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Former Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic teamed up in the studio again this week with Butch Vig, producer of Nirvana's classic Nevermind album, for a mystery recording session. Vig, who is also the drummer in Garbage, tweeted earlier this week, "The last 24 hours have been surreal! Had a great gig at the El Rey last night, and spent today recording with Dave, Krist and special guest!"

Although Vig did not reveal who the special guest was, the session was most likely part of the ongoing recording sessions for Grohl's documentary about Sound City Studios, the legendary and recently closed facility where Nevermind and dozens of other classic albums were recorded.

  • Vig told us that the sessions have featured brand new collaborations with a number of the artists who worked at Sound City: "We've been doing these sessions that are collaborative with different musicians, like, you know, Rick Springfield came in and played with Dave and Josh (Homme) from Queens Of The Stone Age and Corey (Taylor) from Stone Sour and -- really interesting collaborations, and all the people also were interviewed. It's gonna be cool. I'm not sure how it's all gonna come together yet, but so far the process has been really, really fun."
  • Vig added that Grohl intends to get the documentary released sometime in early 2013.
  • The last time that Vig, Grohl and Novoselic worked together in the studio was on a song called "I Should Have Known" for the latest Foo Fighters album, Wasting Light.
  • Vig's band, Garbage, will release its new album, Not Your Kind Of People, on May 22nd, while Grohl and Foo Fighters will play New Orleans Jazz Festival on May 6th.

In other news, Frances Cobain has issued a statement on her estranged mother Courtney Love's recent Twitter tirades against Dave Grohl, in which Love accused Grohl of seducing her 19-year-old daughter. Frances wrote: "While I'm generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn. I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way. I'm in a monogamous relationship and very happy. Twitter should ban my mother." Grohl himself called Love's accusation "upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue."

CHECK IT OUT: Watch a short trailer for Grohl's Sound City documentary:

INTERNET COMMENTS on Frances' statement from Loudwire -- agree or not?

RuthieLynn Peach wrote: "why hasnt someone busted Courtney in her damn pie hole yet and break her jaw and it be permanently wired shut. no one has ever believed a word thats come out of that lying skank's mouth."

Paul Novak "Personally I think she never fully got over Cobain's death, She is obsessed with Dave Grohl.... just give it a rest Courtney....move on .. find inner peace without using drugs for you would be better and maybe your album sales would be too!!!"

Val Saldana wrote: "Courtney love is so mental that she likes to make up stories on her spare time."

Harry Barker wrote: "This is what drugs, depression, and boredom will do to you....and it also proves once again why Mr. Cobain blew out his brains."

Butch Vig On Doing Recording Sessions For Dave Grohl Documentary

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