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Creed kicks off its spring tour this Friday (April 13th) in Chicago, on which the band will play its first two albums, 1997's My Own Prison and 1999's Human Clay, from front to back on two successive nights. We asked guitarist Mark Tremonti what went through his head as he began re-learning all those old songs: "You know, when I went over My Own Prison last week, I felt like I was looking in the head of myself when I was a kid. You know, we were just kids, it seems like, when we put those albums together. Things were so much simpler and I liked the innocence of it. I can sense the hungry, desperate, rock 'n' roll college band in those albums, you know -- actually, in the first record. It really feels like you're going through some kind of time warp."

  • The tour will also commemorate the 15th anniversary of the release of My Own Prison.
  • Tremonti told Loudwire that his two favorite tracks to play from the old days are "Say I" and "Faceless Man," both off Human Clay.
  • Tremonti was also asked why he thinks his band's songs have stayed popular with fans after so many years, to which he replied, "It reminds people of a point in their childhood or high school or when they were in college. I think these songs were played so much on radio, that people are just very familiar with them, and it gives them some good memories, hopefully."
  • The tour will wind its way into May with stops in Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and others on the schedule.
  • Creed is also working on a new album for release in 2012, while Tremonti will tentatively issue his first solo effort, All I Was, in June.

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CHECK IT OUT: Watch Creed perform "Faceless Man" in 2010:

Creed's Mark Tremonti On Revisiting The Early Albums

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