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Godsmack has announced official details about the band's upcoming concert album, titled Live And Inspired, which is due out on May 15th. The set will feature 13 live tracks, including performances of hits like "Awake," "Straight Out Of Line," "Voodoo," "Whatever" and "Keep Away," along with four newly recorded covers of songs that inspired the members of the band in their early days. So far the only one of those four tunes to be revealed is Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way."

  • Frontman Sully Erna said about the set, "Live And Inspired is our way of saying 'Thank you' to all of our fans for believing in us throughout the years, and helping us to become a great live band!"
  • The live tracks were all recorded at a single show in Detroit that the band played last year.
  • Godsmack heads out this Friday (April 13th) on the Mass Chaos tour with co-headliners Staind and openers Halestorm. Erna told us that Godsmack has scaled back its stage production this time around: "We're just back to the music. We want to just play, and we know that this band holds up live, we know that this band has great songs that we deliver. It's very interactive with the audience. There's a lot of sing-alongs, things like that, and so we don't really need that stuff. We'd just done it because we were always a fan of that kind of big show, and we grew up with Aerosmith and Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. But now, I really wanted to just come back to the music."
  • The 24-date Mass Chaos tour will hit cities like New Orleans, Las Vegas and Nashville before winding down on May 19th in Hartford, Connecticut.


  • Is "getting back to the music" code for "it's a tough concert market out there and we can't afford to take out all the bells and whistles"?
  • Do you prefer to see a live show that's focused on music or do you like watching a big production?
  • If the band and music is solid, does the stage production even matter?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Pollstar -- agree or not?

live concert freak wrote: "Godsmack doesn't disappoint. Would love for them to take some time and reinvent the set list with a little more freshness to it."

Anonymous wrote: "saw Godsmack many many times and they just keep their music most excellantly in shape..."

ChainedToOblivion wrote: "the only Godsmack i like is I Stand Alone. Their a mediocre band at best."

Godsmack's Sully Erna On Keeping Live Show Focused On Music

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