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  • Blabbermouth reports three years after announcing they were winding down their career, German hard rock veterans SCORPIONS appear to have changed their minds.  In an interview in the new issue of Classic Rock magazine, the band's lead singer, Klaus Meine, explained: "As the emotion built, it [not retiring] became a gradual decision. It's one thing to say, 'This is going to be the end of the SCORPIONS,' and another to do it. Our 'Sting In The Tail' album [2010] was such a success that a whole new generation of fans joined the party. It was amazing. And you know that with all the best parties, it's sometimes hard to find the door?"  SCORPIONS spent the first three months of 2012 in the studio with producers Mikael "Nord" Andersson and Martin Hansen resurrecting a dozen unfinished songs from what some people believe was the band's best and most creative period — leftovers from the albums "Blackout" (1982), "Love At First Sting" (1984), "Savage Amusement" (1988) and "Crazy World" (1990) — for an album that is tentatively scheduled for release later this year. "It will be material that was never finished; songs with pure SCORPIONS DNA from a very exciting time," Meine confirmed to Classic Rock. "Once we close the book on the crazy touring schedule, that's something we'll pick up again."  An album of all-new SCORPIONS material may surface as well, according to Meine. "At this point nothing is out of the question," he said. "When we said adios with 'Sting In The Tail', our label, Sony Music, cried, 'No, no, no… What about this idea? What about that idea?' There are some offers you just can't refuse. I don't want to say too much right now, but I can reassure you there is still life in those bloody old SCORPIONS."  He added: "We'll just have to see what's realistic. We're working on a documentary movie about the band's history. We filmed the tour's big finale in Munich, which was very emotional."  Fan-filmed video footage of SCORPIONS' July 7, 2012 concert at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York can be seen below.  Read more at Ultimate Classic Rock and Classic Rock


  • Blabbermouth reports legendary guitarist Slash (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N' ROSES) performed at the opening party for actor Charlie Sheen's new bar, El Ganzo (The Goose), on December 28 in the Mexican resort area of Los Cabos. Also appearing at the event were Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and "The Biggest Loser"'s Dr. Robert Huizenga.  Video footage of Slash's performance can be seen below.  During his introduction of Slash, Charlie yelled out, "How we doing? ... Lying bunch of f**got a**holes, HOW WE DOING?"  Charlie later expressed regret saying, "I meant no ill will and intended to hurt no one. I apologize if I offended anyone." He then added, "I meant to say maggot but I have a lisp."  Sheen, a neighbor and personal friend of Slash's who called himself a "Rock Star From Mars" when he underwent a public meltdown amid his firing from the CBS show "Two And A Half Men", spoke at Slash's Hollywood Walk Of Fame induction ceremony in July. He said, "It's quite fitting that Slash is getting a star on the very street Axl Rose will one day be sleeping on."  He added, "This star is going to be stepped on more than the coke we did in the '80s."  In an interview with Australia's long-running rock station Triple M during his tour with the Soundwave rock festival in March 2011, Slash spoke about the troubles Sheen was facing at the time.  "I love Charlie," Slash smiled. "Charlie is probably the most rock 'n' roll character in entertainment today. All things considered, he's been having a little bit of a hard time recently with all the bad press and everything. But he's been managing to get away with what he's been doing on that show and get a raise over the last more than ten years. I think that's pretty cool," he laughed.


  • Blabbermouth reports ANTHRAX recently spent time in the studio recording several cover versions of some of their favorite rock classics, to be included with the upcoming re-release of 2011's "Worship Music", the group's first new album in eight years and first with singer Joey Belladonna since 1990.  In addition to RUSH ("Anthem") and BOSTON ("Smokin'") covers, ANTHRAX also recorded its versions of AC/DC's "T.N.T.", JOURNEY's "Keep On Runnin'", THIN LIZZY's "Jailbreak" and CHEAP TRICK's "Big Eyes", which ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian tells may also possibly surface as digital downloads for those who already own the "Worship Music" album.  "It was a lot of fun, especially because a lot of those [songs] aren't, I guess, normal for us or like so much of our repertoire — although they are because they're songs we all knew," Ian explains. "Maybe on paper the idea of us doing something like that seems weird, until you hear them and then it makes sense. And Joey's performance on the JOURNEY song, specifically, really blows my mind. Someone mentioned that [JOURNEY guitarist] Neal Schon better not hear this or we might lose our singer." ANTHRAX also also laid down a cover version of BLACK SABBATH's "Neon Knights" for the upcoming Ronnie James Dio tribute album which is being assembled by the singer's widow and longtime manager Wendy Dio.  Regarding ANTHRAX's upcoming touring activities, Ian tells "We thought last month was going to be the end of the cycle; that was pretty much the plan at the beginning of last year. [2012] was a really good, busy year, and when we finished in Europe in December we figured that was it. But we keep getting more and more offers to go on tour. We've always been a touring band, so that works in our favor, I guess. In the past we wouldn't think about doing the States four times unless you were selling millions of albums or something. But there's a demand for it, which makes us happy."  "Worship Music" has sold more than 100,000 copies in the U.S. since its September 2011 release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. A track from the CD, "I'm Alive", received a Grammy nomination last month for "Best Rock/Metal Performance". This is the fourth Grammy nomination for ANTHRAX.  As reported on Friday, guitarist Rob Caggiano has announced his departure from ANTHRAX to focus on his other passion: producing records. A replacement axeman has not yet been announced.

    Video below: ANTHRAX performing "Neon Knights" live at Copenhell festival in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 15, 2012


  • Blabbermouth reports a three-and-a-half-minute trailer for the forthcoming "Hair I Go Again" "documentary" can be seen below.  Film synopsis: "The year was 1985. Thousands of miles away from the sonic debauchery of the Sunset Strip, a group of teenage friends shared aspirations of glam rock grandeur. Rising from the ashes of countless garage jams and taking a page straight out of Hit Parader, a hungry, determined band was ultimately born. Fame and fortune were well within reach, as they toured the skating rink circuit of West Central Florida, but fate intervened and the group unceremoniously imploded... probably over some chick.  "In this humorous-yet-shameless documentary, two longtime friends ultimately realize their mortality and decide to give the dream one last shot. Gone are the long hair, leopard-skin spandex and all-night parties. Only to be replaced, some twenty-five years later, by male-pattern baldness, XXL fashion and the mundane grind of 9-to-5. Their mission: reunite the band and appear as an opening act for their heavy metal idols.  "Their journey will take them cross-country as they seek out (OK, stalk) their musical heroes with the hopes of hearing the words: 'You've got the gig.'  "Countless questions remain. Will they find their long-lost bandmates (particularly the bastards that still owe them money)? Can any of them still hold a tune? And who was that skank that broke up the band in the first place?  "Failure might be their only option."  Directed by Steve McClure and written by Kyle Kruger and Steve McClure, "Hair I Go Again" features candid interviews with some of the most influential musicians and industry professionals in the business:

    * Share Ross (VIXEN)
    * Kip Winger (WINGER)
    * Steve Blaze (LILLIAN AXE)
    * Brian Vollmer and Brent Doerner (HELIX)
    * Kenny McGee (JULIET)
    * Bruce Batten (BRAT)
    * Jeff Pilson (DOKKEN, DIO, FOREIGNER, T&N)
    * Frankie Banali (QUIET RIOT)
    * Jaime St. James (BLACK 'N BLUE, WARRANT)
    * THE IRON MAIDENS (all-female tribute to IRON MAIDEN)
    * Erik Turner and Robert Mason (WARRANT)
    * Ron Keel (STEELER, KEEL)
    * Sam McCaslin (Retrospect Records)
    * Marla Stone (95YNF and 98ROCK in Tampa Bay, Florida)
    * Dave Meniketti (Y&T)
    * Jack Russell (GREAT WHITE)
    * Oz Fox (STRYPER)
    * Brent Muscat (FASTER PUSSYCAT)
    * Phil Campbell (MOTÖRHEAD)
    * Joey Belladonna and Frank Bello (ANTHRAX)
    * Lorraine Lewis (FEMME FATALE)
    * Jimmy D'Anda (BULLETBOYS)
    * Brian Forsythe (KIX)
    * Stevie Rachelle (TUFF)
    * Sandy Sledge and Leather Leone (SLEDGE LEATHER PROJECT)
    * Vicky Hamilton (manager and consultant for MÖTLEY CRÜE, POISON, GUNS N' ROSES)
    * Terry Ilous (XYZ, GREAT WHITE)
    * Geoff Tate (QUEENSRŸCHE)
    * Kevin Steele (ROXX GANG, MOJO GURUS)


  • Blabbermouth reports Hollywood Sheriff Productions, the Cancer Research Foundation and the Kind For Cures Collective are presenting the second annual Rockers Against Cancer benefit show this Saturday, January 5 at the Key Club in West Hollywood, California from 6:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., to help raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer. The Green Cross LAX and Timothy Leary Memorial Dispensary are also in collaboration as sponsors. This year's event features 15 bands, including headliners LEATHERWOLF, LORDZ OF ROCK, MANDY LION and the HOLLYWOOD HUSTLERS. Every event and raffle ticket purchase helps someone fighting cancer. Tickets to the event can be purchased at this location.  This is the second appearance for LEATHERWOLF at the Rockers Against Cancer benefit show and they plan on bringing their legendary triple guitar attack. The bandmembers are Michael Olivieri, Carey Howe, Rob Math, Patrick Guyton and Dean RobertsLORDZ OF ROCK, an all-star band, features Robin McCauley (MSG), Robert Sarzo (HURRICANE), Phil Soussan (OZZY OSBOURNE, BILLY IDOL, VINCE NEIL), Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis (GUNS N' ROSES, ALICE COOPER) and Myron Grombacher (PAT BENETAR, RICK DERRINGER).  Mandy Lion's band will feature Jimmy Bain (RAINBOW, DIO) and Roy Z (BRUCE DICKINSON, HALFORD), and Lez Warner (THE CULT).  HOLLYWOOD HUSTLERS, a true rock and roll supergroup with a 10-member lineup, features Ira Black (LIZZY BORDEN, METAL CHURCH), Andrew Freeman (LYNCH MOB, THE OFFSPRING), Marten Andersson (LIZZY BORDEN, LYNCH MOB), Lonny Pasillas (EMINENT) and Carlos Bates Cruz (STONEBREED), with special guest appearances by Bobby Blotzer (RATT), Chuck Wright (QUIET RIOT, HOUSE OF LORDS), David Victor (BOSTON), Joe Retta (SWEET) and heavy metal violinist Armand Melnbärdis (ROB ROCK, VIO7).  Ira Black has written and produced the song "Rockers Against Cancer" and the video advertisement "The Making Of Rockers Against Cancer" for this year's benefit. The track and the clip were recorded and co-produced by Robert Daniel Duran at The Sound Bakery and Jereme Ventura of Animus Media in Los Angeles, California.  An advertisement for the event, featuring footage of the recording artists, can be seen below.

    The song and advertisement feature:

    Ira Black - Guitar
    Andrew Freeman - Vocals
    Carlos Bates Cruz - Vocals
    Marten Andersson - Bass
    Scot Coogan - Drums
    Bobby Blotzer - Drums
    Lonny Pasillas - Drums
    Armand Melnbärdis - Seven-string Violin


  • Blabbermouth reports Norwegian metallers PAGAN'S MIND have released the following statement:  "We regretfully have to postpone the scheduled show with LEPROUS in Tel Aviv on January 11. Steinar [Krokmo, bass] has spent the last week in hospital, and is still in treatment although no longer in intensive care. We are not able to regroup in time for the planned departure to Israel.  "In talks with the Israeli promoter, we have decided to postpone the show until further notice.  "We want to thank the fans and promoter for their patience and understanding, and hope to make up for this show as soon as possible."  "Heavenly Ecstasy", the sixth album from the PAGAN'S MIND, entered the official chart in the group's home country at position No. 10 (international artists) and No. 2 (Norwegian artists).  "Heavenly Ecstasy" was released in May 2011 via SPV/Steamhammer. The follow-up to 2007's "God's Equation" was mixed by Stefan Glaumann at Toytown Studios (RAMMSTEIN, MADONNA, WITHIN TEMPTATION) in Stockholm, Sweden. The effort was made available in four configurations: a limited-edition digipak with two bonus tracks, 28-page booklet and poster; a double gatefold LP with two bonus tracks on orange-colored vinyl; as a standard jewel case; and as a digital download.


  • Loudwire reports Black Veil Brides announce "Legion of the Black" film global pay-per-view


  • Ultimate Classic Rock reports Bruce Springsteen’s "Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J." released 40 years ago




  • Classic Rock reports 1980s heavy metal fanzine "The Headbanger" gets ebook update


  • Blabbermouth posts "Straight Out Of Hell" by Helloween track by track - Part 1


  • Blabbermouth posts more video footage from "Idle Hands" recording sessions from Continents


  • Blabbermouth posts audio of Candlemass and Entombed cover each other to celebrate SWEDEN ROCK MAGAZINE's 100th issue





  • Blabbermouth posts performance footage of Slayer drummer with Metalachi In Hollywood (see more at Loudwire)

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