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  • Blabbermouth reports according to the Belfest Telegraph, BLACK SABBATH has topped retailer HMV's list of best-selling classic rock shirts, with LED ZEPPELIN taking the second and third spots.  SABBATH's U.S. tour shirt from 1978 reportedly experienced a sales surge after it was worn by Robert Downey Jr. in hit movie "Avengers Assemble"HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said classic rock shirts have continued to have an enduring appeal. "More often than not, rock T-shirts used to be something you'd wear to gigs to see your favorite bands, but over time demand has broadened and they've since become a bit of a fashion statement in their own right," he said.  "Some performers can quickly come and go with the trends, but one genre that has an enduring appeal and seems to remain eternally popular with fans is classic rock and metal."  He added: "This year over half the top 30 best-selling T-shirts at HMV were made up of vintage artists and, even though many of them have not been active with new material, they continue to sell in large quantities as many of these acts are revered, and with that comes a level of cool-ness and style that money or promotion can't always buy.  "Along with the baby boomers who grew up with their music, a new generation of fans are increasingly into them as well, in part out of a recognition that many of the featured T-shirt images now rank as design classics that not only look great but have a real authenticity about them."  Read more at NME


  • Blabbermouth reports California rockers PAPA ROACH have posted a performance video for the song "Still Swingin'", filmed during the band's recent European tour with STONE SOUR. The song comes off the band's new album, "The Connection", which sold 22,000 copies in its first week of release to debut at No. 17 on the Billboard album chart.  PAPA ROACH's trek with STONE SOUR marked the band's first extended tour since singer Jacoby Shaddix had surgery on his vocal cords in September. Asked by the Armed Forces Network how his voice was holding up, Shaddix said, "Voice is great. I'm slaying it on the shows so far and I feel really good. I was definitely blessed to go to the right doctor and get my surgery performed by him. It was scary, but I'm good."  According to The Pulse Of Radio, Shaddix said that during his recovery, he got to spend some time with his kids and also learn the latest musical trends. He explained, "After my surgery, I had some time at home so I was helping coach my son's tackle football team . . . I'd turn around and they're behind me doing the 'Gangnam' dance. I was like, 'Alright, we save that for after practice.'"  Even before his vocal problems started, Shaddix admitted in several interviews that he came close to committing suicide earlier in the year as he struggled with both marital problems and falling off the wagon.  PAPA ROACH and STONE SOUR will tour the U.S. together in early 2013, on a co-headlining tour that begins on January 20 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


  • Blabbermouth reports Renowned drummer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian Tichy, known for his tours of duty with BILLY IDOL, FOREIGNER, OZZY OSBOURNE and currently WHITESNAKE broke his collarbone this past weekend in a mountain biking accident. As a result, he will be unable to take part in tonight's (Monday, December 31) THE MOBY DICKS - All-Star Tribute To Led Zeppelin concert at Vamp'd in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be temporarily replaced by QUIET RIOT's Frankie BanaliTichy is one of the organizers of the Bonzo Bash NAMM Jamm 2013, which will take over Anaheim, California on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at the Observatory. Many of the drummers who have performed at past Bonzo Bashes are back, as well as some new. This is the chance for many out-of-towners to check a Bonzo Bash out as Natal and Marshall are presenting this on opening night of the NAMM show.  Read more at Ultimate Classic Rock and Noisecreep


  • Blabbermouth reports after the success of his London Garage show last month, ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian will embark on a full spoken-word, Metal Hammer-sponsored U.K. tour in May/June. The 16-date trek, dubbed "Speaking Words", will give him a chance to air some of the stories accrued over a 30-plus-year career as a touring musician.  "It's something I've always wanted to do, and I've always been trying to figure out how can I do this, how would I ever make this possible," he tells Decibel magazine about the upcoming trek. "I've seen [Henry] Rollins do it all these years; I saw Rollins, maybe on the first time he ever did a tour I went to see what it was going to be about. I mean, I am a huge fan of Rollins' music and I had read all his books at the time, so I really knew that he had a point of view and something he needed to express and he did it really well. It's something that I always wanted to do and I finally had the opportunity this year; doing this one-off show in London. I was approached by the band's agent, who basically put it together, and asked, 'Are you interested in doing this?' And I said, 'Absolutely. I've been kinda waiting for this to happen but I didn't know how to kick-start it.' I did the one show in London and I enjoyed myself so much, I had such a good time with it that I was like, 'Can I do more of this? How do we do more of this?' They came back and said, 'There's a lot of interest in it, do you wanna do a tour?' I was like, 'Sign me up! Let's find a window when it works and go and do it.'"  Asked where he got the material from and whether it was something that he had sketched out in advance, Scott said: "No! I did absolutely zero rehearsal. I didn't even know how to prepare for it, truthfully. The show was booked months in advance, and I had all these months to think about it, and think, 'Okay, I'm going to put a whole show together… ' Because I am friends with a lot of stand-up comedians and a lot of writers, and I am a big fan of comedy and certainly live stand-up comedy. I've seen my friends do it and I think that it's the most challenging thing in the world just to sit down, write jokes, get on stage and make people laugh. I mean, I think that's the hardest thing in the entertainment industry. It doesn't get any more raw than that, and I am certainly not a joke writer nor am I a stand-up comedian, but I just feel that my life is, in so many ways, ridiculous. The last 32 years of my life spent in a metal band; I've got so many stories, whether it's shit that I've done, people that I've met, stories that I know from other people … I've kinda been in this bubble for so long. I sit around in bars with my friends and I'll get around to telling stories, as we all do, and most of my friends are in this industry or connected to it somehow, so we all have stories and we all sit down and tell stories to each other and crack each other up. I always felt that people need to hear this stuff. This shit is hilarious. It's just a really fun thing for me to do, to relate to people on that level. That's what it is. That's what the material is; it's shit that I have been through in my life."  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports 100% Rock Magazine recently conducted an interview with DEEP PURPLE singer Ian Gillan. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.  On late DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Jon Lord:  "Jon was a great character; wonderful. I mean… you know, he's not been in the band for nearly 10 years but we were still in very close contact. And Jon was kind of like… we all looked up to him. He was there when Roger [Glover, bass] and I joined the band '69 and he had a lot of… he was a fun guy; very bright, great sense of humor but he had gravitas as well.  "When we got the news [that he died], we were in Nashville in session [recording the ne walbum] there and we kind of expected it but it was still a terrible blow. And so it all went quiet for a while, needless to say, and then we started recalling the good times — as you do. His spirit is very much in the record; in the music. In fact I remember writing a line at the time: 'Souls having touched are forever entwined.' And that got into one of the songs and so he's there in the music.  "I don't think he'll ever be away from it, really, because he created the foundation of PURPLE. I mean… there was so many influences coming in but his… a bit of rock and roll, soul, blues, folk music and all that sort of thing, but his input of orchestral composition and jazz were profound, to say the least. We still have that [big Hammond sound] with Don [Airey] and so that lives on. It was unique at the time because it wasn't just that Leslie cabinet with a Hammond, but he also combined it with a Marshall amp as well which had never been done before. And so he had the power as well as the subtlety; a wonderful, wonderful sound."  On the upcoming DEEP PURPLE studio album:  "It's being mixed as we speak. We've finished recording. It's a new tone, it's a new direction, it's fresh stuff. I think it was all written and recorded in Nashville, and the reason we went there — not to make a country record, but because Bob Ezrin, our producer, lives in Nashville and so it made a lot of sense because he had all the studio facilities and back up and everything else. So it made it really easy. It was a great environment to record in, and yeah, there's a bit of diversity on the record. There's some sort of… Defining music is just so hard; it's just really… it's hard to define. If you think of a solo artist, you normally know them by their name; you don't normally describe their kind of music, you just say, 'It's so and so or it's so and so.' But with bands, everyone feels an obligation to categorize then. I think when you've been around the block as many years as PURPLE has and a lot of other bands, you just listen to see what comes out. It's not the same at all. So it's kind of hard for me to describe it. I can't compare it with any other album either, as far as I know. It will obviously find a niche somewhere when it comes out in April, so I'm looking forward to hearing it. [laughs]  Read the entire interview from 100% Rock Magazine.


  • Blabbermouth reports "The Beginning Of Times", the latest album from Finnish melancholic dark metallers AMORPHIS, has been certified gold in the group's home country for sales in excess of 10,000 copies. The bandmembers were presented with gold plaques commemorating the achievement this past Saturday, December 29 during their concert at Pakkahuone in Tampere, Finland. A photo of the occasion can be seen below (courtesy of Timo Isoaho).  "The Beginning Of Times", which came out in 2011, entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 16 — the best chart position ever scored by an AMORPHIS album in that country. The CD also landed at position No. 1 on the Finnish chart.  Fan-filmed video footage of AMORPHIS performing a brand new song — tentatively titled "Mehtä" (English-language translation: "The Forest") — on December 14 at Klubi in Turku, Finland can be seen below.  Regarding the band's decision to perform a brand new track during their Finnish tour, Tomi said: "We just wanted to try how it worked, and it went [over] really well.  "We don't want to play too many [new] songs, because people are recording [the shows with their phone cameras] and [posting] it on the Internet, and we don't wanna spoil the album [for everyone].  "I was really nervous, of course, when we played it the first time, but it went over great. I think it's gonna be an awesome live song."  "Mehtä" will appear on AMORPHIS' as-yet-untitled 11th album, which is tentatively due in April 2013 via Nuclear Blast Records. Production and mixing duties for the follow-up to 2011's "The Beginning Of Times" were handled by HYPOCRISY and PAIN mastermind Peter Tägtgren, who has previously worked with such bands as CHILDREN OF BODOM, CELTIC FROST, IMMORTAL and DIMMU BORGIR. The recordings took place at Petrax Studio (NIGHTWISH, CHILDREN OF BODOM, KORPIKLAANI) in Hollola and 5K Studios in Helsinki.  Regarding the direction of the new AMORPHIS material, the band's guitarist and founding member Esa Holopainen said: "While promoting 'The Beginning Of Times', we started to feel that we were giving the same explanations over and over again when people asked about the studio process and how the songs came about. Even though the music was very strong, the making process didn't offer any surprises and appeared to be quite secured. Now the addition of a new dimension to the developing process has inspired us to focus on our material even more. The songs are extremely strong, bombastic and skull-pummelling."

    "Mehtä" (working title) performance:


  • Blabbermouth reports bssist Andreas Blomqvist of the Stockholm, Sweden-based progressive metal band SEVENTH WONDER, which features in its ranks current KAMELOT singer Tommy Karevik, has issued the following year-end update:  This time of year, I normally write a little something, so I figured I would do that again this year.  2012 sure was a different year for us, somewhat in hiatus but also having a lot to deal with. Stefan [Norgren, drums] has worked his way into the band incredibly well, Tommy went on a world tour with KAMELOT, Johan [Liefvendahl , guitar] had a baby and I think I have made a decent enough comeback after my tenure in the States and we managed to sneak in a gig in Norway and a little tour in Italy too — not to mention us having written some prog goodies. Good to be back!  "So the most important topic now is, of course, 'what now?' You bet it is! Well, first let me say this:  "2013 will be an exciting year, for it *will* be a year of a new studio release from SEVENTH WONDER. We are well underway! We have more or less seven songs written, out of which four are very well arranged and demoed and only one that is still not properly worked through. We also have two more things in the pipeline to dive into come January and February. Our hope is to finish the demoing of the tracks this spring and then give Tommy ample time to work on the vocal arrangements following that. We will not rush that phase this time as we have before, but we hope this will make for a better product in the end. Then it is just the small matter of the recording, mixing and mastering, but in all honesty, we can't say anything about that yet, so we will have to get back to you on that one. We also have a few leads on a couple of gigs for 2013, although nothing has been finalized. I will say, though, that the album will be the main focus this year and we want to give you something that was well worth the extended wait. I think we are in for a real treat in terms of this new release and I really like what I am hearing which is a good thing, don't you think?! I think it will clearly be the same melodic overdose it usually is, so rest assured we won't be totally switching gears here, although we do work in a slightly different manner this time but all for the best, I think, with possibly the only drawback I can see would be a little slower schedule.  "Anyway, thank you all for sticking by us through a couple of slower years. We hope that you give us the chance to change that and tag along as we pick up the pace and dive head first into 2013."  SEVENTH WONDER's fourth album, "The Great Escape", was released in December 2010 via Lion Music. A track from the CD, "Wiseman", can be streamed in the YouTubeclip below.


  • Blabbermouth reports German thrashers DEW-SCENTED have commenced work on "a bunch of new songs" for "a very special release" which will see the light of day next year. The band states: "The material's flow is awesome and we feel it's headed well into the right direction we explored on 'Icarus' and taking things a notch further. We will be hitting studios by the end of January 2013… Look out!"  DEW-SCENTED's latest album, "Icarus", was released on July 31 in North America via Prosthetic Records (one day earlier internationally through Metal Blade Records). The CD features guest appearances by Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH), Rob Urbinati (SACRIFICE) and Dennis Schneider (RETALIATION, FINAL BREATH).  DEW-SCENTED vocalist Leif Jensen previously described the "Icarus" main theme as "a modern-times, very apocalyptic adaption of elements of the Icarus myth, using a lot of its symbolism while interlinking with several other personal or observant subjects in true DEW-SCENTED fashion." While the album — recorded at Soundlodge Studio and produced by Jörg Uken (NIGHTFALL, SUICIDAL ANGELS, GOD DETHRONED) — is not quite a concept album per se, Jensen said "Icarus" "has a pretty coherent lyrical flow, and that helps to enhance and also to intentionally enlarge the atmosphere and vibe created by the music." The "Icarus" cover artwork was once created by Björn Goosses of Killustrations.

    DEW-SCENTED's current lineup is as follows:

    Rory Hansen - Guitar
    Marvin Vriesde - Guitar
    Leif Jensen - Vocals
    Joost van der Graaf - Bass
    Koen Herfst - Drums


  • Blabbermouth reports Belgian death metalers ABORTED will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their 2003 CD, "Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done", next year by performing "the entire album front to back" at "a few exclusive shows." More details will be made available soon.  ABORTED's seventh studio album, "Global Flatline", sold around 1,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 27 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.  "Global Flatline" was released on January 24, 2012 (one day earlier internationally) via Century Media Records. The CD was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, PESTILENCE, HATESPHERE) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark. The artwork was once again created by Justin Osbourn from Slasher Design"Global Flatline" features several guest vocalists, such as Trevor Strnad (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER), Julien Truchan (BENIGHTED), Jason Netherton (MISERY INDEX), and Keiijo Niinima (ROTTEN SOUND).


  • Blabbermouth reports Norwegian old-school black metallers KAMPFAR have issued the following update:  "2013 will be in the name of creating new art for KAMPFAR. Only a very few festival shows will be happening, We already now turned down around eight festival offers for 2013. But we will return with the banner higher than ever in 2014. We need the time to create art again now. So please have patience with us the next year. 2014 will be the year we will return stronger than ever, That's a fucking promise!"  KAMPFAR's latest album "Mare", was released in 2011 via Napalm Records. The follow-up to 2008's "Heimgang" was recorded at Abyss studios in Pärlby, outside Ludvika, Sweden with producer Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN).


  • Blabbermouth reports French metallers DAGOBA have set "Post Mortem Nihil Est" as the title of their fifth album, tentatively due in early 2013.

    The CD will feature the following track listing:

    01. When Winter...
    02. Oblivion Is For The Living
    03. The Realm Black
    04. Yes We Die
    05. I, Reptile
    06. Nevada
    07. The Day After The Apocalypse
    08. By The Sword
    09. Kiss Me Kraken
    10. The Great Wonder
    11. Son Of A Ghost

    Guitarist Izakar announced his departure from DAGOBA in July due to "irreconcilable differences with one of the [other] bandmembers."  DAGOBA's fourth album, "Poseidon", entered the official chart in France at position No. 41. Released on August 30, 2010 via the French label XIII Bis Records, the CD was recorded at Hyperion Studio in Marseille, France with "Brew" Varea and was mixed by Dave Chang at Philia Studio in the U.K.


  • Blabbermouth reports Christian metallers LIVING SACRIFICE have entered Fellowship Hall Sound studios in Little Rock, Arkansas with producer (and DEMON HUNTER guitarist) Jeremiah Scott to begin recording their new album for an early 2013 release.  LIVING SACRIFICE's "In Finite Live" DVD was released in December 2011. The disc features professionally filmed and recorded multi-camera footage of the band's concert in Pomona, California. Bonus features on the DVD includes behind-the-scenes mini-documentaries from the making of the two music videos for the band's 2010 "comeback" album, "The Infinite Order", as well as six more tracks from another live show in the group's original home area of Little Rock, Arkansas.  "The Infinite Order" sold around 2,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 4 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.  Released on January 26, 2010 via Solid State Records, the band's first CD since reforming in 2008 and seventh studio album overall was produced in Nashville, Tennessee and Little Rock, Arkansas by Jeremiah Scott. Mixing duties were once again handled by Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, MACHINE HEAD, AS I LAY DYING), who worked on the band's previous album, 2003's "Conceived in Fire"LIVING SACRIFICE's influence runs deep throughout the scene. Former and current members of LIVING SACRIFICE went on to play in bands such as EVANESCENCE, P.O.D. and NORMA JEANLIVING SACRIFICE broke up in 2002 but returned to the metal community with a vengeance in 2008, self-releasing the two song "Death Machine" digital-only EP.


  • Blabbermouth reports SPIRITUAL BEGGARS — the Swedish band featuring ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott and bassist Sharlee D'Angelo, along with vocalist Apollo Papathanasio (FIREWIND) — has issued the following year-end update:  Happy New Year, rockers! Thank you for your support and patience in 2012. We're looking forward to being a lot more active in 2013, that's for sure! At the moment, we're in the process of putting the final touches on the new official SPIRITUAL BEGGARS studio album. Release dates and more information on the new studio album will be announced soon. We're also booking a European tour for April/May 2013 and more shows in other parts of the world, celebrating our 20th anniversary as a band and the release of our new album!"  SPIRITUAL BEGGARS' new CD is expected in the via InsideOut Music.  The band will perform at next year's Roadburn festival on April 21, 2013 at 013 in Tilburg, Holland.  SPIRITUAL BEGGARS last year released a live CD entitled "Return To Live: Loud Park 2010" in Japan via Trooper Entertainment. The disc features eight songs, capturing the bands high-energy performance at Loud Park 10 at Saitama Super Arena, Japan on October 17, 2010. The live recording was mixed in Sweden by Staffan Karlsson and Rickard Bengtsson at Studio Landgren 5.3 and The Sweet Spot Studio in December 2010. The artwork and design was handled by Hippograffix.  The new lineup of SPIRITUAL BEGGARS made its live debut on October 1, 2010 at Kyttaro club in Athens, Greece.  SPIRITUAL BEGGARS's seventh studio album, "Return To Zero", was released in Japan on August 25, 2010 via Trooper Entertainment Inc. — the label founded by legendary Japanese heavy metal music industry guru Tetsu Miyamoto. The Japanese special edition comes in a glossy paper box with a poster and a sticker of the CD front cover. The Japanese edition also features a bonus track, a thunderous cover of URIAH HEEP's "Time To Live" off the legendary U.K. band's 1971 "Salisbury" record.  "Return To Zero" was released in North America on October 12, 2010 via InsideOut Music. The follow-up to 2005's "Demons" was recorded at Sweetspot Studio with producer Rickard Bengtsson.


    Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY, CARCASS) - Guitar
    Ludwig Witt (FIREBIRD) - Drums
    Per Wiberg (OPETH) - Keyboards
    Sharlee D'Angelo (ARCH ENEMY, MERCYFUL FATE) - Bass
    Apollo Papathanasio (FIREWIND) – Vocals


  • Blabbermouth reports Swedish death metallers AMON AMARTH have issued the following year-end update:  "We want to thank everyone that has supported and helped us in 2012.  "2013 will be another intense year for AMON AMARTH, and looks like it will be slightly unpredictable and mischievous…We've just finished writing all the songs for the next full-length album, and we're ready to enter the studio to start recording them in the New Year."  AMON AMARTH has tapped British producer Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, EXODUS, MACHINE HEAD, ARCH ENEMY, ACCEPT) to helm the band's next studio album, tentatively due in June 2013 via Metal Blade Records.  Regarding AMON AMARTH's decision to work with Sneap after utilizing Jens Bogren for the band's last three studio efforts (2006's "With Oden On Our Side", 2008's "Twilight Of The Thunder God" and 2011's "Surtur Rising"), AMON AMARTH guitarist Olavi Mikkonen told Decibel magazine, "We were looking for a change, and Andy has been in our thoughts for some years now. After meeting with him, we felt a good connection. We think this is going to be a ripper."  AMON AMARTH's eighth studio album, "Surtur Rising", sold around 15,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 34 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "Twilight of the Thunder God", opened with more than 11,000 copies back in 2008 to land at No. 48.  Read more at Loudwire and Noisecreep


  • Blabbermouth reports John Perez of Texas doom metal veterans SOLITUDE AETURNUS has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET regarding the passing of MINISTRY and RIGOR MORTIS guitarist Mike Scaccia:  "I am by no means the official spokesperson for the Dallas/Fort Worth metal scene, but I feel compelled to speak a few words about this all-too-shocking event.  "Scaccia meant so much to the world but he also meant even more to all of the metal community in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. No doubt people know of the great Darrell Abbott [PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN] who was also from our scene, but it must be stated that 'round these parts, Scaccia's name was held in equal high esteem. Yesterday's heartfelt memorial service was a testament to this fact and brings to mind the bigger picture of what this is all about.  "People like Scaccia brings us all together in brotherhood and sisterhood through our shared love for music. This brings us together as a community and we bond and share with each other the gift of music.   "Scaccia made us all excited about metal music through his completely over-the-top approach to guitar and we all knew that he was the man to contend with when it came to blistering, 'bee wing' picking. But he was a complete musician and much more than just a thrash metal genius.  "For all of us fellow musicians in the area, he made us proud of the fact that we had not only one of the greatest guitarists in metal/rock history, but TWO of them! And how bizarre that Mike passed on stage, just as our other brother did years back. But we all rest just a little bit easier knowing that he went out doing what he was born to do and on home turf with his family and friends surrounding him.  "I know that my peers around the area are still mourning and still in shock over Mike's much-too-early passing, but we should all feel grateful that we had such a badass and all-round genuine guy to look up to right in our own backyard.  "Our prayers and thoughts are with his family, band mates and closest friends, and I know I can speak on behalf of all DFW metalheads when I say, 'Thanks for the inspiration and memories, Mike! You will not be forgotten.'
    "Rest in peace."


  • Ultimate Classic Rock reports AC/DC and Journey both play their first concerts on the same night 39 years ago








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