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AC/DC finally made its music available at iTunes on Monday, November 19th, and the band's first-week sales figures at the digital retailer were impressive -- considering that they showed up with little advance publicity. According to Billboard, 48,000 copies of various albums from the band's 25 full-length releases were downloaded, while 696,000 downloads of the group's songs were sold in the U.S. The biggest-selling album was, not surprisingly, 1980's classic Back In Black, which moved 15,000 copies.


The next four biggest selling albums were 1979's Highway To Hell with just under 5,000 downloads, the new Live At River Plate concert album with 4,000, the 1976 set High Voltage with a little under 3,000 and another oldie, Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap, with 2,000 digital copies.

  • The band's top five songs at iTunes in their first week were "Thunderstruck" with 85,000 downloads, "Back in Black" with 68,000, "You Shook Me All Night Long" with 64,000, "Highway To Hell" with 50,000 and "TNT" with 40,000.
  • Every studio, live and compilation album, soundtrack contribution and box set from the Australian rockers can now be purchased in digital form. Fans can also purchase The Complete Collection, the complete iTunes-exclusive AC/DC catalog, or The Collection, which includes all 16 studio albums.
  • AC/DC was one of the last major acts, along with Tool, Garth Brooks, Kid Rock and a handful of others, to resist putting its music on iTunes. Rock also broke down last week, putting new album Rebel Soul on sale at the Apple music store and planning to digitize his entire output sometime early next year.
  • AC/DC has kept a low profile since finishing the tour for its 2008 album Black Ice a couple of years ago, but has reportedly started work on a new album. We asked singer Brian Johnson if the band felt confident that its fans will always be there: "Yes, I would hope they would come back and see you again. I think we've put down a good foundation. We never take anything for granted, you know. How can you? Times change, things change, so you've just got to keep doing what you're doing, basically, and just hope that they'll come back for more."

CHECK IT OUT: Watch a vintage music video of AC/DC's "Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution":

LISTENERS' POLL: Raise your hands -- who downloaded AC/DC from iTunes last week? Who plans to do so?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

Deathspawner wrote: "It's funny that all this time, people could purchase this music a variety of other ways. But just because it's on iTunes, they flock to it."

nine large wrote: "i guess you can't fight city hall."

JPacHalen wrote: "You can hold out all you want but eventually you have to join the 21st century. iTunes has it's pros and cons but what's done is done. AC/DC held out as long as possible. Music buying as we know it has changed forever. With that being said, AC/DC will do very well on iTunes, because they are the greatest hard rock band of all time."

mr fuzzy wrote: "Can't you turn on any radio in any bumf***ville USA and hear this band? And all these people BOUGHT crappy compressed audio from Apple? No album covers, no liner notes. I don't get it. What's the lure?"

AC/DC's Brian Johnson On Whether The Fans Will Keep Coming Back

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