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Rise Against is one of the most politically engaged bands on the modern music scene, but frontman Tim McIlrath told Noisecreepin a new interview that the band is not interested in painting politics in stark black and white terms. He explained, "Politics are so prepackaged today -- far left wing, far right wing -- we think it's confused a lot of our younger fans. We never want to present either side of politics as a stereotype . . . we want our fans to understand the bigger picture. Don't just blame elected officials, but find out the root causes of what is going on. Be educated."


  • McIlrath added, "A few years ago, so many bands were attacking (George W.) Bush-- at the same time, by just attacking him, they were also attacking a symptom of a much bigger problem. It didn't start with him and didn't end with him leaving. There are many long-running problems in our political process."
  • McIlrath explained that the hardcore scene in his hometown of Chicago opened him up to the idea of combining activism with music, saying, "It wasn't until I found the Chicago hardcore scene that I found bands and music that could seen as a vehicle for ideas of change -- so that triggered my interest in an active way."
  • Rise Against is currently on a North American tour that brings the band to Atlanta on Tuesday (May 1st) and ends on May 10th in Toronto.
  • The group is still touring in support of its sixth studio album, Endgame, which came out in March 2011. The disc features the Top Five rock radio singles "Help Is On The Way" and "Make It Stop (September's Children)."


  • Do you consider yourself left-wing, right-wing or middle of the road?
  • Are there or have there been any politicians you admire?
  • What do you think is the biggest problem with our political system?
  • Where have you learned the most about politics? From the news, school, the movies or music?

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Rise Against's latest music video for "Satellite":


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