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A Radiohead fan who discovered that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him had his revenge by selling her tickets to see the band at the London O2 Arena on Tuesday night (October 9th). According to NME, the fan, identified only as Stu, put the tickets up for sale on an online classifieds site called Gumtree, writing, "The reason these two tickets are for sale is because it recently became apparent that my girlfriend (now ex), who was supposed to be coming with her friend, has fornicated with two other men during our three year relationship. It is therefore necessary that the people purchasing these tickets be attractive females that will pose in flirty photos with us at the Radiohead gig."


  • Stu, who was selling the tickets for around $100, added, "Sex after the concert is optional but encouraged."
  • Radiohead is currently on tour in Europe behind its 2011 album The King Of Limbs.
  • The band's last North American trek ended in tragedy this past June when the stage at the Toronto partially collapsed just before the group's show, killing their drum technician Scott Johnson.


  • Have you ever been cheated on, or did you ever cheat on someone?
  • What happened after the cheating was discovered? How was it discovered?
  • What's the most vengeful or embarrassing thing you ever did to someone who cheated on you?

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

Hadrian Mosley wrote: "Other people would just move on with their lives rather than do all this just for the attention of one cheater."

Amy Green wrote: "Optional sex? the fact that your girlfriend 'fornicated' with 2 other men seems to suggest your not very good at it so I would pass on that part of the deal."

Mark White wrote: "Wow, way to make everybody who's ever been cheated on feel good about themselves, there."

Michael Schaumer wrote: "Is there a harder punishment than seeing Radiohead live?"

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