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Jack White's debut solo album, Blunderbuss, was the biggest selling vinyl recording of 2012, according to his publicist. The Nielsen Soundscan sales chart for vinyl indicated that Blunderbuss sold more than 33,000 copies during the past 12 months, knocking the Beatles's Abbey Road off the chart's top spot for the first time in three years. The sales of Blunderbuss are also the highest for a new album and not a catalog item since Soundscan began tracking vinyl sales in 2008.


White is known for his love of old-school recording technology, including vinyl recordings, analog recording equipment and vintage gear. He told us a while back why he prefers to make his albums that way: "I think when you go into a studio and then you can record on a computer and record 600 tracks and all that jazz, you open yourself up to way too much opportunity to spend seven months on a record and spend two million dollars making it. That's not exactly, you know, John Lee Hooker recording a record, you know. I'd rather aim towards that soulfulness than to this computerized perfection."

  • Blunderbuss is also up for three Grammy Awards this year, including Album of the Year. The Grammys will be handed out next month in Los Angeles.
  • Meanwhile, White's Third Man record label has issued three rare and exclusive new items, two on vinyl and the third on DVD.
  • The first vinyl offering is an album titled Jack White And The Bricks: Live On The Garden Bowl Lanes. The set, pressed on white vinyl, documents the first-ever live show by Jack White And The Bricks, a short-lived act featuring White and his future Raconteurs bandmate Brendan Bensonon guitar.
  • The band only played for a few months in 1999 and the album was recorded on White's 24th birthday, July 9th, 1999 at a bowling alley in Detroit.
  • In addition to covers of songs from Bob Dylan and ? And The Mysterians, the set features early versions of tunes later recorded by the White Stripes, including "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" and "The Union Forever"
  • The second vinyl release is a seven-inch single featuring a 2004 demo by White and Benson of the Raconteurssong "Steady, As She Goes" and a 1999 demo of the future White Stripes track "The Same Boy You've Always Known."
  • The third item, White Heat, is a concert DVD of the White Stripes and Whirlwind Heaton tour together in Europe during winter 2002.
  • All three releases are part of a package offered to members of the Third Man club known as the Vault.

CHECK IT OUT: Learn more about the Vault releases or become a member at


  • Do you own any vinyl records?
  • Do you listen to them?
  • Do you believe the people who say that vinyl is still the best way to listen to albums, because they have a warmth that CDs and digital files lack?
  • Do you even own a turntable?
  • Will vinyl ever come back in a big way or is it just a fun collector's hobby?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Antiquiet -- agree or not?

Jesus5 wrote: "This is cool and everything, but vinyls suck in my opinion. The only thing awesome about them is the large sleeve."

dylsmack wrote: "vinyl is actually very very not sucky in so many ways. in my opinion."

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