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  • John Mayer is organizing a benefit concert to help the firefighters who battled last summer's Pine Creek Fire, which destroyed more than 8,500 acres of forest and farmland in and around the town of Livingston, outside of Bozeman, Montana. Zac Brown and Clay Cook of Zac Brown Band will also join John Mayer. David Ryan Harris, Sean Hurley and Aaron Sterling are among other special guests. Mayer said, "Without the tireless effort and dedication of the firefighters of the Pine Creek Fire, many more homes and memories would have been destroyed, mine among them. I wasn't in town when the fire broke out and I've always wished I could do my part to help, the way so many in the community did. Putting on a concert to raise some money for the departments is the least I can do for a town and a community that has welcomed me with open arms." The show will take place on January 16.


  • Blabbermouth reports according to India TV, GUNS N' ROSES paid tribute to late sitar legend Pandit Ravi Shankar during the band's Delhi performance last night (Wednesday, December 12). The group's lead singer, Axl Rose, told the crowd during the concert, "We dedicate this show to Pandit Ravi Shankar, who passed away today."  Three-time Grammy winner Ravi Shankar died at the age of 92 in a La Jolla, California hospital, where he underwent heart-related surgery last Thursday.  In addition sole original member Axl Rose, the current lineup of GUNS N' ROSES includes guitarists Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Richard Fortus and DJ Ashba, bassist Tommy Stinson, keyboardists Dizzy Reed and Chris Pitman and drummer Frank Ferrer.  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports a newly discovered species of tarantula, a hairy and very large arachnid belonging to the Theraphosidae family of spiders, has been named after MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine.  The spider, which was given the Latin-sounding name Aphonopelma Davemustainei, was recently discovered in southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona by Brent E. Hendrixson, Ph.D.  Mustaine posted a picture of both the male and female Aphonopelma Davemustainei on Twitter and Facebook with the following words: "How cool is this? I got my own tarantula named after me! Totally metal!!!"  Currently, there are more than 850 formally recognized tarantula species in the world. It is speculated that there are at least double that amount actually in existence. As more expeditions are conducted into the remote regions of the world, more are discovered every year.  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports the first-ever iBook from Canadian rock legends RUSH, for their landmark album "2112", will be made available on December 18. The iBook will consist of unpublished pictures, black-and-white ink art and pencil sketches for every comic book cell, and preview music for the newly remastered for iTunes (mFit) audio of "2112" with three bonus live tracks. It can be previewed by clicking here.  Originally released in 1976, "2112" was the creative and commercial breakthrough album. With lyrics written by Neil Peart, "2112" kicks off with the ambitious seven-suite title track (originally side one), set in a futuristic world run by the "Priests Of The Temples Of Syrinx" who regulate "every single facet of every life," which includes books, music, work and play. "2112" conveys the story of humanity's instinctual, inner need for one's free will.  Read more at Ultimate Classic Rock and Rolling Stone

    iBook content includes:

    • 40-page comic book by story artist Tom Hodges ("Star Wars - The Clone Wars", "The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horrors #17")
    • Unpublished pictures
    • Black-and-white ink art and pencil sketches for every comic book cell
    • Preview of the remastered audio of "2112"
    • Expanded artwork, liner notes, lyrics and unreleased photos
    • Brand new liner notes by David Fricke of Rolling Stone


  • Blabbermouth reports MÖTLEY CRÜE singer Vince Neil has signed a deal with Hooters Casino Hotel in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada to open Wildside Saloon, a "rock and roll sports bar." Neil writes on Twitter, "Hooters, Rock and Sports! What more do you want!!!!"  Wildside Saloon is expected to open "in next 30 days," says Vince.  Neil launched his Tatuado vodka last month at two separate Lee's Discount Liquor locations in Las Vegas.  Tatuado vodka is filtered five times and bottled in Las Vegas, which Neil has called home since 1995. Tatuado vodka sells for $13.99 at all Lee's Discount Liquor locations.  Neil in August held a soft opening of his new expanded Tatuado Mexican restaurant and bar at the LVH, formerly the Las Vegas Hilton.  The singer in 2007 introduced his signature line of tequila, Tres Rios.  Read more at Ultimate Classic Rock


  • Blabbermouth reports NEWSTED, the new band led by former METALLICA, VOIVOD and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM bassist Jason Newsted, will film its first-ever video on Saturday, December 15. In addition, Jason will announce the release date for his new project's debut CD tomorrow (Friday, December 14) via his official web site,  
    In a recent interview with Eddie Trunk's "Friday Night Rocks" radio show on New York's Q104.3 FM, Newsted stated about his plans to release original music via his newly launched official web site, "Whatever it ends up being — if it's five songs, 20 songs, 50 songs… I don't even know what the heck I'm gonna do. I have so much music from over the years. I have a bunch of new stuff, I have so many mixes of projects with people — new players, young players, old-school players like myself — so I'm just trying to figure out exactly what I wanna unleash on everybody first. That's kind of what it's coming down to — the timing of things and how I wanna hit people with it, and which stuff [to release first]."  Asked how he plans to release his music, Jason said, "I see a couple of the old avenues still being there that will always be there in the purest form — making the vinyl and everybody having the special-edition vinyl to be able to read the lyrics, stuff like you and I loved the most, that's the closest to us that's the most endearing and the most personal. So that's always gonna be there and I never wanna dismiss that, so that will be percentage of it for the fans that really dig the real American kick-ass guitar music … And then the newest avenues that I'm just really now learning about as I expose myself to all this stuff… I saw a piece of one of ['That Metal Show' espisodes on VH1 Classic] and somebody talked about DOWN and some other bands doing four tracks at a time in EP form every few months, letting people have some fresh metal. I think that's a pretty good concept, a pretty good formula — I'm hip to that, [and] I'd like to warm up to that. Since it is new territory for me, I'm really open to that idea; I think it's a good way to spread stuff."  


  • Blabbermouth reports the first video teaser for SEVENDUST's ninth album, "Black Out The Sun", can be seen below. Due on March 26, 2013 via the band's 7Bros. Records label (through Warner Music Group's Independent Label Group), the CD's first single, "Decay", will be sent to radio and available for download at online retail outlets January 22, 2013. The effort was recorded at Architekt Music studios in Butler, New Jersey with engineer Mike Ferretti.  "The craziest thing about this record is finishing it in about a month," guitarist John Connolly told Revolver magazine. "We haven't done that since our debut album [1997's self-titled effort]. This is one of the fastest records we've ever made, but also one of the strongest — working off instinct mostly."  According to Connolly, SEVENDUST's forthcoming CD finds the band exploring "a darker vibe," but "there's still plenty of melody," he added. "The record fits right in with 'Animosity' [2002], 'Alpha' [2007], and our self-titled album. Lots of heavy stuff and some more mellow, moody songs as well It's a nice balance of what makes for the SEVENDUST sound."  Songtitles set to appear on the 12-track CD, which was produced by the bandmembers themselves, include "Mountain" and "Murder Bar". The latter was reportedly inspired by a Butler, New Jersey bar across from the hotel where SEVENDUST was staying while recording the new CD. Rumor had it the place was popular with many of New Jersey's murderers.  "It's a basic SEVENDUST record," guitarist Clint Lowery recently told "Source Of The Sound With Wendy Campbell". "There's nothing, like, too completely different than anything we've done before. It's got a darker vibe to it. We've got a good amount of the programming element in there. It's a lot of what we do — it's heavy and it's got its melodic element in it. So if you're a SEVENDUST fan, it's more along the lines of the second and third records we did — it's kind of like that. It's got a couple of throwback vibes to it. 'Animosity' and 'Home' [1999], if I can put those two records together, it would [sound similar to the new CD]."  SEVENDUST and LACUNA COIL will join forces for a U.S. tour in early 2013. The bands will head out on a 17-date run throughout the month of February. The trek kicks off on February 2 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


  • Blabbermouth reports the Todd La Torre-fronted version of QUEENSRŸCHE has finished recording the drums for its new album at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, Washington with producer James "Jimbo" Barton — the man who engineered and mixed the band's classic 1988 LP, "Operation: Mindcrime", and its 1990 follow-up, "Empire", and co-produced 1994's "Promised Land". The rest of the music and vocals will be laid down over the coming weeks at several different facilities on the West Coast.  In a posting on his official Facebook page, La Torre — who is also a member of Florida melodic metallers CRIMSON GLORY — wrote earlier today (Thursday, December 13): "Yes, QUEENSRŸCHE fans are very intelligent people, and this is why the majority go to for all of the latest news having to do with those that WROTE THE MUSIC for the last 30 years. That is the reality.  "Thank goodness I'm not a hired gun with only a voice. When I write a song, I can actually play all of the instruments.  "QUEENSRŸCHE has a new dynamic that it never had before. The cherry on top: We have the strongest artist management company in the business, the world-class producer/engineer James Barton on our new record, a wonderful new booking agency, QUEENSRŸCHE's crew and touring manager, have since shared the stage with the loved Pamela Moore, and re-establishing global contacts that are eager to book us. If that isn't a testament to what the majority of people and peers deem as the most valued version of today's QUEENSRŸCHE, then I don't know what is.  "Another reality is that we are moving forward with a new album while playing material off of the first five albums, which includes the EP.  "'Queen Of The Reich': Yes, people do stare speechless, because they are shocked to hear the song performed well, a song that 'broke out' this legendary pioneering band.  "Shame on anyone to deny the music that garnished fans in the first place and still resonates 30 years later.  "I couldn't be more proud to front my favorite band, sing with passion, and take time at every show to acknowledge every person I can.  "QUEENSRŸCHE is rising once again, respecting the fans first and foremost, which is why we (the band) all interact with the fans...a far cry from so many other artists' social sites.  "We all thank you all for embracing the change and positive new energy of the band, music, and growth. Thank you so much!"  Singer Geoff Tate, who was fired from QUEENSRŸCHE in June after fronting the group for three decades, recently sought to prevent his former bandmates from touring and operating under the QUEENSRŸCHE name without him. While ruling against Tate, the presiding judge determined that there was no legal hurdle in Tate also using the name with an all-new lineup of musicians. "I don't see any reason that Mr. Tate can't have the benefit, if he gets other members, of whatever name he uses of using the brand," Superior Court Judge Carol A. Schapira said during the July 13 court hearing. "I think [doing that would be] inherently confusing, although I'm sure the market can get these things sorted out," she added.  Asked by Rock Show Critique in a recent interview with why QUEENSRŸCHE rarely performs "Queen Of The Reich" live despite it being one of the band's most popular tunes, Tate said, "Actually, it's not very popular at all. It's funny, actually — a lot of people don't know about that song. A lot of people don't care about that song. It's an early song that was written and it shows. It's funny the reaction you get, because it's a lot of blank stares. In fact, it's the same stare you get when you play a new song that nobody's heard before. People just aren't that familiar with it. Given there are a few hardcore fans that might know that song, or like that song, and know what it is, but the majority of the people there don't. So it's not really a song that I enjoy singing, strictly because, lyrically, it's pretty adolescent. It was the first song written thirty-some-odd years ago and obviously I cannot relate to it anymore. I think, for performance, it's always best for the performer to really believe in the material they're singing or playing. If you don't believe in it, it's really difficult to get behind a song, do it well and do it at a level that comes across with any kind of believability. For me, I honestly can't relate to the whole dungeons-and-dragons lyrical content of that song; it's really cartoonish and juvenile to me."  Geoff Tate's QUEENSRŸCHE will hit the road next year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the group's epic 1988 release, "Operation: Mindcrime"Tate's QUEENSRŸCHE also includes bassist Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT, WHITESNAKE, DIO), drummer Bobby Blotzer (RATT), guitarist Kelly Gray (MYTH) and keyboardist Randy Gane (MYTH).


  • Blabbermouth reports Rustyn Rose of recently conducted an interview with former GUNS N' ROSES and current ADLER drummer Steven Adler. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.  On launching a new band after being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame with GUNS N' ROSES:  Adler: "One can never really 'put things in perspective' when it comes to something as big as being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. But when Axl [Rose] and Izzy [Stradlin] didn't show up for something as big as this, I knew there was no chance of ever reuniting the original GUNS N' ROSES lineup. Besides, I had already been working on my record with my new band at the time of the induction, and was already moving on."  On being sober and battling drug addiction for most of his life:  Adler: "I know it's a cliché, but honestly, I was just sick of being sick all the time. You can have all the riches and success in the world, but if you don't have your health, you have nothing. I wake up at 7 a.m. every morning and work out with my guitar player, Lonny, who has been an incredible inspiration to me. I have a second chance for greatness, and this time, I'm not going to let it go."  On his relationship with Lonny Paul:  Adler: "I met Lonny a couple weeks before my last ADLER'S APPETITE tour. We immediately became best friends. He always seems so positive and clear-headed. He doesn't drink or do drugs to have a great time, it's all about 100% rock and roll with him. Even on the bus, I would see him exercising with dumbbells in the hallway while everyone else was sleeping. I just thought, 'This guy has his shit together and is focused.' It's something to be admired, and it was so different from what I had been used to."  Read more from

    "The One That You Hated" video:


  • Blabbermouth reports according to The Guardian, more than 6,000 citizens of of England and Wales have registered the religion they actively follow as "heavy metal" in the most recent U.K. census.  More people registered heavy metal than they did Satanism, with only 1,893 declaring that they follow the church of Satan.  At the last census in 2001 there was a campaign to encourage people to answer the question with Jedi — named after the fictional good guys in the "Star Wars" films. Around 390,000 people across England and Wales claimed to be devoted followers of the Jedi "faith" made famous by the blockbuster films. The number of self-described Jedi Knights has since dropped to 176,632, Tuesday's figures show.  Despite the drop in numbers, "Jedi" remains the top alternative faith and ranks seventh overall after Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism.  Nearly three years ago, U.K. rock magazine Metal Hammer launched a campaign urging heavy metal fans to officially register their faith as "heavy metal" while filling in the census questionnaire.  The move gained the backing of SAXON frontman Biff Byford, who the magazine said would become the proposed faith's "world metal peace ambassador" if the campaign proved successful.  Alexander Milas, editor of Metal Hammer, said at the time: "Like a lot of good ideas, this one came about in a pub and the response online has been overwhelming. It only reinforces the belief that heavy metal remains strong in its U.K. birthplace and across the globe. If the Jedi can do it, then we can too. The only requirement to join our campaign is that you listen to heavy metal, our commandment: everything louder than everyone else."  Byford told in 2010 that "heavy metal is a tribal music and everyone is a member of the tribe. The audience is very, very loyal… especially the Germans. It's not like pop music, where if the next song isn't good enough then forget about it; with our music, people will allow you to be shit sometimes, and that's one of the great things."  He added, "The music's not about love. Our songs are more about Richard The Lionheart, steel trains and thunder. But when you do click with a big audience, it can be quite an experience, a massive connection… I suppose you could say it is a religious experience in a way."  Byford stopped by the Metal Hammer office yesterday to celebrate the news that heavy metal was officially recognized as a U.K. religion and recorded a one-minute congratulatory video message, which can be seen below.  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports BODY COUNT, the metal band fronted by legendary rapper Ice-T, has set "Manslaughter" as the title of its new album, due next year via Sumerian Records. The group will enter the studio in January to begin work on the CD.
    In September 2009, BODY COUNT made an appearance at the Vans Warped Tour 15th-anniversary party at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. The group played a 20-minute set, covered SLAYER, talked a ton of trash and closed with their controversial classic "Cop Killer". Also on the bill were NOFX, KATY PERRY, PENNYWISE, BAD RELIGION and RISE AGAINSTBODY COUNT's last album, "Murder 4 Hire", came out in 2006 via Escapi Music. Lyrically, the songs ranged from political ("The End Game"), personal ("You Don't Know Me [Pain]"), and religious ("The Passion Of The Christ"), to obsession ("In My Head"), armegeddon ("Dirty Bomb"), hate ("Lies") and relationships. A eulogy for fallen band member D-Roc was also included ("D Rocs [RIP]") as was a hilarious take on deep south rednecks ("Down In The Bayou"). The CD closed with "Mr. C's Theme", a show-stopping hard-rock instrumental.


  • Blabbermouth reports mysterious Swedish buzz band GHOST will play a special a concert this Saturday, December 15 in their hometown of Linköping at Cupolen. Limited tickets are still available here. Also this Saturday for those seeking redemption, GHOST cult leader Papa Emeritus (rumored to be REPUGNANT/SUBVISION's Tobias Forge, who takes the stage in the form of "a satanic pope") will bestow a special offering to those who sign up with their e-mail addresses beginning at 10 p.m. local time.  GHOST is putting the finishing touches its next studio album, due out in 2013 on Loma Vista Recordings, the new record label founded by Tom Whalley in partnership with Republic Records, a division of Universal Music Group. Papa and his Nameless Ghouls have summoned Nashville-based Grammy Award-winning Nick Raskulinecz (DEATH ANGEL, DEFTONES, FOO FIGHTERS, RUSH) to produce this offering.  GHOST's debut album, "Opus Eponymous", was released in late 2010 in Europe and in early 2011 in North America via Rise Above Records.  In an early 2012 interview with Full Metal Jackie's nationally syndicated radio show, one of the "Nameless Ghouls" from GHOST was asked why he thinks his band has garnered support from such high-profile musicians as James Hetfield (METALLICA) and Phil Anselmo (DOWN, PANTERA). "We like to think [it's because of] our playfulness in terms of not — I almost said think[ing] too much — obviously, we think, but we feel a lot and we try not to limit ourselves to genre," he said. "Even though we're a hard-rocking band, we try to mix everything from death metal elements to new-wave choruses. And I think that sort of resonates to… I wouldn't say only an older generation [because] we have a lot of new, younger fans, but I think that anybody who is older than 35 might have a stroke of nostalgia or whatever."  On the topic of whether he can foresee a day when the members of GHOST won't be anonymous anymore, he said, "I think there is a difference between being anonymous and unmasked. Where SLIPKNOT actually wear masks still, while KISS during their unmasked days didn't. Obviously, it's a thing of the times. What we're trying to do, it's very hard to maintain. If the actual goal was to not be known, we try to maintain that, but in the long run we can't really expect that to be something everlasting. Most of our fans are actually quite keen on not knowing, which works to our favor, but I think there is a difference between people knowing who is behind the mask or being unmasked. We can't really see ourselves going up on stage and afterwards just dropping the masks saying, 'Oh, it's me, it's me, actually. Can you see?' No, no, no… We don't want that. We don't want to spoil it. That's the whole reason why we are anonymous and we try not to show ourselves. We try to eliminate, not the human aspects, but the humane aspects, if you want. We want to put Papa Emeritus in the limelight. He's supposed to be the living character, even though rigor mortis has basically set in in his poor old body. But that's the face of the band. He's the person, everybody else are just puppets."  Regarding GHOST's future plans, he said, "These 18 months since we released the album has been a lot of touring. We play a lot of concerts and our goal has always been to put on a show that was way more theatrical than we have had the opportunity to, sort of, perform or display in this type of touring. Even though this is a tour where we're actually allowed to flex our muscles a little bit, you can't expect to have a production. We have our windows, we have a few things, but I'd say that our short-term goal, for now, when we have a new album out, will be to start bringing forth a way more theatrical show that will be a lot more intriguing with a few magic tricks."  Read more at Loudwire


  • "Grime Of The Century", the new video from ORGY — the reactivated "death pop" band from California — can be seen below. The clip was filmed in September in Los Angeles with Matt Zane, an acclaimed adult-film director and frontman for the metal band SOCIETY 1ORGY filmed the live portion of the "Grime Of The Century" video on September 23 at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood.  A two-and-a-half-minute clip in which the members of ORGY talk about "Grime Of The Century", can be seen below.  "Grime Of The Century", the first new single in over seven years from ORGY, was recorded at NRG Recording and Entourage studios in North Hollywood, California. It is now available digitally on iTunes.  Joining vocalist and sole remaining original member Jay Gordon in ORGY's new lineup are Carlton Bost (DEADSY, THE DREAMING, LUNARCLICK) on guitar, Ashburn Miller (DEADSY) on guitar, Nic Speck (RUN RUN RUN) on bass and Jamie Miller (SNOT, THE START) on drums.  In an nterview with Icon Vs. Icon, Gordon was asked what the catalyst was for rebooting and moving forward with the project. "Ya know, it had just been too long," he said. "I was really interested in getting back out on the road. That was the first thing I wanted to do. It had been so long, I just wanted to get out there, brush the rust off and roll with it to see what happens. To do that you have to have a band and start playing gigs right away and that is exactly what I did."  On the topic of ORGY's new members, Jay said, "The new lineup is amazing! I don't plan on looking back, let's put it that way, they are that good. They are all amazing artists. Both guitar players, Carlton Bost and Ashburn Miller, came from DEADSY. The bass player, Nic Speck came from RUN RUN RUN. The drummer, Jamie Miller, is from SNOT and THE START. He is an amazing drummer! All of the guys are truly amazing performers and we get along great."  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports Portuguese metallers MOONSPELL will play a special vintage set consisting of songs from their classic albums "Wolfheart" and "Irreligious" (released in 1995 and 1996, respectively) during their appearance at next year's Inferno festival, set to take place March 27-30, 2013 at the Rockefeller, John Dee, Rock In, Blå, Unholy, Victoria and Revolver venues in Oslo, Norway. Also scheduled to perform at the event are AETERNUS, BEHEXEN, CARACH ANGREN, DARK FRUNERAL, DISKORD, HADES ALMIGHTY, IN VAIN, PURIFIED IN BLOOD, SATYRICON, SOLEFALD and TAAKE.  For more information, visit InfernoFestival.netMOONSPELL and Swedish black metallers MARDUK will join forces for the "Voices From The Dark" North American co-headlining tour in February/March 2013. Support on the trek will come from Colombian/American black metal rising demons INQUISITION, Italy's gothic melodic sensation THE FORESHADOWING, and Sweden's dark rock/metal band DEATH WOLF (featuring MARDUK members).  MOONSPELL's new album, "Alpha Noir", was released on April 27 via the band's new label home, Napalm Records. The cover artwork for the CD is an intricate, marvellous and symbolic creation by Seth Siro Anton, the Greek artist who collaborated with the band on "Night Eternal".


  • Blabbermouth reports northern Ireland-based rockers THE ANSWER have finished recording their new album with British producer Toby Jepson, main writer and vocalist with LITTLE ANGELS, who had twelve U.K. Top 40 hits throughout the 90s. Recorded at Vale Studios in the U.K., on one of the oldest 1970s Neve desks, the CD takes the band into a much more contemporary direction with great new songs and production.  Due in early 2013 via Napalm Records, THE ANSWER's new album is presently being mixed by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, METALLICA, AEROSMITH) at Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Fraser heard some of the new songs and was so excited he cleared his diary to make sure he could mix the LP.  THE ANSWER's latest release, the "Rise" EP, named after the band's previously unreleased track, came out on July 2 via the group's own The Answer Productions label. The EP consists of a new 2012 radio edit mix of "Rise", an extended full-length version, a very special acoustic/orchestral version and a brand new mix of another rockin' gem called "Lost"THE ANSWER's third album, "Revival", entered the official chart in the U.K. at position No. 39.  "Revival" was released on October 3, 2011 via Spinefarm Records. The initial run of the album was a limited-edition deluxe format with 24-page booklet and band sleeve notes, plus an 11-track second disc containing previously unreleased studio, acoustic, demo and cover material.  "Revival" was produced by Chris "Frenchie" Smith and mixed by Chris Sheldon.


  • Blabbermouth reports California metallers DEVILDRIVER have entered Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida to begin recording their upcoming sixth album for a tentative August 2013 release via Napalm Records.  In a recent interview with Loudwire, DEVILDRIVER frontman Dez Fafara stated about the music direction of the band's next CD, "Every record is different. That being said, I thought 'Pray For Villains' was kind of an out-of-the-box record for us. I thought 'Beast' was a weird out-of-the-box record for us. We've kind honed back in to where we are. This new record sounds a lot like the first three records. It's got an intense groove to it, and I'm really happy. The writing is going extremely well. That being said, I think we've laid back on our laurels right now and be like, 'We're a groove band.' The fans started calling us 'the groove machine, The California groove machine.' Everybody needs a title; we'll take that one and we're going to give them that on the new record, for sure."  Regarding the band's split with longtime record label Roadrunner and new deal with Napalm, Dez said: "When the whole folding of Roadrunner was happening, they were … letting a bunch of other people go. I had been there a long time. I think they decided, I decided, we all decided that it was just time to part ways. Napalm has a massive amount of passion for heavy metal, they love the band. When we met with the owner, he was like, 'I love the band.' He knew songs and it was like, okay, this is a guy who's entrenched in our music so we want him behind it."  He continued, "A lot of people are afraid of moving into a new house, but it's awesome to do and decorate it new and make it happen again, make it feel alive so that's what's happening with DEVILDRIVER and Napalm right now. We're excited for the record, they're excited for the record. I think Napalm needs a flagship in the United States and I think we could be it for them and I think their press people and they think we could be it for them, too. We're going to go gunnin' with this next record and see the numbers. I'm predicting both higher sales and a higher chart position than what Roadrunner offered us. So we'll see."  DEVILDRIVER's fifth album, "Beast", sold a little over 11,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 42 on The Billboard 200 chart.


  • Blabbermouth reports Norwegian progressive extreme metallers ENSLAVED have issued the following update:  "We started the process of making a new live DVD. Or perhaps 'concert movie' would be a more appropriate title for this undergoing. We've gone to some lengths to keep this under wraps for as long as possible; and now we're more or less ready to go.  "We will record two full sets containing material from all our releases. There will be a total of 24 songs (matching the number of the Futhark, by the way-ish), including some very special and long asked-for treats for our fans. There will be glimpses into the world of ENSLAVED between the songs that will help create a unique musical experience caught on film.  "The site of the recording is ABC Studios in Etne, appropriately located in the house of the old school..."  ENSLAVED will return to the U.S. and Canada in early 2013 for a 20-date headlining "Winter Rite" tour with support from U.S. doom metallers PALLBEARER and occult rockers ANCIENT VVISDOM. Kick-off is in Philadelphia on January 30, with the tour closing in New York City on February 22.  ENSLAVED's twelfth studio album, "RIITIIR", sold around 2,300 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 8 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.  The and's previous album, "Axioma Ethica Odini", opened with 1,400 units back in September 2010 to debut at No. 16 on the Top New Artist Albums chart.  ENSLAVED will headline Scion AV's Label Showcase, featuring Roadburn Records, with additional appearances by WHITE HILLS, Scott Kelly of NEUROSIS, EARTHLESS and ASTRA. The event takes place on November 10 at the Roxy in West Hollywood, California. The concert is free with RSVP at


  • Blabbermouth reports KAMELOT drummer Casey Grillo is selling a "one-of-a-kind" Pearl Welder Tour Select drum kit via eBay. He says: "This drum kit was custom made for me to use on KAMELOT's 2012 U.S. tour while opening up for NIGHTWISH. I would love to hang on to it but I have so many kits at this time and room is running out. The drums are all Pearl with a metal wrap that's about a quarter of an inch away from the shell. The lugs are custom free floating lugs made by Wac'd drums. I am only selling the shell pack. So you will not get any cymbals, stands, seat, pedals, or snare drum. The drums come as listed."  "I will be happy to sign any or all the drums and a portion of the proceeds will go to ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation)."  KAMELOT's new album, "Silverthorn", sold 5,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 79 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "Poetry For The Poisoned", opened with around 6,100 units in September 2010 to enter the chart at No. 74.  "Silverthorn" was released on October 30 in North America, October 26 in Germany and October 29 in the rest of Europe via Steamhammer/SPV. The CD marks the band's first release with Tommy Karevik, the Swedish vocalist who previously fronted SEVENTH WONDER (a group that he is still a member of).

  • Blabbermouth reports at the inaugural installment of the Beastival festival — set to take place from May 30 to June 1, 2013 in Geiselwind, Germany — "The Big Teutonic 4", the legendary quartet of German thrash metal bands that shaped the European heavy metal scene like no other since the '80s and established "thrash made in Germany" as a quality seal all around the world, will share the same stage on the same evening! Be there when KREATOR, SODOM, DESTRUCTION and TANKARD tear down the venue and thrash you into the ground!  The Beastival 2013 billing also includes such acts SABATON, WINTERSUN, KATAKLYSM, SATYRICON, U.D.O. and DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER.  For more information, visit  In a recent interview with Greece's Metal Kaoz, KREATOR frontman Mille Petrozza stated about the possibility of a full-fledged tour with SODOM and DESTRUCTION: "We have been talking about this all the time. We have been having this discussion since the last time we were in Greece along with SODOM and DESTRUCTION about getting that tour in the U.S. But this never happened and you wanna know why? … There are certain people who don't want to tour.  DESTRUCTION bassist/vocalist] Schmier wants to tour, we want to tour but Tom [Angelripper] from SODOM does not. And, as you can understand, we can only do this tour with the three bands onboard because otherwise it would not be the same. So, without SODOM, this will never happen and I am really sorry to say this."


  • Blabbermouth reports Metal Injection and HardRockChick have posted separate video recaps of Barge To Hell — the world's most extreme metal cruise, which sailed Monday, December 3, 2012 from Miami, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas and returned to the real world on Friday, December 7. Check out the footage below.  Make no mistake, this is not one of the cruises where you share the ship with regular cruise guests... It's like everyone has a backstage pass and you can mingle side-by-side with the artists in this incredibly fan-friendly scenario that has no comparison.  See every band play two live shows on three stages, each with its own unique atmosphere: The luxurious "A Chorus Line" theater, the cozy "Spectrum" club and the jewel: the open-air stage on the pool deck. Get all your memorabilia signed at the meet-and-greet sessions. Be part of the infamous "metal karaoke" and many other very special activities with the artists on board. Last but not least: Don't forget that there are bars on board that never close!  For more information, visit


  • Blabbermouth Seattle metal band SHADED ENMITY will enter the studio later this month with producer/engineer Aaron Smith (7 HORNS 7 EYES) to record a demo/teaser track for its new full-length album, "Forsaken And Forgotten", which is scheduled for a spring release.  The follow-up to 2011's "Hijo Perdido" will feature cover artwork by Dan Arena.  The new song will be available for download by December 25.  Commented SHADED ENMITY vocalist/guitarist Joe Nurre: "We were a little late in getting around to recording/writing this album as I spent most of this year on the road playing guitar with Jeff Loomis [ex-NEVERMORE].  "The new material really flowed naturally from us, and it gave us time to write a really unique album.  "Our previous album, 'Hijo Perdido', had some really intense drumming on it, and the songs were faster and more to the point. This time we decided to take our time a little more with the writing, which has resulted in longer songs, with more melodies and solos.  "Originally we had decided to just do an EP, but we didn't want to cheat our fans, so we decided to do a full-length."


  • Blabbermouth reports one of the pioneering industrial black metal forces to emerge in the early '90s, MYSTICUM and Peaceville Records have announced the re-release of the band's debut album, "In The Streams Of Inferno", on February 26. The reissued version of the LP will feature extensive remastering, courtesy of Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Studios in Oslo, Norway, two bonus songs and DVD. The packaging also contains new artwork made in close association with the band to fully reflect the intended vision, plus liner notes and additional lyrics. The release will be available in both CD and vinyl format. The bonus DVD will contain two live shows from 1996. "Grotten" in Asker, Norway has until now been totally unknown to the masses except for the few that were present at the show. The other show is the more well-known Bradford, U.K. set from MYSTICUM's European tour with MARDUK and GEHENNA. Overall, both gigs give a great glimpse into the pure atmosphere and intensity of this cult act — a must for all fans.   perfect concoction of cold, primitive black metal and forward-thinking ideas from an act unafraid to push boundaries, the hell of "In The Streams Of Inferno" has had a lasting and profound impact on many since 1996.  he band was originally signed to Euronymous' (MAYHEM) Deathlike Silence Productions label, such was his belief in the band (MYSTICUM even featured Hellhammer from MAYHEM in their lineup for a brief period). However, this venture proved to be cut short following Euronymous' death, forcing MYSTICUM to look elsewhere for the release of their eventual debut album, "In The Streams Of Inferno" finally surfacing in 1996.  Unifying the core trio of Herr General Cerastes, Svartravn and Mean Malmberg in late 2011, MYSTICUM has commenced work on its follow-up album, "Planet Satan", to be released 2013 on Peaceville Records.


  • Blabbermouth reports France progressive death metallers SUPURATION will release their new album, "Cube 3", on February 25, 2013 in Europe via Listenable Records. The artwork for the CD was created by the band's longtime collaborator and designer Matthieu Carton. The effort was mastered by Sweden's Dan Swanö.  According to a press release, "Cube 3" "represents the end of the lyrical theme , a decade after the previous album, and 20 years after the band's debut initiating the beginning of the story."  Commented the band: "'Cu3e' (2013): The end of the enigmatic trilogy started twenty years ago, after 'The Cube' (1993) and 'Incubation' (2003), 'Cu3e': out of time, in outer space, machines take care of the reincarnated soul, an amazing journey with an unexpected ending to this metaphysical concept which started in 1993."  SUPURATION will celebrate the release of the new album at the Splendid in Lille (north of France) on February 24 with DYLAH TEEN and OUTCAST.

    "Cube 3" track listing:

    01. Sinergy Awakes
    02. Introversion
    03. The Disenthrall
    04. Consummate
    05. The Incongruents
    06. The Delegation
    07. Datadance
    08. The Flight
    09. The Climax

    Don't be fooled by the band monicker, SUPURATION do not specialize in unleashing short grind-gore blasts but deliver more of measured yet muscular balanced metal through a more profound, subtile and enigmatic musical world.  
    Formed in Valenciennes in the north of France in 1989, SUPURATION, or its more progressive incarnation S.U.P., has issued a number of records over its 20-year career, developing a series of conceptual releases called "The Cube". "The Cube 3" will see the light of day in 2013, exactly 20 years after the debut album release, which launched the story of "The Cube" and 10 years after a conceptually similar release "Incubation" in 2003.  Popular for its massive wall of guitars and tasteful vocal delivery making it sound like an unexpected mixture of a crushing CARCASS and an intimate PINK FLOYD, SUPURATION has become a cult name in the live circuit by not playing out very frequently and delivering mesmerizing and unique performances.


  • Blabbermouth reports Norwegian black metal veterans DARKTHRONE will release their new album, "The Underground Resistance", on February 26 via Peaceville Records"The Underground Resistance" is DARKTHRONE's latest venture through the metal cosmos, and first new album since the 2010 opus, "Circle The Wagons". It contains DARKTHRONE's trademark masterful riffing in a broad range of styles, effortlessly bounding through the annals of classic metal, taking in thrash, speed and black metal, and not forgetting a dose of punk. All in all, a ferocious and dynamic set of tracks drenched in Fenriz's and Nocturno's rich and diverse tastes in all things metal, primarily those rooted firmly in the spirit of the '80s. Six tracks long, and each one an epic in itself, this is undoubtedly DARKTHRONE's strongest outing of late.  "The Underground Resistance" was written and recorded spring 2010 to summer 2012 at Necrohell 2 studios by the bandmembers themselves. The CD was mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door in Texas. The cover artwork comes courtesy of the iconic and celebrated artist Jim Fitzpatrick.  Commented Fenriz: "Three songs each, Ted's are flown from the universe of metal with his strongest voice ever so far. Songs of mine are torn from the wombs of the riders of rohan of metal, safely cradled in 1985 style."  In a recent interview with Terrorizer magazine DARKTHRONE guitarist/vocalist Nocturno Culto stated about the band's new CD: "I can't speak for Fenriz, but I think he’s going for more epic lyrics. I can only speak for myself and this time around they are very personal lyrics. It's the first time I've ever tried this and it’s difficult to do it nicely and put it into good words. There was a lot of hate and people trying to ruin your day and I had stuff to say for my sake."  He added: "Our music now is basically just metal. It will be a step away from the last album as usual."  DARKTHRONE's last album, "Circle The Wagons", sold around 500 copies in the United States in its first week of release back in April 2010. The CD landed at position No. 120 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.


  • Blabbermouth reports Brazilian metallers ANGRA have tapped acclaimed Italian vocalist Fabio Lione (VISION DIVINE, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, KAMELOT) to ffront the band for their next performance, to be held on board 70000 Tons Of Metal, the world's biggest heavy metal cruise.  Singer Eduardo "Edu" Falaschi quit ANGRA in May. He explained in a statement, "There comes a moment in a man's life when it is necessary to make a radical decision in order to move forward with dignity and renewed energy."  Falaschi joined ANGRA in 2000 and appeared on the band's last four studio albums — 2001's "Rebirth", 2004's "Temple Of Shadows", 2006's "Aurora Consurgens" and 2010's "Aqua".  In January 2013, 40 heavy metal bands and 2,000 fans from all over the world will go to the Caribbean to take over the luxury cruise ship "Majesty Of The Seas" for 5 days and 4 nights.  70000 Tons Of Metal will sail Monday, January 28, 2013 aboard the Royal Caribbean "Majesty Of The Seas" from Miami, Florida and will not return you to the real world for four days until Friday, February 1, 2013.


  • Loudwire reports Queens of the Stone Age describe new album as "Manic and Unpredictable"


  • Loudwire reports Lzzy Hale says on 2012 Rock Goddess of the Year competition: "We’re All Voting for Each Other"


  • Ultimate Classic Rock reports Lindsey Buckingham, Graham Parker perform at "This is 40" soundtrack party





  • Ultimate Classic Rock reports Jon Bon Jovi receives Golden Globe Award nomination for "Not Running Anymore"




  • Noisecreep reports Rise Against hate Honey Boo Boo


  • Noisecreep posts video of Eve to Adam: behind-the-scenes look at their tour with Halestorm and In This Moment





  • Spinner reports George Harrison's leather jacket sells for an enormous sum at Beatles auction


  • Spinner reports Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood in Brazil awaiting Mayan apocalypse?


  • Spinner reports Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore guitar stolen on 12-12-12 at "12 Midnight"


  • Rolling Stone posts the premiere of Soulsavers and Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan perform intimate set in Los Angeles


  • Rolling Stone posts the premiere of Ziggy Marley nurses a broken heart on a "Beach in Hawaii" (Live)


  • Rolling Stone reports Michael Stipe, Mandy Patinkin join "Christmas Carol Week" on "Colbert Report"


  • Rolling Stone reports John Mayer to play with the Rolling Stones


  • Rolling Stone reports Jackson Browne, Common, Pete Seeger and more rally to free Leonard Peltier


  • Blabbermouth posts a video tour of Rick Allen from Def Leppard's drum kit


  • Blabbermouth posts audio samples of Tony Iommi's "Iron Man" memoir voiced by Bev Bevan  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth posts a new European tour webisode from Iced Earth





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