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  • Blabbermouth reports an independent documentary about Sammy Hagar fans (Redheads) titled "United States Of Cabo" will be released in early 2014. The new official trailer for the film has just been made available by Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada's Murmer Films and director Murray Wasylnuk and can be viewed below.  Spotlighting fan stories from the many "Redheads" that celebrate all things Sammy Hagar and Cabo Wabo, "United States Of Cabo" has seen the filmmakers travel to South Lake Tahoe to capture a special performance from CHICKENFOOT in September 2009, then returning in May 2010 during the Cinco de Mayo celebrations for the annual event that boasts back-to-back concerts and a pre-party like no other.  In July 2010, Wasylnuk headed to St. Louis, home of the largest gathering of Sammy Hagar fans on the planet. While there, the director captured more Redhead stories and even managed to gain exclusive interviews with all three members of the WABOSHagar released his autobiography, titled "Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock", in March 2011 via It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins PublishersHagar, the multi-platinum Red Rocker, is best known as the bombastic frontman of VAN HALEN, one of the biggest-selling rock groups in history, and the lead singer of the hard rock group CHICKENFOOT.


  • Blabbermouth reports CHIMAIRA debuted a brand new song, "Eye Despise", during the 13th annual Chimaira Christmas concert, which took place last night (Saturday, December 29) at Cleveland, Ohio's House Of Blues. Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be seen below.  CHIMAIRA frontman Mark Hunter revealed in a recent interview with Metal Insider that the band is "really deep" into the songwriting process for the follow-up to 2011's "The Age Of Hell" for a tentative summer release via eOne Music. "We have twelve demos written and we've actually gone into the studio and demoed it professionally instead of just a standard computer/Pro Tools kind of thing," he said. "We're getting ready to enter the studio in February and make a new album."  He added: "2011 sucked. [laughs] This year's been all about rebuilding and we got a chance to do overseas. Our first show with the new line-up was at Soundwave in Australia in front of 10,000 people. It was really nice to have to go through such a terrible year and just kind of stand on top of a mountain and go, 'Wow, OK, we got out of it, and we're here, we got a band, we sound great, and we can move forward.' So this year has been restructuring the entire business from the ground up, realigning ourselves with new teams; be it management, agent, merchandise companies, everything from the whole ground up. In my opinion, the only way to move forward was to rebuild the whole thing from the bottom up.  "We want to come out with an album that not only captures the essence of what the fans have grown to know over the years, but we want to do something not only for the scene that's special, but for musicians out there, too. The musicianship in this band now is definitely on the next level. Everyone's pretty much a virtuoso at their instrument. Some of the stuff Emil [Werstler, guitar] was writing yesterday on this new song, I'm watching him play and I'm like, 'There are only going to be about a handful of people that'll able to play this!' [laughs] I'm imagining like a kid getting home, getting our new record and maybe they have the guitar, and they go sit down and try play along to it. And it's going to take them a very long time. [laughs]  "We couldn't be happier moving forward. It sucks that we had to go through hell — no pun intended — to get to where we are now. But I think all of us, coming from lessons of life, lessons of bands, lessons of the industry, we've lived and learned and now we have something completely different to prove."

    CHIMAIRA's current lineup is as follows:

    Mark Hunter - Vocals
    Matt Szlachta (DIRGE WITHIN) - Guitar
    Jeremy Creamer (DAATH) - Bass
    Emil Werstler (DAATH) - Guitar
    Sean Zatorsky (DAATH) - Keyboards
    Austin D'Amond (BLEED THE SKY, THE ELITE) - Drums

    "The Age Of Hell" sold more than 7,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 54 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "The Infection", opened with 15,000 units back in April 2009 to land at No. 30. This figure was roughly in line with the first-week tally registered by CHIMAIRA's 2007 album, "Resurrection", which shifted 16,000 copies to enter the chart at No. 42.  "The Age Of Hell" was released in the U.S. on August 16, 2011 via eOne Music; in Germany on August 26; and in the United Kingdom, Australia and the rest of Europe on August 29 through Long Branch Records.


  • Blabbermouth reports RIGOR MORTIS and WARBEAST frontman Bruce Corbitt spoke to Jay Nanda of the San Antonio Metal Music Examiner about the passing of MINISTRY and RIGOR MORTIS guitarist Mike Scaccia, who died on December 22 while performing with RIGOR MORTIS at The Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas at Corbitt's 50th-birthday celebration.  "If I picked the one most important person of my life, not counting my own family and brother, it would be Mike Scaccia," Corbitt said. "I've said it from the beginning: I would've never been in a band or started singing in a band if I didn't become friends with Mike. And now here I am 30 years later, I'm still doing tours and making albums. I owe everything to him. Because when I met him, I was just a fan, into music. I had dreams like everybody. Veteran air guitarist, but never bothered to learn to play an instrument and kind of too shy to try to sing. But we became close friends, and I realized this was a guy that was put on this earth to play his guitar. Somebody with greatness, who had a gift. I wanted to be in a band with him so bad because he would make us all look good. I didn't even know how to sing, but somehow, because I had long hair (and) I could party all night. [laughs] It's a true story. That's kind of how I got the job. I'm talking about our first band called SPECTRUM. It didn't last too long, and Mike went his own way. We stayed in touch here and there, but a few years later, when he started RIGOR MORTIS with Casey Orr and Harden Harrison, again I wanted to be in a band with Mike so bad, I did everything I could. He was such a humble guy. He was never going to brag about himself, but I always said, "Man, I'm Mike Scaccia's No. 1 fan," and I sure didn't have any trouble going out and telling everyone what a great guitarist he is. I'm going to miss him every day for the rest of my life." He added: "When you've got someone like that with such a talent to not have an ego at the same time, that's a rare combination. You just don't find that very often. That's the thing, you know. Such a great guy, great friend. He had such a sense of humor. He made our lives more fun when we were around him. He was such a family-oriented guy with his parents and his sisters and his wife and kids. Can't say anything bad about Mike Scaccia, man, you know? He was always there for everyone, and I'm blessed to have known him."  Regarding the circumstances behind Mike's passing, Bruce said: "Now, looking back, at first, you're like, 'Wow, what if I would have not asked him to play on my birthday? Would this have happened? Would he still be here?' It's a 32-year-old friendship — agreeing to give up some time for Christmas with his family to come practice with us and do a show. And then we're on stage together; it was going to be one of the best shows I remember. There's just so many, but at the time, everyone was in great spirits, celebrating. And the new material, that was what's so cool. We got to play some of these new songs with Mike. And that's the thing. You never understand why this happened, but I think I said that last night, if Mike himself could have wrote the perfect ending, this would be it. He was still gripping that guitar, and we took it out of his hands when we were trying to help him. It's a devastating thing to deal with and see, but over time, I'm going to be thankful that it happened the way it happened — as bad as that sounds. I don't know. I'm glad I was by his side 'till the very last minute."
    Read the entire interview from San Antonio Metal Music Examiner.
    The official memorial for Mike Scaccia will be held today (Sunday, December 30) at 3:00 p.m. at Aristide Event Center in Mansfield, Texas. The event is open to the public.
    Aristide Event Center 570 North Walnut Creek Drive
    Mansfield, TX 76063


  • Blabbermouth reports GWAR frontman Dave Brockie (a.k.a. Oderus Urungus) has posted the following message regarding the passing of MINISTRY and RIGOR MORTIS guitarist Mike Scaccia:  "The metal and music world in general lost a true legend this past week after the unexpected death of MINISTRY and RIGOR MORTIS guitar player Mike Scaccia. Mike collapsed during a RIGOR MORTIS gig in Dallas and never regained consciousness.  "We are stunned by this terrible, gut-wrenching event that unfortunately we are all-too-familiar with, having lost our brother, Cory Smoot, a little over a year ago. Our hearts go out to Mike's family and friends.   "Mike was a friend of ours and practically a brother to our longtime bass player, Casey Orr. He had tried to get Mike to play for GWAR a couple of times and Mike was always smart enough to turn him down. I completely understand why someone wouldn't want to subject themselves to what we go through, but still I always wondered what GWAR would have sounded like with Mike. But then we found Cory... then lost Cory... Ain't life a fucking bitch.  "If there is one thing I have realized in this last year, it's that the life we are given is incredibly precious and can be snatched away from us at any moment. You have to savor every drop and get every molecule of sweetness you can...and you have to protect and cherish all of your loved ones with every bit of strength your heart can muster. An easy task? No. But in order to give life meaning, it is one we must essay, endure, and triumph over.  "I don't think many would argue that Mike's trademark guitar sound jumpstarted MINISTRY and forged some of the most memorable sounds that legendary band ever created. The hugeness of MINISTRY made many miss Mike's groundbreaking work with RIGOR MORTIS, one of the seminal thrash metal acts to ever spurn the face of this bloody clod we call Earth. He was, quite simply, a guitar God.  "The GWAR family grieves deeply with the many friends, fans, and family that Mike left behind.  "Again our hearts go out to all who are suffering through this incredible loss, and I ask the GWAR family to help, if they can." The official memorial for Mike Scaccia will be held today (Sunday, December 30) at 3:00 p.m. at Aristide Event Center in Mansfield, Texas. The event is open to the public.
    Aristide Event Center
    570 North Walnut Creek Drive Mansfield, TX 76063
    Scaccia died on December 22 while performing with RIGOR MORTIS at The Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas at RIGOR MORTIS frontman Bruce Corbitt's 50th-birthday celebration.
    Scaccia, who is also known for his work with REVOLTING COCKS, died of a sudden heart attack brought on by a heart disease (official cause of death: atherosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease), according to the Tarrant County medical examiner's office. Officials ruled it a natural death. He was 47 years old.  According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, police responded to a call from the club at 11:45 p.m. Saturday, and Sciacca was pronounced dead at 12:26 a.m. in the emergency room at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth.  His daughter Sarah posted a message on his Facebook page at 3 a.m. Dallas time on Sunday, saying, "I love you so much dad. I love you so much."  Mike is survived by his wife Jenny Rowen Scaccia, with whom he has two toddlers, and daughters Sarah Scaccia and Taarna Scaccia Hopkins.  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports Swedish/German black metallers DARK FUNERAL have issued the following year-end update:  "We, DARK FUNERAL, would like to thank each and everyone of you for the tremendous support you have given us during 2012. It's been an amazing year! And we are truly honored to have such a great legion of dedicated fans and supporters worldwide, thank you!  "2013 marks our 20th anniversary as a band. And you can be sure that we have lined up several surprises, including new and special 20th-anniversary releases for you. So be sure to keep checking our website(s) to not miss out any news and announcements. 2013 will be a spectacularly dark year!  "And last but not least. A massive hail goes out to our extremely dedicated street team! You totally rule!!!"  DARK FUNERAL recently inked a three-album deal with Century Media Records.  The new lineup of DARK FUNERAL — featuring the group's latest additions, vocalist Nachtgarm (NEGATOR) and bassist Zornheym — made its live debut on last year's Sweden Rock CruiseDARK FUNERAL in 2011 parted ways with Regain Records. Lord Ahriman stated at the time, "Time went by and we didn't see any future whatsoever to continue to work with them."

    DARK FUNERAL 2012 is:

    Nachtgarm - Vocals
    Lord Ahriman - Guitar
    Chaq Mol - Guitar
    Zornheym- Bass
    Dominator - Drums


  • Blabbermouth reports Australia-based "epic, aggressive" metallers DRAGONSCLAW have completed work on their second album, "Judgement Day", for an early 2013 release. The band states, "David Reece [ACCEPT, BANGALORE CHOIR] has delivered an amazing guest vocal on the track 'Watching My Every Move'... Jack Starr [VIRGIN STEELE] plays a killer solo on the track 'Battle Cry', which is our tribute to RIOT and Mark Reale's musical legacy. And Natalie Whitton of the CURSING STONE contributes choir vocals on the track 'Fear'... our thanks also to Rhino [MANOWAR, ANGELS OF BABYLON] for tracking Jack's solo and to Corey Wyer [CURSING STONE] for assisting Natalie in the studio recording her vocals."  Commented Reece: "DRAGONSCLAW are a great band with an exceptional singer and I'm truly honored to have been asked to participate."

    "Judgement Day" track listing:

    01. Watching My Every Move (feat. David Reece)
    02. Judgement Day
    03. Bullet
    04. Fear
    05. Fly: Defenders Of The Skies Part II
    06. Lucifer's Hammer (WARLORD cover)
    07. Battle Cry (feat. Jack Starr)
    08. Eternally

    DRAGONSCLAW's debut album, "Prophecy", was released in January via Arkeyn Steel Records. The CD features guest appearances by Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (EDGE OF FOREVER, EDEN'S CURSE).

    The band's lineup is as follows:

    Ben Thomas - Guitar
    Giles Lavery - Vocals
    Ray Martens - Keyboards
    Aaron Thomas - Bass, Orchestration
    Alcides "Seed" Stowe - Drums


  • Blabbermouth reports Albacete, Spain-based thrash metal/crossover combo TOXOVIBORA has inked a deal with Art Gates Records. The band's debut album, "Primer Ataque", will be released next year.  In line with thrash and death metal sounds of the '90s bands such as PANTERA, SLAYER and MEGADETH, but with the freshness of the new generations, TOXOVIBORA combines a biting and sharp-edged sound, heartrending riffs, a powerful rhythmic base along with committed and raw lyrics.  Despite the band's relatively short existence, the musicianship in TOXOVIBORA is really strong, with all of its members having been part of several formations with years of experience.


  • Blabbermouth reports Rádio Evil conducted an interview with VITAL REMAINS guitarist/mainman Tony Lazaro when the band played at Carioca Club in São Paulo, Brazil on December 15 with KRISIUN and MALEVOLENT CREATION.  Asked about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band's long-awaited follow-up to 2007's "Icons of Evil", Tony said: "We are working on the new album. Actually, I have, like, 16 songs written. We've been working on it before we did this little, mini tour in Brazil. Things are going really killer. The new stuff is sounding really fucking brutal and evil and dark. And we're looking forward to recording the new album and having it out next year — in April/May. It's been long enough."  Regarding how he manages to maintain the VITAL REMAINS musical identity after going through so many lineup changes over the course of the last 20 years, Tony said: "First of all, as most fans and people know, I am the founding member of VITAL REMAINS. I've been writing the music for 23 years — since the beginning. I write all the music. So they know that I'm the engine, I'm the force behind this band called VITAL REMAINS, and no one person makes the band. The band is about the music. It doesn't matter who's here today and going tomorrow. Most people will know, any band that's lasted over 20 years, many people will come and go. It's hard to keep the original lineup as you get older. But for me, I love the music. That is why I am on this earth — to play this fucking Satanic, evil music called death metal that I play. It's my purpose in life. This is what I'm here for. This is what I love. So I will never give up, and the fans know and they believe in me. And that's why, though different people that have come and gone and lineup changes, it was all part of keeping the band alive, keeping it going, but with me as the center pushing always everyone: 'Hey, we've gotta keep working hard. We've gotta keep writing the best I can write.' In life, sometimes, in the beginning, they can do this, [but] as they get older, they get families, they think different things, jobs… but for me, it's always been priority to play this music in the band. So I just know that, in my mind, I keep it going for the fact that the fans, when they come up to me, what fuels me is when they say, 'Don't give up, Tony. You've been there since the beginning. Keep the fight. Keep playing the music you love.' And this is what fuels me. When I have those days, like, 'Oh, man. What the fuck! I'm still doing this. Why? Why?' And I'm, like, 'Because I love the music.' I love the underground. It's what I love. It's where I live."  Restrain Records in 2007 released a high-quality double-vinyl presentation of VITAL REMAINS' latest abum, "Icons of Evil". The set includes 'brutal blasphemy spread over three sides, with the fourth side bearing an engraving," according to the band. "Comes in a gatefold cover with printed lyric sleeves!"  VITAL REMAINS' DVD, entitled "Evil Death Live", came out in 2007 via Metal Mind Productions. The disc includes footage of VITAL REMAINS' performance at the Metalmania Festival 2007 on April 24, 2007 in Katowice, Poland as well as an interview with Tony Lazaro (one of the band's founders) and Dave Suzuki, live bootleg material and many other surprises. Also available is a limited DVD+CD swing case edition, featuring a bonus CD containing songs recorded at the Metalmania gig.


  • Blabbermouth reports Rádio Evil conducted an interview with drummer Gus Rios of Florida death metal veterans MALEVOLENT CREATION when the band played at Carioca Club in São Paulo, Brazil on December 15 with KRISIUN and VITAL REMAINS.
    Asked if MALEVOLENT CREATION has been working on material for the follow-up to 2010's "Invidious Dominion", Rios said: "We've already written two or three new songs. We'll probably release an EP and maybe re-record some songs off [1993's] 'Stillborn'. And that will be out probably by March or April, I'm thinking. So, a new album, [it's] definitely coming."  Regarding how MALEVOLENT CREATION has managed to retain its musical identity after going through so many lineup changes over the course of the last 20 years, Rios said: "Since 1997, pretty much every single MALEVOLENT CREATION song anybody's ever heard, me and Phil [Fasciana, guitar] actually wrote. I live in Fort Lauderdale, and so does Phil, and that's the songwriting nucleus of MALEVOLENT. So as long as the two of us are still in the band, it's always gonna sound like MALEVOLENT CREATION, you know what I mean?! That's the consistency of the band — the primary songwriters. And then, of course, Brett [Hoffman, vocals]."  "Invidious Dominion" was released in August 2010 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records (in Europe through Massacre). The effort was made available in various territories as a regular CD; digipack with bonus material; and vinyl LP.  MALEVOLENT CREATION's latest CD was recorded at Mana Recording Studios (CANNIBAL CORPSE, VITAL REMAINS, GOATWHORE) in St. Petersburg, Florida with producer Erik Rutan (MORBID ANGEL, HATE ETERNAL, CANNIBAL CORPSE). The CD's cover art was created by renowned artist Pär Olofsson (THE FACELESS, IMMORTAL, ABYSMAL DAWN).


  • Blabbermouth reports Swedish multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw (KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE, MEMENTO MORI, NOTRE DAME, DREAM EVIL, THERION, DIMMU BORGIR) will make a guest appearance on the sophomore album from Greek doom metallers SORROWS PATH. Snowy will sing a duet with SORROWS PATH frontman Angelos Ioannidis on a song titled "Everything Can Change"SORROWS PATH's follow-up to 2010's "The Rough Path Of Nihilism" is scheduled for release in 2013 via Rock It Up Records. Other songtitles set to appear on the effort include "The King With A Crown Of Thorns" and "Brother Of Life"SORROWS PATH last year recruited Giannis Tziligkakis (OMINOUS SKY) as its new second guitarist.  "The Rough Path Of Nihilism" was recorded at Fragile Studios in Athens with producer Vangelis Yalamas, who also played the synthesizer on the effort. The artwork and photography for the album were handled by Seth Siro Anton (PARADISE LOST, KAMELOT, MOONSPELL, EXODUS).


    Stavros Giannakos: Bass
    Angelos Ioannidis: Vocals
    Fotis Mountouris: Drums
    Kostas Salomidis: Guitar
    Giannis Tziligkakis: Guitar







  • Blabbermouth posts more behind-the-scenes footage from Sonata Arctica's North American Tour


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