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Marilyn Manson's first new album in three years, Born Villain, arrives in stores on Tuesday (May 1st). Manson's eighth studio effort follows up 2009's The High End Of Low and is his first offering for Cooking Vinyl Records, after leaving major label Interscope in 2009. Manson told us that the record's title is all about the role he sees himself playing in music: "The villain is the most important character in any story. It's the person that creates change, it's the person who is a catalyst and things like that. The hero always stays the same. The hero's static; they're not really relevant in the sense of changing the world. I'm not talking about bad guys, I'm talking about a villain, a proper villain, and that's what I think that I am and that's what I was born to become."


  • Manson told Revolverearlier this spring about the new album, ""It doesn't really sound like any of my old records . . . It's very rhythm-driven. It's actually very bluesy."
  • The disc also features a duet between Manson and Johnny Depp on the Carly Simon classic, "You're So Vain."
  • Manson kicked off a tour in support of the album over the weekend and plays on Tuesday night in Silver Spring, Maryland.
  • The current lineup of Manson's band features longtime bassist Twiggy Ramirez, who rejoined the group in 2009 after a nine-year absence from the studio.

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INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

BYFDS wrote: "sounds like 2000-2004 Manson so far...better than the last couple..."

handofsutekh wrote: "It's not bad... probably best since holy-wood. Definitely a grower."

lowend365 wrote: "He should have retired from making albums years ago."

glam_rock_zombie wrote: "I downloaded the whole album earlier today and its just not that great. as usual, the best song on it is a cover of an old pop song. Come on, Manson."

pigchop wrote: "Hmmm I dunno - maybe if I get ripped on acid it might sound good. It has it's moments."

Marilyn Manson On The Title Of 'Born Villain'

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