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A report published in the Friday (November 16th) edition of the New York Post claims that the members of Aerosmith are "barely speaking to each other," with tensions rising in the group over the disappointing sales of its new album and the lack of sold-out shows on its current tour. Adding fuel to the fire are continuing reports that singer Steven Tyler's engagement to Erin Brady is on the rocks, while his attorney and business manager, Dina LaPolt, is too busy filming her own reality show pilot to help Tyler through his problems.


  • A source told the Post, "The band isn't really talking. Aerosmith's record came in fifth after Taylor Swift, Now That's What I Call Music: Volume 44, Rod Stewart's Merry Christmas, Baby and Ne-Yo's new release. Pretty bad for their first release in a decade. No dates on the current tour are sold out. Meanwhile, LaPolt is doing a reality show pilot instead of focusing on Tyler's career, and his career needs help."
  • Back in 2010, after another troubled period in the group's career, Tyler told us that he thought Aerosmith was too good a band to let their differences break them apart: "You know, sometimes differences do get in the way, but when we start playing together, it just is the truth of why we were both born and put on this planet. There's a lot of things that I hate Joe for saying and he hates me for saying, and things we've done back and forth, but this band is a band and married forever. So we may have our differences, but the marriage still holds, especially when there's a stage for us to get up on and rock out on."
  • Aerosmith's first set of all-new material in 11 years, Music From Another Dimension, debuted at Number Five on the Billboard album chart last week, selling 63,000 copies in its first week of release.
  • The group's last collection of new songs, 2001's Just Push Play, entered the chart at Number Two with sales of 240,000 copies.
  • Another source added, "Tyler is very unhappy about the reception of the album, and is blaming (record label) Columbia."
  • A spokesperson for the band told the Post, "Aerosmith is doing great and on tour and on fire. Any claim to the contrary is absolutely false."
  • Addressing the continuing questions about Tyler's relationship with Brady, the spokesperson replied, "As the New York Post has been told before, just as any couple goes through trials and tribulations in a relationship, Steven and Erin have asked for their privacy at this time. It's clear that someone is spreading false and malicious rumors, including stories about false tensions between Steven and Dina. To give them any credence would only empower them to disseminate more lies."

JUST OUR OPINION: Here's one thing about this report that troubles us -- why is Steven Tyler relying on his attorney and business manager to handle his career? That's what you have a manager for -- an attorney just handles legal matters while a business manager takes care of the money. Where is the person who should be guiding the creative aspects of Tyler's career?

And by the way: this band has made yet another glossy, over-produced, pop-oriented album instead of the roaring return to rock that they've promised for the last two years. No wonder no one is buying it. How does that stint on American Idol feel now, Steven? Was it worth all the lost credibility with your real fans and the damaged relationship with your bandmates of 40 years?


  • Is Aerosmith done? What was the final nail in the coffin -- American Idol or this new album?
  • Is there any way for this band to save itself, or are they just too old and out of touch to matter anymore?

INTERNET COMMENTS at The New York Post -- agree or not?

Skippy Fatlad wrote: "well we have another contestant in the 'what a douche, Rock-has-been' competition."

Paul Vincent Zecchino wrote: "The 70s was such a long time ago. It's hard to relive them, harder still to throw in the towel."

Joel Bramblett wrote: "I love this band, but let's face it... they had their time in the 70's. It just gets harder and harder to watch men in their mid to late 60's dance and extol the joys of rock n roll, and sing about partying all night. These guys are grandfathers and it shows."

Steven Fallon wrote: "Many fans probably are turned off by the whole American Idol season with Tyler, and the fans that loved their commercial music from the late 80's onward probably just aren't interested anymore."

Steven Tyler Says Differences Won't Break Up Aerosmith

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