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The nominees for 2013 Songwriters Hall Of Fame won't be officially announced until October 15th -- but The Associated Press confirmed the shortlist for the upcoming inductions. Among the artists that are on the ballot for next year are Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Christine McVie, Elvis Costello, ELO's Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood, Ray Davies, the Eurythmics' Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, Jeff Lynne, B.B. King, Jimmy Buffett, and Foreigner's Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, among others.


Among the songwriters nominated in the non-performer category are "Chain Of Fools" songwriter Don Covay, J.D.Souther, who co-wrote the Eagles' "Best Of My Love," "Victim Of Love," "Heartache Tonight," and "New Kid In Town, and Bobby Braddock and Holly Knight, who co-wrote Pat Benatar's "Love Is A Battlefield" and Tina Turner's "Better Be Good to Me."

  • Hall of Fame voters can choose two nominees from the performer list and three from the non-performer list, with the votes due in by December 17th.
  • The 2013 Songwriters Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony and Gala will take place on June 13th at New York City's Marriott Marquis.
  • Elvis Costello told us that even after all these years, the best songs still seem to come out of thin air: "I think you have to accept the spontaneous element in it that you can't really provide for -- you can't really predict. If you knew when it was going to come up on you, you'd do it all day long. You can church out the hits. But that isn't the way it works. You don't know when you'll be moved to write a song. I mean you can force yourself to write music, but I don't know that it would be the most thrilling stuff."
  • Foreigner's Mick Jones described the songwriting process of "Waiting For A Girl Like You": "It came very naturally within a few minutes and I didn't think of any instrumentation. I think it just could've been played on a piano and would sound good -- in fact that's the way we do it on stage now. We do the first half of the song just with a piano and a voice. Y'know, I really didn't have any idea, I just felt that we had written a very powerful song, and y'know that sort of governed itself."
  • We asked Eagles songwriter J.D. Souther if while composing with Don Henley and Glenn Frey he ever felt a friendly competition within the trio: "With those guys, yeah, 'cause we were all critical beyond belief. I mean (laughs) y'know. . . I mean we're funny guys, and we were friends so it was a blast to do, but we were very critical while we were writing it. Probably the nicest complement that you would ever hear between the three of us, if someone came up with an idea and deposited a line, the best you would probably hear from the other two guys was, 'Yeah, I think we could say that.' And that was a compliment."
  • When we last caught up with Stevie Nicks, we asked her to describe the journey from songwriter into being a "recording artist": "The words are the hardest part to write. If you've got a bunch of great words, going and setting yourself up in a studio with some candles and some incense and a couple of your great friends who are musicians -- now that's a pleasure. Actually writing the words and getting your poems right -- that's long hard work by yourself. That work is all done. If somebody says, 'We're doing an album' -- then I go into, y'know, six weeks of solid songwriting. Then I've got 10 songs."


  • The 2012 Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductees were Bob Seger, Gordon Lightfoot, Meat Loaf composer Jim Steinman, country music's Don Schlitz, and Broadway's Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones.
  • The six beat out the shortlisted competition, which included such heavyweights as Pete Townshend, Elvis Costello, Steve Miller, Dion, Yusuf Islam (a.k.a. Cat Stevens), Tom Waits, Blondie's Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, The Eurythimics' Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, and George Michael.
  • Special Award Recipients included Bette Midler, Ne-Yo, Lance Freed, and Ben E. King. The legendary Woody Guthrie received the first ever Pioneer Award posthumously.

CHECK IT OUT: Elvis Costello with Stevie Nieve performing "Alison" live at Woodstock '99:


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