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If you didn't think rock and roll was dead before, we now have more irrefutable proof. And if you were not happy with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler becoming a judge on American Idol, the 64-year-old singer's latest move is probably going to drive you completely up the wall.


Tyler appears in a new commercial for Burger King, promoting the fast food chain's new Crispy Chicken Strips. In the 30-second spot, Tyler works the drive-through window, gets touchy with a couple of female employees, slides across a counter on his butt and refuses a manager's orders to wear a hairnet.

  • Burger King's Senior Vice President of North America Marketing, Alex Macedo, told AdAge, "The big challenge is how do you really grab people's attention? . . . We chose (Tyler as one of the) celebrities to get people's attention faster and to show the diversity that we have with our brand."
  • Meanwhile, Aerosmith recently delayed the release of its new studio album to September, with no official reason given for the hold-up.
  • The disc will be the group's first set of all-new material since 2001's Just Push Play and first studio effort since the 2004 covers collection, Honkin' On Bobo.
  • The group has had to work around Tyler's schedule as a judge on American Idol, where he is currently in his second season.
  • Aerosmith will begin its summer Global Warming tour on June 16th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Maybe Burger King will sponsor it?

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Steven Tyler's Burger King commercial:

JUST OUR OPINION: At least American Idol has something to do with music. Really, Steven? Selling chicken strips for Burger King? Is there a ceiling to how much money you need? Is there anything you won't do for a buck? It's amazing how far the man who made albums like Rocks and Toys In The Attic will go to tarnish his legacy and ruin his own image.


  • Is it just us or does this make you vaguely ill?
  • Does Tyler only ruin his own legacy by doing a commercial like this?
  • You think he cares about his image now or is only obsessed with money?

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

hurricane hugo wrote: "that's so laughably bad."

TheKarlMarxAbortion wrote: "The shark jump began with American Idol. It's hard to look at this guy as the singer for Aerosmith anymore."

Dr. Unk wrote: "It's really time for Steven to go away. No, really."

krevice wrote: "There are a lot of a*****es out there who now think whatever you do for the mighty $$$ is fine. We all know when they were recording classics like Rocks and Toys in the Attic that band would have vomited if you told them what was going on today."

RighteousAct666 wrote: "His lavish lifestyle which includes 3 summer homes & spoiled rotten kids & grandkids costs a lot to maintain, but this straight up sucks. Beyond lame."

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