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Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash has told Rolling Stone that the band's April 14th induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- which featured a performance by three original and two later members of the group -- has finally put the band to rest for him. Slash explained, "I didn't have any illusions or delusions of G N' R getting back together for anything. I maybe tried to see it happen for this one particular event, I didn't have high hopes for that, I didn't feel confident it was going to happen, but having done this one gig, and for the event itself, when it was all said and done, it really felt like closing the book on the whole thing."


  • Slash and fellow original members Steven Adler and Duff McKagan, along with later members Matt Sorum and Gilby Clarke, performed three songs at the induction ceremony in Cleveland. They were joined on vocals by Myles Kennedy, who sings in Slash's solo band.
  • Founding singer Axl Rose did not attend and declined his induction, while original guitarist Izzy Stradlin also passed on coming.
  • Slash told Rolling Stone that in his "heart of hearts" he would have loved to have the original lineup perform, but knew it was "wishful thinking."
  • He revealed that the attending members decided two days before the ceremony to perform and recruit Kennedy to sing.
  • Slash called the performance a "special moment for everybody involved," adding, "Once we were actually there, it was a really, really cool event, and there was a sense of accomplishment at that point, doing the actual acceptance and going out and playing."
  • Slash told us what he's most proud of when it comes to Guns N' Roses: "The most proud I am would have to be just the sense of accomplishment from getting from these sort of nomadic gutter rats that we definitely were, to manage to get from that point and make a record and go out and start touring and doing all that stuff and then to actually succeed, to have that record succeed, it was definitely an accomplishment that I'm very proud of."
  • Slash will release his second solo album, Apocalyptic Love, on May 22nd.


  • Do you agree that the Hall of Fame event closes the book on the original Guns lineup once and for all?
  • Are you satisfied with that? Or should the original band have made an attempt to perform together?
  • Who do you blame for a reunion not happening? Is it all on Axl or do the other guys share the fault as well?

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

zzzzzz wrote: "one of these days they'll reunite on terms that axl is comfortable with---and it' destroy the 'hall of fame' gig on nuclear levels."

noone69 wrote: "Axl's weird. I think he's just afraid to face Slash. I mean, its been so long, what could he possibly still be mad at? He acts like Slash raped his mother."

Presidentyomama wrote: "what could Axl still be mad about? It's one thing to be mad about something somebody did, but to hold a hateful, vindicitive grudge for 20 years is the sign of mental illness, plain and simple."

destructivesounds wrote: "To me, the ceremony was a wake for GNR and it was handled with class and dignity. The fans hopes went out the window, but the need to care went as well."

Slash On What He's Most Proud Of With Guns N' Roses

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