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Green Day has revealed that it is recording not one, not two, but three new albums at the same time, called Uno!, Dos! and Tre!. The albums will be released respectively on September 25th, 2012, November 13th, 2012 and January 15th, 2013. The punk trio said in a statement, "We are at the most prolific and creative time in our lives. This is the best music we've ever written, and the songs just keep coming. Instead of making one album, we are making a three album trilogy. Every song has the power and energy that represents Green Day on all emotional levels. We just can't help ourselves . . . We are going epic as f***!"

  • The new albums will follow up 2009's 21st Century Breakdown.
  • The band tested out a number of new songs late last year with a series of surprise club shows.
  • They've also posted a series of video clips online in recent weeks giving fans a look inside the recording process for the new sets.
  • Green Day is scheduled to play festivals in Japan and Europe this summer, but so far has not revealed any other tour plans.
  • The trio will be in Cleveland this weekend to induct Guns N' Roses into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


  • Three albums? Is that too much music or are you happy to hear as much as possible?
  • After two previous concept albums, are these guys maybe overdoing it just a bit?
  • Will you buy each album as it comes out, or wait until all three are available?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Alternative Press -- agree or not?

Christian Bjorck wrote: "This is going to be epic! Hope they make a lot of different material and experiment a bit, to please both old and new fans."

Scott Heisel wrote: "As with all Green Day releases, I'm cautiously optimistic."

Ryan Nichols wrote: "After 21st Century there's nowhere to go but up."

Jay Adelberg wrote: "Someone stop them before this idea comes to fruition. This virtually guarantees three mediocre albums vs the one super great record they could put out if they cut out the filler."

Josef Barker wrote: "I think this is just plain awesome holds a lot of potential for a live show too."

CHECK IT OUT: Here is the latest behind-the-scenes video posted by the band:

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