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Tool singer Maynard James Keenan has addressed his reputation for being a very difficult interview in the latest installment of his bi-weekly online column for the Phoenix New Times. Keenan, who doesn't give a lot of interviews to begin with, has also been known to shut down during q&a sessions depending on the journalist or situation. He explained in his column that it all comes down to the way the journalist presents the questions, saying, "The awesome writers strike up a conversation and my publicist has to cut us off 'cuz we're having too much fun. We call these people journalists. The lazy ones have a list of questions to which they've already anticipated the answers, so they don't bother listening to my responses. We call these people never again."


Keenan added, "There seems to be an epidemic raging out there. A whole lot of people are calling themselves professionals who really have no business doing so . . . Their skill is squeaking and moaning in order to get their way. Which is fine with me. It makes for easier targets."

  • The vocalist also brought up the fact that he was interviewed for his upcoming "semi-autobiography" by his co-writer on the project, who told him how "forthcoming" he was during their interview.
  • Keenan continued, "She said it stood in direct contrast to some -- but not all -- of my tight-lipped discourse she'd found online. Her guess was that the journalists in question lacked enthusiasm. Her understatement was correct. This is not the case with all journalists I've encountered, but unfortunately, it's the norm."
  • Keenan has told us in the past that he's not fond of the idea of musicians being treated like celebrities: "There's this kind of idol situation that's been set up. I think it's out of proportion with what's real. It's hyped up by damaged musicians who need some kind of acknowledgement and need to fill that empty hole for attention, for recognition. I would like to see it get to the point where it's just people enjoying music for music's sake."
  • Keenan's other Puscifer will release a new EP called Donkey Punch The Night in February, while Tool is expected to issue its first album since 2006 sometime next year as well. Details on that, however, remain unclear.

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  • Do you think Keenan and other artists have an obligation to give a good interview whether they think the journalist is good or not?
  • Do you think Keenan is right when he says that many people who say they are journalists are not good at their jobs?
  • If you were in a situation where you were being interviewed and the person was really bad at doing it, would you shut down or do the best you could?
  • Do you think you are good at your job, but that others around you at work don't keep up?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Phoenix New Times -- agree or not?

Christian McClain wrote: "Another thing to keep in mind is that many artists spend hours every day answering the same questions over and over doing interviews. And I can't imagine Maynard would be too enthusiastic about the interview if it's obvious the interviewer doesn't know who he is, or only wants to talk about Tool."

davidsdear wrote: "I have noticed this for awhile now at my job. Unfortunately, all those whiners and criers seem to be the ones to get their way and promoted. Drives me nuts. Hard work and knowing every aspect of your job just doesn't seem to matter theses days. For some reason I still continue to do these things."

BloodEagle wrote: "No, Maynard. The reason you have come accross like a d***head in all those online clips is because you are, in fact, a d***head. All these ditsy idiots who interview you are just grist to your mill. Your only intention is to define yourself against these people, so you treat them like s*** and walk off thinking you're worth something. It may have afforded you an aura of mystique in the 90s but the light is on now and you just look like the d***head you are."

Tool's Maynard James Keenan On Musicians Being Celebrities

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