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Metallica has posted a video clip of the band performing its classic track "Master Of Puppets" online, taken from the upcoming Quebec Magnetic Blu-ray/DVD due out next week. Arriving on Monday (December 10th), the disc merges together footage from two shows the band did in Quebec City in the fall of 2009 as part of its World Magnetic Tour. This will be the first release from Metallica's new Blackened Recordings label, which was officially launched last week.


  • Fans were allowed to vote for the DVD's track listing, with 18 songs compiled for the concert and an additional eight bonus songs included on the disc.
  • In conjunction with the launch of Blackened, Metallica announced last week that the band had regained control of all the masters of the band's entire catalog of audio and video recordings, as per its now-expired 1994 contract with the Warner Music Group.
  • Metallica is also working on a 3D feature film for release next summer, as well as a new studio album that should surface in early 2014.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Metallica rip through "Master Of Puppets" from the Quebec Magnetic DVD:

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

Blindgreed1 wrote: "That actually looks pretty well done. Hetfield, Trujillo, Hammett and their bald headed friend looked pretty pumped to put on a show."

More Cowbell wrote: "Waaayyyyy to much post-production on this one. Inaudible crowd, compressed guitar and drum sound, muffled bass...Not a good 'live' sound whatsoever. And they are great live, even to this day."

cycocyco wrote: "The tempo is too fast and it feels rushed and emotionless."

SonOfTheMourning wrote: "judging by those two songs that they have made available online, this dvd really needs a warning sticker for people who have ADD and those who suffer from Epilepsy."

skymetal wrote: "Why the f*** do they do this ADD editing. It sucks and is not enjoyable. The director/editor wants to be the star of the DVD. Three static cams is all you need and here's an idea: keep a shot for more than 2 seconds."

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