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Green Day may be out of sight due to frontman Billie Joe Armstrong's current trip to rehab, but the band is finding other ways to keep itself in the public eye. According to Loudwire, the trio's music will be used as the soundtrack to the October 19th episode of the CBS-TV crime series CSI: NY. In the episode, the character of Lindsay (Anna Belknap) is injured while trying to stop the attempted murder of a political candidate. Songs such as "Stop When the Red Light Flashes," "Amy," "Night Life," "The Forgotten" and "Kill The DJ" will help move the storyline along.

  • Executive producer Pam Veasey said, "My ultimate goal was to tell a story without dialogue, and Green Day's music and lyrics beautifully accompanied the visuals making it a very special episode."
  • In a statement, the members of Green said, "We were stoked when we found out CSI: NYwanted to use our music instead of dialogue to narrate the first few acts of the episode. It's the first time something like this has been done on the series, and we are blown away with what we've seen."
  • CSI: NY is not Green Day's only current foray into TV. Armstrong himself can be seen as a mentor on Christina Aguilera's team on the new season of The Voice. The segments were taped earlier this summer, before the late September meltdown at a radio festival in Las Vegas that sent Armstrong to rehab.
  • Green Day's new album, Uno!, debuted at Number Two on the Billboard album chart last week with sales of 139,000 copies.


  • Would you watch a TV show just because it was featuring music from a band you liked?
  • Is Green Day "selling out" too much with all this TV stuff?

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

Diana wrote: "OMFG I love CSI!!!! f***ing excited."

GreenDayGirl905 wrote: "im going to watch this and no one is going to stop me."

Clint Eastwood wrote: "So I guess the Forgotten is going to be released before Twilight releases it? I'm really excited!"

zerolover14 wrote: "OH I am so Watching this!"

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