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Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell told hometown radio station KISW in Seattle that fans should not think of the band's newly released song, "Live To Rise," as an indication of what the rest of the group's new record will sound like. The track appears on an album of songs "inspired by" the upcoming movie The Avengers. Cornell explained, "Some of the songs on our new album are pretty far left of center, and sort of zero in on more of a hardcore Soundgarden fan and not necessarily a family that goes to see a film like that. Although ('Live To Rise' is) not really what I think of as a necessarily family friendly song, but it's as close as we've ever come."

  • The singer added that the tune wasn't specifically based on the movie, saying, "I think a film like this appeals to little kids all the way to old people because it's an action film, it's comic book characters, but it's also pretty witty dialog and accomplished actors doing it. So it had to be somewhat open to all of that. But also first and foremost it has to be a Soundgarden song."
  • The collection of music, called Avengers Assemble, arrives on May 1st, while the Marvel superhero team-up movie opens on the 4th.
  • Soundgarden's new album, its first set of fresh material since 1996, is due out this fall.


  • Do you think Cornell is saying the truth or doing damage control after the song received some negative responses?
  • What's your take on the song? Are you willing to withhold full judgment until you get to hear the entire new Soundgarden album?

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

Rob Onez wrote: "Not quite what I was hoping for. Too poppy. I still have my hopes up for the new CD though."

zerochance wrote: "The riff and solo are great, the rest is a pop song that is nowhere near vintage soundgarden quality.

StratoBOB wrote: "I'm happy with this song! Damn, it was 15 years since Down on the Upside!!! I can't wait for the rest of the new material. Great choice for a closing credits for a movie like The Avengers."

gunnarcannibal wrote: "Love Soundgarden but didn't really care for that, too poppy and radio rock sounding, I hope that is just because it is on a soundtrack for a blockbuster film and that the new album itself will dig way deeper."

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