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Paul McCartney honestly believes that the death of both his and John Lennon's mothers was the ultimate bond that solidified their partnership. McCartney lost his mother, Mary, to breast cancer in October 1956, when he was only 14.


Lennon's realtionship with his own mother, Julia, was more complicated, and he hadn't lived with her since he was a toddler. Lennon never recovered from his mother being killed in a car accident in July 1958 when he was 17. During his recent interview with David Frost for Aljazeera, McCartney spoke about how their own personal tragedies paved the way for thge moist successful songwriting partnership of all time.

He said, "Certainly that was what gave me a big bond with John, that we both lost our moms. He lost his in a particuliarly terrible accident and he was very close to his mom as I was to mine. So we were two little kids growing up who lost our moms at an early age."

  • Meanwhile, Paul McCartney almost reportedly fell victim to his own rumors. According to UK's Daily Mail, Paul and his wife Nancy Shevell were passengers on a helicopter traveling home to their estate in East Sussex when bad weather nearly caused the chopper to crash into some trees. The unidentified pilot reportedly reacted just in time to narrowly avoid the trees by two feet. The aircraft reportedly landed safely and Paul and Nancy had no idea they were at risk for a crash.

Paul McCartney On The Death Of His Mother

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