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  • Blabbermouth reports Corey Taylor tells that "next year's going to be very, very busy" for STONE SOUR, which would seem to leave little time for the singer and guitarist Jim Root to focus on SLIPKNOT. But Taylor says that group will play four shows — including Ozzfest Japan on May 11 — while the recording process for a new SLIPKNOT album is probably at least a couple of years away.  It's gonna be awhile yet," Taylor says. "We're throwing demos at each other. Once we all kind of see what the album could be, that`s when we'll go in. I think the worst thing that we could do as a band, and we're different from other bands, the worst thing that we could do is go right in and do something that feels forced, because the fans will see right through that, and we've never done that. So to me it makes more sense to kind of let the album come to us."  SLIPKNOT bassist Paul Gray died in May 2010 from an overdose of drugs — a devastating tragedy which brought the other members of the band closer together and helped them reconnect after they grew apart through years of touring and success.  "We had all stretched ourselves into different lives for the most part, and then we lost Paul," Taylor told in August. "It was such a shock to us that it made us sit up and look at what we were doing with our lives and how we were toward each other. We were so close in the beginning, then for whatever reason we all drifted apart here and there.  "Losing someone like that, a great friend and an amazing brother — someone who is so important to the band in so many ways — you start to look at what you take for granted."  Gray made his final recorded appearance on SLIPKNOT's 2008 album, "All Hope Is Gone", which was certified platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) in August 2010 for shipments in excess of one million copes in the United States — the band's fourth consecutive full-length release to achieve the milestone.  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports vdeo footage of Marcel Yammouni's wedding band in Melbourne, Australia performing a very chill bossa nova version of METALLICA's smash heavy metal hit "Enter Sandman" can be seen below. During the "dinner set," Marcel and his band broke out the cover and Yammouni set up his phone to record the slow-grooving action. The resulting clip has since gone viral and has already been viewed nearly 400,000 times on YouTube after it was first posted on November 17.  "Enter Sandman" was featured as the opening track and lead single from METALLICA's eponymous 1991 album. The song was produced by Bob Rock, and the music was written by Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich, and James Hetfield. Vocalist and guitarist Hetfield wrote the lyrics, which deal with the simplest concept of a child's nightmares.  The "Enter Sandman" single was certified gold in the United States for sales in excess of 500,000 copies. Acclaimed by critics, the song is featured on all of METALLICA's live albums and DVDs released after 1991 and has been played live at award ceremonies and benefit concerts. It is considered to be METALLICA's signature song to the general public.  METALLICA's self-titled "black album" has sold more than 16 million copies in the U.S., according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports "Before I Die", the new video from California rockers PAPA ROACH, can be seen below. The song comes off the band's new album, "The Connection", which sold 22,000 copies in its first week of release to debut at No. 17 on the Billboard album chart.  Earlier this year, PAPA ROACH frontman Jacoby Shaddix told Loudwire about "Before I Die": "I was going through a separation with my wife during the process of making the record. Fast forward to the present and we're working it out now, but in the process of making this record, we were separated. I was at the end of my rope; I was in a lot of pain. This music is where I found my sanctuary, where I could express myself and just take myself out it for a second and not feel the pain and just be creative. During the process of making this song, 'Before I Die', I felt like everything was taken from me and I was just left out there raw and broken, it made everything clear to me, what really mattered to me."  He added: "At the end of the day, it's the people that I love in my life that are the most important to me and sometimes when you treat the people that you love the most the worst, that's the wrong path. I had to take a long hard look at myself and realize how I was living my life and make those changes. Just being out there on my own and having those realizations, that's where the song came from."  PAPA ROACH has just completed a European tour with STONE SOUR for the band's first extended trek since Shaddix had surgery on his vocal cords in September. Asked by the Armed Forces Network how his voice was holding up, Shaddix said, "Voice is great. I'm slaying it on the shows so far and I feel really good. I was definitely blessed to go to the right doctor and get my surgery performed by him. It was scary, but I'm good."  According to The Pulse Of Radio, Shaddix said that during his recovery, he got to spend some time with his kids and also learn the latest musical trends. He explained, "After my surgery, I had some time at home so I was helping coach my son's tackle football team . . . I'd turn around and they're behind me doing the 'Gangnam' dance. I was like, 'Alright, we save that for after practice.'"  Even before his vocal problems started, Shaddix admitted in several interviews that he came close to committing suicide earlier in the year as he struggled with both marital problems and falling off the wagon.  PAPA ROACH and STONE SOUR will tour the U.S. together in early 2013, on a co-headlining tour that begins on January 20 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD), Robb Flynn (MACHINE HEAD) and Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, SEPULTURA) are among the "surprise" guests who performed with with the surviving members of SUICIDE SILENCE at a special show last night (Friday, December 21) at the Fox theater in Pomona, California as a tribute to their late frontman, Mitch Lucker, who died November 1, after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle crash in Huntington Beach on Halloween night. All proceeds from the event will go towards the education of Mitch's five-year-old daughter, Kenadee Lucker. The concert announcement was made on November 24 during the sixth annual California Metalfest at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California.  Fan-filmed video footage of last night's concert, which was filmed for DVD release, can be seen here.  In announcing the benefit event, SUICIDE SILENCE guitarist Mark Heylmun said, "If there was anything that Mitch gave a fuck about in the world besides SUICIDE SILENCE, it would obviously be his daughter; he cared more about her than anything in the fucking world. We're here and we're gonna make sure that she's taken care of, and that's what we have to do."

    Guest performers at Pomona concert:

    * Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD)
    * Robb Flynn (MACHINE HEAD)
    * Jonathan "Johnny Plague" Cooke (WINDS OF PLAGUE)
    * Brook Reeves (IMPENDING DOOM)
    * Chad Gray (HELLYEAH, MUDVAYNE)
    * Danny Worsnop (ASKING ALEXANDRIA)
    * Tim Lambesis (AS I LAY DYING)
    * Eddie Hermida (ALL SHALL PERISH)
    * Phil Bozeman (WHITECHAPEL)
    * Austin Carlile (OF MICE & MEN)
    * Anthony Notarmaso (AFTER THE BURIAL)
    * Cameron "Big Chocolate" Argon (DISFIGURING THE GODDESS)
    * Myke Terry (ex-BURY YOUR DEAD)
    * Ricky Hoover (ex-SUFFOKATE)

    A funeral service for Mitch Lucker was held on November 8. The ceremony was attended by family and friends, including SUICIDE SILENCE bassist Dan Kenny, who tweeted afterwards, "Had to bury my brother today, he looked peaceful when I saw him. It was very hard but it was needed! To the fans just know Mitch loved yall"  SUICIDE SILENCE has launched a memorial fund to provide assistance to Lucker's family. Those who donate $20 or more will receive a commemorative t-shirt.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Lucker struck a light pole near the intersection of Main and 13th streets and was thrown from his 2013 Harley Davidson. The motorcycle continued sliding south on Main Street and struck a northbound 2007 Nissan Titan pickup.  Lucker, who was treated at the scene by paramedics, died shortly after 6 a.m. at UC Irvine Medical Center.  Read more at Loudwire  Check out Mitch's final interview at Blabbermouth


  • Blabbermouth reports former IRON MAIDEN singer Paul Di'Anno's previously announced U.S. tour, which was scheduled to kick off earlier this month, has been officially postponed until 2013. The trek was called off due to the fact that the musician had not secured a proper working visa to be able to enter the country.  In an we posting on his Facebook page, Di'Anno writes: "My personal and sincere apologies go out to all of my fans and friends (and my band LONERO) and indeed all individual show promoters and everyone involved in this supposed USA December 2012-January 2013 tour cancelation as I am deeply saddened at the total mismanagement of this whole thing. As I’m sure you can imagine, I cannot actually play the tour without first having a USA work visa.  "I would also like to point out that I have not had any news whatsoever in the past couple of weeks (despite my constant requests) on the USA work visa that I have been waiting and waiting on. Plus I was not provided with an air ticket and indeed I have not received any deposits either — just for the record.  "In brief, the only news I have ever had of this tour were the dates of the shows themselves.  "I am very sorry indeed for any fans that have not managed to get the cancelation tour information at an earlier time than this last-minute blog. This is, and has been, ALL totally out of my control, and as you can imagine, I am more than pissed off at this whole situation.  "No doubt (as usual) some (so-called) rock journalists (and their websites and blogs) will slag me off without even having any clues whatsoever as to the reasons behind this cancelation, but I guess that is what some of 'em are best at.  "The main culprit behind this mess is the arsebag guy (he'll remain nameless just for now) who was supposed to get the visa... This total tosser did 'f**k-all' and did not even tell us that he had done nothing whilst he just pissed off for Christmas and left this nightmare behind him..... He was NOT arranged by me but he WAS arranged by someone in the USA who should know better, and so I left it up to these capable people. I was supposed to be onstage tonight and thereafter with my band LONERO, and through trusting these people, it's me (as usual) who bares the brunt of all this.  "The tour is supposed to now be resheduled to next June 2013. However, this time, if these f**kers do not bother getting my U.S. visa finalised during this coming January, then (as i have pointed out to them), there won't be no tour. So watch this space and let's see if some people get their act together whilst I await the statutory slagging."  Di'Anno completed his first North American tour in early 2010, 17 years after he was deported following a prison term for guns and drug offenses.  On August 27, 2011, Di'Anno played his first show since serving time in a U.K. prison after he falsely collected U.K. government benefits by claiming he suffered nerve damage to his back that prevented him from working.  Due to a number of health issues, including a knee problem which will require surgery soon, Di'Anno announced in July that he will stop touring next year.  Michael Salenius, Di'Anno's Swedish booking manager and tour manager, told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that next year will be "a big, fantastic" last touring year for Paul, with a lot of solo shows, festival appearances and Di'Anno vs. Blaze Bayley concerts. You will also see various guest musicians joining Paul on stage.  Di'Anno recorded two classic albums with IRON MAIDEN before being fired and replaced by Bruce Dickinson. He went on to front a number of other bands, including KILLERS and BATTLEZONE, and released several solo records.


  • Loudwire reports Queens of the Stone Age welcome Scissor SistersJake Shears for upcoming album


  • Loudwire posts an interview with Lzzy Hale on Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale talks latex pants, Christmas presents and more


  • Loudwire reports A Day to Remember unveil new song "Violence (Enough Is Enough)" and 2013 U.S. tour dates





  • Noisecreep reports Richie Sambora's daughter inspired Alicia Keys-assisted Hurricane Sandy charity single






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