging and my throat's closing up. (I thought), 'Something's weird smelling in here.' Then my dog started to bark. I go downstairs and the whole living room (was on fire)."

  • She added that Ozzy, who had a cast on his hand due to having surgery the day before, attempted to put the fire out. Sharon then threw water on it, causing it to erupt even more.
  • Ozzy ended up losing his eyebrows and his hair from his ears down, while his cheeks were also singed.
  • Sharon said, "We are, like, two idiots . . . everything you are not meant to do -- go to bed with candles alight, open the doors and put water on -- we did it all."
  • She added that the firemen gave them "a lecture," with Ozzy saying, "You tell her, you tell her, no more candles!"
  • Sharon then apologized to her husband on the air, saying he made his hand injury worse by putting himself out. She concluded, "I'm sorry and I love you and I will never light a candle again . . . I want to thank the firemen from Beverly Hills Fire Station because you are magnificent there and I want to say to everyone out there, please, please check your candles before you go to bed."

DID YOU KNOW? In March 2005, a fire broke out at Ozzy's Buckinghamshire mansion, causing considerable damage to the home. No one was reported injured during the blaze, but Ozzy and Sharon were treated for smoke inhalation, as were two of their employees.

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  • Have you ever had to deal with a fire in your home?
  • Do you know what the safest thing to do is if a fire breaks out in your house?
  • Is Ozzy a hero for trying to put the fire out himself?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Loudwire -- agree or not?

Keaton Brubaker wrote: "THIS is why you do not try to be the hero. Yes it sucks to have your valuables burn, but your life is always more important. Immediately call 911 after you've left the house and have gotten to safety!"

Scott Deeg wrote: "Glad to hear Ozzy & Sharon are ok. See you on your next Tour Ozzy. Fan for life."

Michael Little wrote: "The main thing is you're both ok, it could've been much worse. Glad it was only a minor fire and didn't spread through the rest of the house. Hoping Ozzy has a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are w/you both."

pigchop wrote: "Fire can not kill the Ozzman!"

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