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Three Days Grace has shared more details of how Adam Gontier told the band he was leaving, with the group's explanation raising more questions about Gontier's motivations and the way he ended his relationship with his bandmates of 20 years. According to Loudwire, the band posted a statement online that said, "It had been our desire to keep an internal band matter just that, internal. However, after public statements by Adam we feel the need to give our fans the facts. Here's the exact timeline of events over the past few weeks."


The band spells out that it received a letter on December 21st from Gontier's lawyer, which stated, "Please be advised effective immediately Adam is terminating his involvement with the band Three Days Grace. Adam has been wrestling with a health issue, outlined in the attached letter (a doctor's letter dated December 14), which would have precluded him from touring with the band in 2013 and he wants the group to continue moving forward as they see fit while not holding them back."

  • The post from Three Days Grace added that Gontier made no mention of any health issues during a brief December tour, and that bassist Brad Walst tried to reach out to Gontier via text to see if his decision was final. Gontier texted back, "My decision is 100 percent. My relationship with Three Days Grace is over."
  • The band concluded, "How would you feel if you were in our shoes? Someone you had known for 20 years, whom you had grown up with, gone through ups and downs with, shared dreams with, ends that relationship as if you had known him for a single day with a letter from a lawyer."
  • Gontier has since said that his exit had nothing to do with his health, but rather his desire to "evolve" on his "own terms."
  • The singer will participate in a charity show on Thursday (January 17th) in New York City as a solo artist.
  • Three Days Grace will head out on a scheduled tour with Shinedown next month, with Matt Walst from My Darkest Days on vocals. The band says it will decide on its future plans after the tour is completed.


  • Looks like Adam Gontier has some 'splaining to do, doesn't he?
  • Does this new information paint him in a more unflattering light?
  • Why do you think he felt the need to have a lawyer do his dirty work for him?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Loudwire -- agree or not?

Ryan Wojcik wrote: "Pretty low act to do on the people you've been around for years, a bit of common decency would have helped a lot. Health problems definitely isn't the main reason for the split in my opinion."

Robert Bruce Winans wrote: "Adam Gontier is a complete tool, end of story. You can play as a solo artist but not as a band means you are in it for you. Bye."

Eric Sorby wrote: "Sounds like pile of crap to me. Love the voice, can't say the same about the person!"

Sue Lacoste wrote: "Adam backing out right before a tour was selfish to the band members and selfish to fans like me who have purchased my ticket for the show. I feel he should have followed through with his obligation to that tour and then quit."

Brandt Mouton wrote: "He left because he knew all the new stuff they were putting out was f***ing horrible. The only thing good about the band was Adam's voice."

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