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Joe Perry says that Aerosmith's new Music From Another Dimension album could be the band's last. While talking to Noisecreep, Perry spoke about the recent release, explaining, "We knew we had another record in us, despite what many said, and I make no bones about it, I don't know if we're gonna make another record."


He addressed the fact that over the past few years tensions between the bandmembers reached a fever pitch: "Our disagreements are what make us dynamic. If we all thought the same way, nothing good would happen, but even after we argue, we don't take it home. It's one of the things that allowed us to get back together. We'll argue things to death, but we deal with it, figure it out and move on. There's too much life out there to waste time being like kids in high school. We had a meeting yesterday over a video, it got really heated, but then went down to look at Steven's motorcycle. All was fine. Then it was like, what are you doing tonight?"

  • Perry was pressed as to how Music From Another Dimension stacks up against other Aerosmith albums: "In order to compare you have to not like something else. So I'll pick what I don't like and work my way up. I really didn't like Done With Mirrors. I really didn't like Just Push Play. Then there are other records I really think we're good for their time, like Toys (In The Attic) and Rocks. I still listen to those and I put this one in that category of a record I will continue to listen to a lot. I can't get enough of this one."
  • Joe Perry says that even taking their already 40-year-career into account -- there's no reason that Aerosmith can't be rocking onstage for decades still to come: "I think that the band has to look at what it takes to do this gracefully. There's no reason why the band can't keep playing until we can't walk. There's just no reason. You just have to know that you can't do certain things anymore. Y'know, you can't do somersaults on stage, you can't do, y'know, swing from ropes. But there are other things you can do that are just as entertaining -- like sing, play."
  • Aerosmith performs on Tuesday (December 11th) at Tampa, Florida's Tampa Bay Times Forum and wraps its 2012 dates on Thursday (December 13th) at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena.


  • No one in Aerosmith would be questioning whether or not the new album is their last if it was a massive hit out-of-the box million seller -- which it's not.
  • The fans that embraced Aerosmith in the '90s were not their core group of fans. The people that bought the band's singles off of Permanent Vacation, Pump, and Get A Grip, would've bought those singles regardless off whom they were by. Although their live show has always embraced tracks off of Toys In The Attic, Rocks, and Draw The Line, their albums continue to follow their '90s pop/rock formula -- and that type of music has had its day -- at least for Aerosmith.
  • The band always promises that the "new" album will be a callback to their classic '70s sound -- and it never is. Maybe if they really did record an album that we confused for Rocks it would all fall into place for them. But unfortunately it seems like this band will be miserable and trapped chasing its tail for a long time to come, doing the same exact thing to diminishing returns and resenting the hell out of each other because of it.

CHECK IT OUT: Aerosmith's video for 1989's "The Other Side":

Joe Perry On Aerosmith's Future

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