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Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti has finally snagged a release date for his first solo album. All I Was will now come out on July 10th through Fret 12 Records, a company that Tremonti started himself with two partners. The guitarist's band, simply called Tremonti, includes Creed bandmate Brian Marshall on bass, Eric Friedman on guitar and Garrett Whitlockon drums. The first single from the disc will be "You Waste Your Time."


Tremonti told us why he ended up finally doing a solo album: "I've always been a songwriter, and it's just great to just be able to sing exactly what you've got in your head into a song and get those ideas that have always been around that never really saw light of day on tape. I had three months where Myles (Kennedy, Alter Bridge singer) was working with Slash and Scott (Stapp, Creed frontman) was doing his solo stuff and I just, I didn't want to sit around for three months, and so it was a perfect opportunity for me to take these ideas that I like so much to put on a CD."

  • Tremonti handles all lead vocals on the CD, making his debut as a singer.
  • Tremonti and his solo band will hit the road later this year.
  • Meanwhile, Tremonti is currently on the road with Creed on a spring tour that stops this Friday (April 27th) in Boston.
  • The band is playing its first two albums, 1997's My Own Prison and 1999's Human Clay, from front to back on two successive nights, while playing just the second album on single night stops.

CHECK IT OUT: Find out more about Tremonti's solo plans at www.tremontiproject.comand check out samples of his album at


  • Do you think Tremonti will be successful as a solo artist?
  • Could this turn into another case of musicians spreading themselves too thin? Tremonti is in two bands already, can he add a third?
  • Have you heard the samples of his album? Do you like it?

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

kingo wrote: "tremonti is beyond legit...stapp should thank his lucky stars everyday that he met this guy and his riffs and melodies....cant wait for the album!"

Lodeus wrote: "There is talent here, but his voice sounds like a cliche rock voice."

wastedthelight wrote: "Sounds awesome. Voice sounds great, he should have been doing this long ago on the side. Can't wait!"

ClassicRockRulez wrote: "This guy sucks, his music in not rock its corporate radio BS."

Alter Bridge's Mark Tremonti On The Right Time To Do A Solo CD

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