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The Rolling Stones have released their second new song from the upcoming hits compilation, Grrr!, called "One More Shot." The tune, which is the name of the band's upcoming pay-preview special raped at next month's Newark, New Jersey gig, was written mostly by Keith Richards. "One More Shot", along with the Mick Jagger-driven "Doom And Gloom," are the only newly recorded tracks on the set, which is due out on November 13th.


Keith Richards has owned hundreds of guitar over his lifetime -- some have been stolen, some have been given away -- but there are still a few that he keeps near and dear to his heart. He was recently asked about which legendary axes he would take with him if stranded on a deserted island: "I'd take a Martin early-'30s acoustic -- an early-'30's job for an acoustic. Gibsons I love and everything, but if you say one on one, I'd take a Martin. And I gotta say for myself, I'd take a Fender. I'd take a telecaster, they're just so sturdy. And it's a working man's guitar, y'know, I mean nothing goes wrong with that thing. You can hit people over the head with it and it'll still stay in tune, y'know? (laughs)."


  • The Rolling Stones will release their latest greatest hits set, titled, Grrr! on November 13th. The career-spanning collection -- which features a bizarre album cover featuring a drawing of a gorilla with the Stones' signature tongue-and-lips logo -- will be available in several different formats -- including a three-CD 50 track version and a four-CD Super-Deluxe version featuring 80 tracks.
  • Among the highlights on the set are "Come On" -- the Stones' cover of the Chuck Berry rarity, which was their first single released in June 1963, "The Last Time," "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "Get Off Of My Cloud," "Jumping Jack Flash," "Honky Tonk Women," "Brown Sugar," "Tumbling Dice," "Miss You," and "Start Me Up," among many others.
  • Grrr! features two new studio recordings recently completed by the Stones in Paris, France -- "Gloom And Doom" and "One Last Shot."
    The Stones' upcoming career-spanning HBO documentary, Crossfire Hurricane, will premiere on November 15th.


  • The Rolling Stones have just released their latest archival live collection as part of their ongoing "official" bootleg series via Google Play. The new 15-track set -- Light The Fuse: Toronto 2005 -- captures the band's August 10th 2005 pre-show rehearsal gig at the Toronto club, The Phoenix.
  • In addition to trying out newer tunes from the then-recent A Bigger Bang collection, the Stones tears through such classics as "Live With Me," "She's So Cold," "Dead Flowers" -- along with a slow groove re-arranged version of "19th Nervous Breakdown," and covers of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh's "Get Up, Stand Up," and Otis Redding's "Mr. Pitiful."
  • The tracklisting for Light The Fuse: Toronto 2005 is: "Rough Justice," "Live With Me," "19th Nervous Breakdown," "She's So Cold," "Dead Flowers," "Back Of My Hand," "Ain't Too Proud To Beg," Band Introductions, "Infamy," "Oh No, Not You Again," "Get Up, Stand Up," "Mr. Pitiful," "Tumbling Dice," "Brown Sugar," and "Jumping Jack Flash."

CHECK IT OUT: The Rolling Stones' "One More Shot":

Keith Richards On His Guitars

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