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Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale called people who read gossip tabloids "sour vicarious-living parasites" in a new interview with Spinner. The private life of Rossdale and his wife, No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, has been tabloid fodder in recent months due to previously unrevealed relationships in Rossdale's past and rumors about the couple divorcing. Rossdale said at one point in the interview, "There are five or six cars that follow Gwen and the kids around every day, and I'm lucky if I can catch up."

He added, "People ask me how I put up with that? Well, until I walk through an airport and I don't see everyone reading those magazines, I have no choice. As long as people are buying in, it will feed itself. It's been like that forever. Throughout history there have been schools of great learning, artists, thinkers, and explorers -- and then you'd have these sour vicarious-living parasites."

  • Rossdale has made headlines recently due to a teenage affair with British transgender singer Marilyn, his alleged fling with singer Courtney Love while dating Stefani, and speculation that he and Stefani were splitting.
  • Paparazzi constantly stake out their home, taking pictures of the couple and their two young sons. When asked how he feels about people knowing him not from his music but just from being married to Stefani, Rossdale replied, "I don't sweat it. The world is massive, and there are so many things to be in to: another band, a novel, TV, Cheetos, or nothing."
  • Despite the press attention, Rossdale told us that he and Stefani are always willing to talk with fans who want to come up and say hello: "We try and be super gracious to anybody that comes up, because it always takes a bit of courage to do that stuff, and so the wackiest thing you could ever do is be like graceless in that situation and make someone feel bad when they're already in a potentially vulnerable position, you know."
  • Bush released its first album in a decade, The Sea Of Memories, last year. The set contained the band's first chart-topping hit in 12 years, "The Sound Of Winter."
  • The latest single and video from the disc is "Baby Come Home."
  • Bush starts a tour as openers for Nickelback on Tuesday (April 10th) in Moline, Illinois. Also on the bill are Seether and My Darkest Days.


  • Do you ever read tabloid magazines or websites? Do you ever feel bad about reading this material?
  • Why do you think the public is so fascinated with learning everything they can about celebrities' private lives?
  • If you had six cars of photographers following you around every day, do you think you could handle it?

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the latest Bush video for "Baby Come Home":

Bush's Gavin Rossdale On Meeting Fans In Public

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