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  • Blabbermouth reports MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson has posted a four-minute video clip featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the band's December 7 concert at Fox Theater in Pomona. Check it out below.  According to Ellefson, the Pomona show was professionally filmed for possible future release.  The 20th-anniversary edition of MEGADETH's 1992 double platinum-certified "Countdown To Extinction" album was released on November 6 via Capitol/EMI.  Presented in a 2CD lift-top box and digitally, "Countdown To Extinction"'s new commemorative edition pairs the remastered original album with a 1992 concert, recorded live at San Francisco's Cow Palace, which has never before been released in its entirety. The concert audio has been newly remixed for this release. The physical and digital versions both include a booklet with a new liner notes essay by music journalist Kory Grow, and the 2CD box also contains a 24" x 36" poster and four collectible postcards.  MEGADETH is currently performing the acclaimed album in its entirety on the band's "Countdown To Extinction 20th Anniversary Tour".


  • Blabbermouth reports IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson was one of the featured speakers on November 14 at the Entrepreneurs Wales 2012 event at Cardiff's City Hall, a one-day conference designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs looking to start, develop and grow their business. Dickinson addressed the conference on inspiring entrepreneurship in Wales.  Video footage of Dickinson's speech can be seen below.  According to, Dickinson urged delegates to make their businesses something their customers could not live without.  "The key thing is to figure out how to make yourself invaluable — to be the ultimate virus — to get into the system, a corporate, or somebody's head and become indispensable," he said. "They can't do it without you because you have invented some widget or some software or because you are who you are."  Dickinson, who is also a commercial pilot, entrepreneur and international fencer, talked about the parallels between his music and business careers, saying, "You have to make music because that gives you the moral authority to play live, but everybody is going to steal it or get it for a fraction of what it was worth. It makes it a little more tedious — the music is free, but the T-shirt now costs you 100 bucks."  "Everything about being an entrepreneur is about the customer," he added. "If I turn the word 'fan' into 'customer,' that's not a bad customer satisfaction rating, is it?  "Are all your customers fans of what you do? Apple have got fans — people who believe their little devices are a pathway to a better tomorrow. To turn your customers into fans you really have to target them and know exactly who they are and what you are going to deliver for them that is different to everybody else."


  • Blabbermouth reports according to Classic Rock magazine, British hard rock legends DEEP PURPLE will release their 19th studio album in April 2013. The CD, which was produced by Bob Ezrin (KISS, PINK FLOYD, PETER GABRIEL, ALICE COOPER, KANSAS) in Nashville, Tennessee, will contain 13 tracks, including "Out Of Hand", "Hell To Pay", "Weirdistan", "Uncommon Man" and "Above And Beyond". The latter song references the band's late keyboard player, Jon Lord, in the lyric "Souls having touched are forever entwined."  Regarding the album title, Gillan offered the following cryptic comment to Classic Rock: "There's a big question mark over the name at the moment. And possibly an exclamation mark as well. You can read what you like into what I've just said. All will become clear — as mud — later on. That's all I'm allowed to say. The question mark and the exclamation mark might get you intrigued."  DEEP PURPLE's 18th studio album, "Rapture of the Deep", was released in November 2005. It was the fourth studio CD from DEEP PURPLE since guitarist Steve Morse joined the band in 1994. It was also the second album to feature veteran keyboardist Don Airey"Rapture of the Deep" was produced by Mike Bradford, who also worked on the band's previous release, 2003's "Bananas".  Read more at Ultimate Classic Rock and Classic Rock


  • Blabbermouth reports Chad Gray (HELLYEAH, MUDVAYNE), Tim Lambesis (AS I LAY DYING) and Eddie Hermida (ALL SHALL PERISH) are the first confirmed guest singers who will perform with the surviving members of SUICIDE SILENCE at a special show on December 21 at the Fox theater in Pomona, California as a tribute to their late singer, Mitch Lucker, who died November 1, after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle crash in Huntington Beach on Halloween night. All proceeds from the event will go towards the education of Mitch's five-year-old daughter, Kenadee Lucker. The concert announcement was made on November 24 during the sixth annual California Metalfest at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California.  Official multi-camera video footage of the announcement can be seen below.  Speaking to the audience, SUICIDE SILENCE guitarist Mark Heylmun said, "We fucking lost our brother; I'm sure you all know that. We all miss him more than anything in the fucking world."  He continued, "I think something that is really important to us is that we consider SUICIDE SILENCE a family — as far as the band goes, as far as any crew member we've ever had, anybody that has ever worked for us, and the fans… Everyone is family; and that is the greatest thing that's ever happened to us and we are so grateful to be a part of this.  "This is the most difficult thing we've ever had to deal with. I really don't know where to start. We're just dealing with it day by day, and I hope everybody else is dealing with it. It's just unreal to have to be up here right now talking about this.  "We wanna say thank you all so much for donating to Kenadee's education fund.  "If there was anything that Mitch gave a fuck about in the world besides SUICIDE SILENCE, it would obviously be his daughter; he cared more about her than anything in the fucking world. We're here and we're gonna make sure that she's taken care of, and that's what we have to do. And we thank you guys for donating all the money you have.  "Everybody's been asking what we're gonna do as a band. We're putting together a show. It's gonna be at Fox Theater on December 21. Just kind of the best event, the best show that you could possibly imagine. Obviously, Mitch is not gonna be there. We're gonna have a different singer every single song. We're gonna put the best show that we possibly can together. It's already in the works. Tickets go on sale [on Tuesday, December 4]. Hopefully everybody can make it out. It's gonna be really fucking special. And all the money that is going towards the show is going to Kenadee's educational fund. So it's going to a good cause and Mitch would really appreciate it and we'd really appreciate it. So thank you, guys, very much."  A funeral service for Mitch Lucker was held on November 8. The ceremony was attended by family and friends, including SUICIDE SILENCE bassist Dan Kenny, who tweeted afterwards, "Had to bury my brother today, he looked peaceful when I saw him. It was very hard but it was needed! To the fans just know Mitch loved yall"  SUICIDE SILENCE has launched a memorial fund to provide assistance to Lucker's family. Those who donate $20 or more will receive a commemorative t-shirt.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Lucker struck a light pole near the intersection of Main and 13th streets and was thrown from his 2013 Harley Davidson. The motorcycle continued sliding south on Main Street and struck a northbound 2007 Nissan Titan pickup.  Lucker, who was treated at the scene by paramedics, died shortly after 6 a.m. at UC Irvine Medical Center.  Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports a short teaser for "In The End", the new video from Los Angeles theatrical rockers BLACK VEIL BRIDES, can be seen below. The song comes off the band's new album, "Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones", which will be released on January 8 via Lava/Universal Republic. The CD was produced by by John Feldmann (PAPA ROACH, THE USED, ATREYU) and is a full-fledged concept effort, though the band's lead singer, Andy Biersack, has not revealed the exact narrative just yet. "Lyrically, the most important thing for me is, how can I tell a cohesive story?" he told Revolver magazine. "How can I take the story and kind of weave it into songs that are written otherwise about a lot of personal experiences and the band's experiences?"  The BLACK VEIL BRIDES are also going bigger in the range of musical influences they're drawing from this time out. "We've tapped into some of the influences that, as songwriters, we haven't really played with yet," the singer told the magazine. "The record has just as much influence from SISTERS OF MERCY or NINE INCH NAILS as it does SOCIAL DISTORTION, as it does METALLICA or SLAYER or anything else."  BLACK VEIL BRIDES will screen their brand new movie, "Legion Of The Black", at the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles, California on December 21, December 22 and December 23.   Directed by Patrick Fogarty, written by Andy Biersack, Patrick Fogarty and Richard Villa III, "Legion Of The Black" tells the visual story of "Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones". The film follows a group of rebels known as "The Wild Ones" as they defend their hearts, minds and bodies against F.E.A.R.  BLACK VEIL BRIDES will launch the first leg of "The Church Of The Wild Ones" world tour on January 4 in Las Vegas. The trek will wrap in San Francisco on March 8.

    "Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones" track listing:

    01. Exordium
    02. I Am Bulletproof
    03. New Year's Day
    04. F.E.A.R. Transmission 1: Stay Close
    05. Wretched And Divine
    06. We Don't Belong
    07. F.E.A.R. Transmission 2: Trust
    08. Devil's Choir
    09. Resurrect The Sun
    10. Overture
    11. Shadows Die
    12. Abeyance
    13. Days Are Numbered
    14. Done For You
    15. Nobody's Hero
    16. Lost It All
    17. F.E.A.R. Transmission 3: As War Fades
    18. In The End
    19. F.E.A.R. Final Transmission

    The cover artwork for the CD was created by the band's longtime friend, artist Richard Villa, and can be seen below.


  • Blabbermouth reports 30 years after his departure from KROKUS, guitarist Mandy Meyer has now officially returned.  Founder Chris Von Rohr and Fernando Von Arb are thrilled to have him back in the fold. Fernando says: "Now the KROKUS family is complete again."  Meyer replaced original KROKUS guitarist Tommy Kiefer for the remainder of 1980's "Metal Rendez-Vous" tour and 1981's "Hardware" tour and witnessed the growing popularity of KROKUS worldwide, including the band's first U.S. tour. Those two albums sold millions of copies around the world.  Mandy left KROKUS and moved at the tender age of 22 years old to Los Angeles to pursue his musical dreams. And it worked out pretty good, as time would tell.  In the mid-Nineties, Mandy moved back to Switzerland and joined GOTTHARD, another successful Swiss band. In 2004 he left that band and concentrated on his solo career. Between 2005 and 2007, he toured with KROKUS in support of the "Hellraiser" album, which he recorded and contributed to.  In 2009, Meyer joined forces with vocalist Michael Kiske (ex-HELLOWEEN) with Dennis Ward (bass) and Kosta Zafiriou (drums) of Germany's PINK CREAM 69 in UNISONIC.  Towards the end of 2011, Chris Von Rohr approached Mandy and asked him whether he would be game to play a couple of shows in Japan. Mandy recalls: "I agreed in a New York minute". The concerts proved to be totally successful. "And we got along great, it was as if time stood still," he adds.  Chris Von Rohr, along with vocalist Marc Storace, recently laid down bass and vocal tracks at London, England's Abbey Road Studios for the band's 17th album, "Dirty Dynamite". Sound engineer for the recording sessions is again Dennis Ward, who also recorded the band's last album, "Hoodoo"Von Rohr promises: "The new songs sound like dirty dynamite: pure, dirty, in-your-face hard rock with a touch of blues."  Adds Storace: "We've been taking the time it needs writing for our next rock album and we guarantee that it definitely will contain no fillers!"  Read more at Classic Rock

    KROKUS 2012 is:

    Marc Storace - Vocals
    Chris Von Rohr - bass
    Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar
    Mark Kohler - Rhythm Guitar
    Mandy Meyer - Guitar


  • Blabbermouth reports KILL DEVIL HILL — the new band featuring legendary drummer Vinny Appice (DIO, BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN & HELL) alongside Rex Brown (PANTERA, DOWN) on bass, Mark Zavon (RATT, W.A.S.P., 40 CYCLE HUM) on guitar and Jason "Dewey" Bragg (PISSING RAZORS) on vocals — has returned to the studio to record "some killer new tunes" for the group's next album. Footage of Vinny laying down drum tracks can be seen below.  KILL DEVIL HILL's self-titled debut album was released earlier this year via Steamhammer/SPV. The CD landed at position No. 9 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.  "Kill Devil Hill" was produced by Warren Riker, who is best known for his work with DOWN, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, SUBLIME and CATHEDRAL. The effort was made available in a standard CD edition, as an iTunes digital download, and double gatefold LP.  According to Appice, KILL DEVIL HILL's sound is "like a cross between BLACK SABBATH, ALICE IN CHAINS and a little bit of LED ZEPPELIN thrown in. It's heavy, but with a lot of cool hooks and melodic overtones, too."  The members of KILL DEVIL HILL previously stated about their songwriting and recording approach, "We are going old school meets new; no sample drums here!!"


    * Jason "Dewey" Bragg (PISSING RAZORS) - Vocals
    * Mark Zavon (RATT, W.A.S.P., 40 CYCLE HUM) - Guitar
    * Rex Brown (DOWN, PANTERA) - Bass
    * Vinny Appice (HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, DIO) – Drums


  • Blabbermouth reports Multinational metallers RAVEN LORD have announced the addition of keyboardist Alessandro Duo (VOODOO HIGHWAY) to the group's ranks. The Italian musician will join RAVEN LORD on the road in 2013 and will take part in all of the band's future recordings.  Commented singer Csaba Zvekan: "Alessandro is a true Raven Lord and fits the bill like a glove. His musical skills are excellent and he makes a great addition to the band. We're all happy and excited to have a complete band and are ready for our upcoming tour in 2013 and summer festivals."  RAVEN LORD's debut album, "Descent To The Underworld", will be released on February 1, 2013 in Europe and February 12, 2013 in North America via Mausoleum Records. The CD was mixed by acclaimed Swedish producer Fredrik Nordström (AT THE GATES, ARCH ENEMY, NIGHTRAGE, IN FLAMES, DREAM EVIL, OPETH) and was mastered by U.S. mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum (SEPULTURA, HALFORD, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ANGRA, DOKKEN). The cover artwork was created by Brazilian artist Caio Caldas of CadiesArt, who has previously worked with DORO, PAUL DI'ANNO, SEVEN KINGDOMS, DOMINANZ and VIOLET SUN, among others.
    "Descent To The Underworld" track listing:
    01. The Rebel 02. Attila The Hun 03. Let The Show Go On 04. Seal Of The Cross 05. Settle The Score 06. Promised Land 07. Black Friar 08. World Out Of Steel 09. Revelation 10. Metal Knights 11. Sun God
    A song from the album, "Black Friar", can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below.
    RAVEN LORD is:
    * Csaba Zvekan (KILLING MACHINE, SARDONYX, EMERGENCY) - Vocals * Joe Stump (HOLYHELL, REIGN OF TERROR) - Lead Guitar * Jamie Mallender (TONY MARTIN) - Bass * Lawrence "Larry" Paterson (BLAZE BALEY, STUKA SQUADRON) - Drums * George Karafotis (VERMILLION DAYS, OPERATION X) - Guitar * Alessandro Duo(VOODOO HIGHWAY) - Keyboards


  • Blabbermouth reports ENEMY OF THE SUN, the German band featuring guitarist Waldemar Sorychta — former member of GRIP INC./DESPAIR and producer for such bands as LACUNA COIL and MOONSPELL — has announced the addition of bassist Reina Schauff to the group's ranks.  Schauff is no stranger to the ENEMY camp as he hails from the band‘s homebase of Dortmund, Germany.  Commented Sorychta: "Reina brings fresh impulses to the band! We have known him for a long time, and he has always been a part of ENEMY OF THE SUN, having touring with us on several occasions.“  Added Reina: "I am really excited to join this wonderful band. The new album will be killer and definitely the best in band history yet. I can't wait to get my feet on stage with those guys!"  ENEMY OF THE SUN is currently holed up in the studio working on its third album for an early 2013 release.  "Caedium", the second album from from ENEMY OF THE SUN, was released in North America on June 22, 2010 via The End Records and in Europe on May 28, 2010 through Massacre RecordsSorychta previously stated about the band, "I call ENEMY OF THE SUN my family because in a family you have to feel comfortable. If not, it's not a good family. ENEMY is a good one. It's the way I wake up and feel the excitement about this band. It's the way I go to bed and want to stay awake because of this band. Music without limits, pure power saved in every note, deepest emotions bound in tones, burning pleasure in each single tune."


  • Loudwire posts the ten best Slipknot songs


  • Loudwire reports All That RemainsPhil Labonte says homophobic slur is "Just a Word"



  • Ultimate Classic Rock reports The Rolling Stones’ "Their Satanic Majesties Request" album released 45 years ago





  • Blabbermouth posts new music from Possessed



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