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  • Gotye, Kina Grannis and Eight and a Half join Jane's Addiction, M83, Skrillex, Big Sean, Mac Miller, Tony Bennett and more at the Bumbershoot 2012. Seattle's Music and Arts Festival added additional acts to their Labor Day celebration. The 42-year-old festival offers a little bit of everything ranging from comedy to music. More musical guests will be revealed in the coming weeks.


  • Coachella 2013 will again be held over two consecutive weekends. Weekend one will take place from April 12 to the 14 and weekend two will take place from April 19 to the 21. Advance passes will go on sale this Thursday, May 17. Check out more info at  Read more at Rolling Stone


  • Rush have announced a five-date UK arena run to support their upcoming album, Clockwork Angels. The dates will be next year.
  • Rush Clockwork Angels U.K. Arena Tour - May 2013:
  • 22 - Manchester Arena
  • 24 - The O2 Arena, London
  • 26 - Birmingham LG Arena
  • 28 - Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield
  • 30 - SECC, Glasgow

Read more at Classic Rock


  • Jerry Garcia's final home in Marin County can be yours for almost $3.6 million. The 11 acres 7,000-square-foot estate boasts five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a workout room, a solar-heated swimming pool, a 1500-square-foot artist's studio and a six-car garage.

Thinking about making an offer?


  • John Mayer has been flying under the radar for the past two years after he did some controversial interviews with Playboy and Rolling Stone. Mayer told Ellen DeGeneresthat after saying a little bit too much about his past relationships -- he decided to escape.  He said, "It was a very strange time and it sort of rocketed me into adulthood. It was a violent crash into being an adult. For a couple of years it was just figuring it all out ,and I'm glad I actually stayed out of the spotlight. Because I think back then I would of said, 'Give me two weeks or let me get out and do Ellen and let me explain myself.' It was like, 'No, idiot. Go away and be 33 and 34 instead of 28 for the fourth year."  Mayer will be releasing his new album, Born and Raisedon May 22.  He was forced to cancel his tour in March in order to remove a granuloma above his vocal cord.  Read more at Rolling Stone



  • Blabbermouth reports legendary guitarist Slash dropped by the studios of CBC's "George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight" (formerly "The Hour") recently, and host George Stroumboulopoulos had a chance to ask him about his his relationship with late pop singer Michael Jackson (see video below).  "Michael, I only knew him, for the most part, on a professional level," said Slash. "I don't even think… When he attempted to be any closer than that, I even allowed it. 'Cause it was just too crazy. There's being famous and then there's being that kind of famous. And that's a crazy world to be in, because you have no sense of reality. . . I was close enough at that point, 'cause GUNS N' ROSES was probably the biggest stadium rock band at the time, and then you had Michael, who was this sort of Elvis Presley of the period. That's scary fame. And he was just dealing with it, and I felt for him, 'cause, he was, as an artist… one of the most genius artists I've ever really been around next to maybe Ray Charles and a couple of other guys. And [he was] sort of stuck in this world where nobody is real — nobody will talk to him in a real fashion and everybody is sort of around him so they can gain something from him and so on and so forth. It's a really lonely situation."  Watch for the full "George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight" interview with Slash when it airs later this month.  Slash said a couple of years ago that wanted Michael Jackson to contribute a guest vocal on his solo album before the singer died of cardiac arrest, according to Ace Showbiz. The former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist played lead solos on a handful of Jackson's songs in the past and said he regrets not asking Jackson to return the favor before his death at the age of 50 on June 25, 2009.  Slash said, "When I was thinking about who I wanted to work with, Michael crossed my mind. I thought about doing something that would see him totally cross over into rock. But it was around this time last year and he was flat-out rehearsing for the London O2 gigs so in the back of my mind I thought, 'He's not going to have the time.'"  Slash told The Pulse of Radio that he refused to take part in the media frenzy surrounding Jackson's death and skipped seeing "This Is It", the concert rehearsal film rush-released afterwards. "He'd been sort of completely ostracized by the public and the people that, you know, used to work for him and all that because of all these issues that he had," he said. "And he had a really rough last nine years. And then all of a sudden when he passed away, it was like, 'Oh, Michael,' you know? So I didn't want to have anything to do with everybody capitalizing on his death, so I didn't go see the movie and I'm sure he probably wouldn't have wanted them to make a movie out of rehearsal anyway."  Jacksonwas accused of child molestation in 1993 and again in 2003. He settled the first case and was acquitted of all charges in the second case in a 2005 trial.



  • Blabbermouth reports the new collaborative project featuring DISTURBED vocalist David Draiman and former FILTER guitarist Geno Lenardo will enter the studio on May 31 to begin recording its debut release. Draiman previously described the new band's sound as in the vein of industrial acts like NINE INCH NAILS and MINISTRY. When asked by a fan via Twitter if the project would be anything "like dubstep," Draiman wrote, "No, it's about as close to it as [NINE INCH NAILS] or MINISTRY or RAMMSTEIN are. Industrial predates dubstep. . . In other words, it is at all times a guitar-driven sound."  Lenardo was initially hired as a touring guitarist for FILTER's "Short Bus" tour in 1995, then later signed on as a full-fledged member, co-writing tracks on FILTER's second album, "Title Of Record" (released in 1999), and the group's follow-up disc, 2002's "The Amalgamut"Lenardo most recently contributed three songs to the soundtrack to the film "Underworld: Awakening", including "Heavy Prey" (see video below), which was a collaboration with FLYLEAF singer Lacey Sturm. The CD, which came out in January through Lakeshore Records, sold 3,000 copies in its first week of release to debut at position No. 175 on The Billboard 200 chart.  DISTURBED went on an open-ended hiatus last fall, and although the members of the band expressed interest in working on other endeavors, Draiman told The Pulse Of Radio at the time that he wasn't sure if he would do a solo project. "I don't know," he said. "I'm concerned about that, to be honest. I think too many people have tried and failed. You know, I think that the number of artists that have done it and been successful at it, you can count on one hand, and I would never want to stymie my persona or my growth individually by doing something just for the sake of doing it. If I were going to do something, it would have really have to be something special."  DISTURBED has not indicated when it plans to return, although all four members say they're likely to come back.  Aside from Draiman, DISTURBED bassist John Moyer has branched out recently by joining ADRENALINE MOB, a new group also featuring ex-DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy and SYMPHONY X vocalist Russell AllenDISTURBED issued a limited-edition box set of all five of its studio albums on vinyl on April 21, Record Store Day, called "The Collection". The six-disc package includes all the records remastered and pressed on 140-gram heavy duty vinyl, with each housed in new artwork that is unique and exclusive to the box. Only 2,500 copies were made available worldwide.  Read more at Loudwire



  • Blabbermouth reports PANTERA's "Walk" EP is also available now for the first time in the U.S. at all digital retail outlets for a suggested list price of $3.99. Previously released in Japan in 1993, the six-track EP includes two "Cervical" remixes of "Walk" by J.G. Thirlwell and "Biomechanical" remixes of both "Fucking Hostile" and "By Demons Be Driven" by Justin K. Broadrick of the band GODFLESH. The EP is rounded out by live versions of two tracks from PANTERA's previous album "Cowboys From Hell", the title track and "Heresy", recorded live in Moscow at the Monsters Of Rock in 1991.

    "Walk" EP track listing:

    01. Walk (Cervical Edit)
    02. Fucking Hostile (Biomechanical Mix)
    03. By Demons Be Driven (Biomechanical Mix)
    04. Walk (Cervical Dub Extended)
    05. Cowboys From Hell (Live)
    06. Heresy (Live)

    February 25 marked the 20-year anniversary for PANTERA's "Vulgar Display Of Power", a landmark album widely acknowledged as one of metal's most enduring and influential masterworks. Recorded by singer Philip Anselmo, guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, bassist Rex Brown and drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, the album has been certified double platinum by the RIAA and features several of the group's most iconic songs including "Walk", "Mouth For War", "This Love" and "Fucking Hostile".  To celebrate, Rhino channels the album's relentless blitzkrieg of musical aggression onto a two-disc Deluxe Edition. The CD includes the original album remastered and "Piss", a recently discovered unreleased track from the recording sessions. The DVD contains an unreleased live performance filmed in Italy in September of 1992 plus the three official music videos from the album.  Read what Phil Anselmo says about a renion at Ultimate Classic Rock



  • Blabbermouth reports Several months before his death, the late, great Ronnie Montrose contributed to hardcover coffee table photo book, "Eddie Van Halen", by legendary rock photographer Neil Zlozower.  The Van Halen News Desk has the exclusive on the guitarist's story of meeting Eddie Van HalenMontrose: "The first tour I did with VAN HALEN, the bill was JOURNEY, Ronnie Montrose, and VAN HALEN was opening. I was doing my instrumental music on that tour. VAN HALEN was a young, loud, and brash band, and I liked them. Eddie came up to me backstage at soundcheck and he called me 'Mr. Montrose.' He shyly shook my hand and said, 'Mr. Montrose, I'm Edward Van Halen, and I'm a big fan. We told Ted Templeman to get the MONTROSE sound when we did our record.' He also told me they used to play 'Dancin' Feet' from one of the MONTROSE albums at their yard parties in Pasadena.  "I really enjoyed Eddie's playing. What made Eddie special was his youthful irreverence for the rules. That's what impressed me. He'd developed his own style. I think Eddie started out on drums first, and there's a very percussive nature about the way he plays. He plays very metered and percussive, and he's very fluid in that style."  The hardcover coffee table photo book "Eddie Van Halen" was released last October. It is currently is back in stock at the Van Halen Store.  Read more at Ultimate Classic Rock  Check out photos of David Lee Roth in action at Ultimate Classic Rock



  • Blabbermouth reports MEGADETH will perform its 1992 album, "Countdown To Extinction", in its entirety on September 14 at Estadio Cubierto Malvinas in Buenos Aires, Argentina and on September 16 at Orfeo in Cordoba, Argentina.  As previously reported, MEGADETH will also perform all of "Countdown To Extinction" on September 7 at Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile; on September 19 at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City, Mexico; and on September 21 at the Arena VFG in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Speaking to the Artisan News, Ellefson stated about the LP, "'Countdown' was really one of my favorite records of the whole MEGADETH catalog... for a number of reasons. Musically, I think it brought together the best of thrash, the melodic part, writing big, hooky riffs. And that record really launched us into the mainstream, which opened up a lot of other opportunites and things for us to do. But more importantly, I think, than all of that, is it was a really cool time when the four of us were really, probably, our most connected together as a band."  MEGADETH's fifth LP, "Countdown To Extinction" was released on July 14, 1992 through Capitol Records. The band's best-selling full-length CD to date, it was certified double-platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America) for U.S. shipments in excess of two million copies. The album also produced the band's most successful hit singles, "Symphony Of Destruction", "Sweating Bullets", "Skin O' My Teeth" and "Foreclosure Of A Dream".



  • Blabbermouth posts an audio recording of Ryan Adams — the multiple-Grammy-nominated folk singer and songwriter from Jacksonville, North Carolina — performing a acoustic cover version of the DANZIG classic "Mother" as the encore of his May 4 concert at La Cigale in Paris, France can be streamed below.  Adams has previously performed stripped-down versions of IRON MAIDEN's "Wasted Years", RATT's "Round And Round" and DIO's "Holy Diver".  In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Adams praised metal legends AC/DC, BLACK SABBATH and OZZY OSBOURNE, and gave his stamp of approval to the newest album from RATT, 2010's "Infestation". "It is so good. Put track two on, sit down on your couch and wait for fucking Memorex hair," he said, only half-joking. "The sickest guitar parts ever. It's like every song is 'Round And Round'. Every song is that good."


  • Blabbermouth reports FOZZY frontman and WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho has finished laying down the vocals on the band's brand new album, due before the end of year via the group's new label, Century Media Records. Jericho says, "This is by far the best singing I've ever done, on the best record of our career. It's only a few more months until you all get to hear it!"  FOZZY guitarist Rich Ward previously stated about the forthcoming CD, "Although every band says 'this is the best thing we've ever done,' I can honestly say that this new album is going to blow everyone away. It's the epitome of who FOZZY is as a band and will expand upon the ultra-heavy yet super melodic and hooky territory that we've refined for the last 12 years. I have a strong feeling that this will be known as our definitive masterpiece for years to come."  FOZZY last year parted ways with bassist Sean Delson and replaced him with Paul DiLeo (ADRENALINE MOB).  FOZZY released the "Remains Alive & Chasing The Grail" two-CD set on July 18, 2011 via Edel's international rock label earMUSIC.



  • Blabbermouth posts as a tribute to metal legend Ronnie James Dio, and in honor of the two-year anniversary of his death, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based metallers 3 INCHES OF BLOOD have released a lyric video for their song "Look Out". Vocalist Cam Pipes explains, "It was hard to find the right words for a song honoring Ronnie James Dio, but I hope it is regarded as a fitting tribute to a legendary figure. His impact on the metal community will last forever, and though he may have been small in stature, his contribution to the music scene is larger than most will ever achieve."  "Look Out" can be found on 3 INCHES OF BLOOD's latest album, "Long Live Heavy Metal", which was released on March 27 via Century Media Records.  Starting in June, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD will hit the road with MUNICIPAL WASTE and BLACK TUSK for a U.S. tour, and then head back to Canada for a headlining run.  Read more at Loudwire


  • Loudwire reports Duff McKagan says Bille Joe Armstrong of Green Day was ready to handle the vocals for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame performance


  • Loudwire posts an interview with Mitch James of Crossfade about his new "Dear Cocaine" video project


  • Loudwire reports Soundgarden's "Live To Rise" takes the top spot on the Active Rock charts 


  • Loudwire posts an interview with Korn drummer Ray Luzier on the new album and Van Halen


  • Loudwire posts an interview with Overkill about the new album and the Ramones


  • Loudwire posts a review of Fear Factory and Shadows Fall in New York City


  • Loudwire reports Helmet and the Toadies announced a summer 2012 tour






  • Ultimate Classic Rock reports The Who's "Quadrophenia" will be re-released on Blu-Ray and DVD this Summer





  • Classic Rock reports Def Leppard singer Joe Elliot likes to go deeper into his catalog but later regrets it


  • Classic Rock reports metal band Onslaught had no choice but to part was with their singer



  • Noisecreep reports the Tenacious D album is better than the Jack White, Foo Fighters and Gotye records


  • Noisecreep posts video of a ten year old rocking out to Alice Cooper's "Schools Out"


  • Noisecreep reports Huntress singer Siren the suffering was "worth it" for the "Spell Eater" video


  • Spinner posts an interview with Donovan


  • Spinner reports the Dropkick Murphys slam the Republican party for using their song



  • Blabbermouth reports Storm Corrosion's debut album has cracked the U.S. top 50


  • Blabbermouth reports first week sales for Huntress "Spell Eater"


  • Blabbermouth reports first week sales for "Monolith Of Inhumanity" from Cattle Decapitation


  • Blabbermouth reports Former SAIGON KICK guitarist and vocalist Jason Bieler has just released two songs from his new project entitled OWL STRETCHING. The first songs released include the iconoclastic "All At Once" and the cinematic "Satellite", both of which can be streamed and downloaded here.


  • Blabbermouth reports Downspirit have finished recording their new album


  • Blabbermouth posts the EPK "Few Against Many" by Firewind is now available


  • Blabbermouth reports Dark Funeral has signed with Century Media Records 


  • Blabbermouth reports The Cleansing announces their new lineup


  • Blabbermouth reports Witchcraft signs with Nuclear Blast Records


  • Blabbermouth reports Vext will play a free showcase show in Nwew York City


  • Blabbermouth reports Dirge Within guitarist has no intrest in reuniting with his former bandmates in Soil


  • Blabbermouth posts a second album trailer for "Phantom Antichrist" by Kreator, a trailer for The Flower Kings "Banks Of Eden" and a trailer for Tankard "A Girl Named Cerveza"


  • Blabbermouth posts new videos from Jorn "Bring Heavy Rock To The Land,"


  • Blabbermouth posts performance footage of Phil Anselmo with Warbeast in Texas, Dokken at the M3 Rock Festival, and Cradle Of Filth bassist with Prong in the U.K.



  • Loudwire posts some new releases for June 2012


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