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Kenny Jones says that the Who likely would've broken up had he not joined. Jones, who replaced the late Keith Moon in the group, is gearing up for April 14th's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction of his other bands -- the Small Faces and their later incarnation, the Faces. Jones, who was booted from the Who prior to their 25th anniversary reunion tour in 1989, spoke to and explained, "The reason I joined them was at the request of the band. Pete (Townshend) and their manager Bill Curbishleyasked me to join. In fact they were quite specific in that if I didn't accept they were unsure about continuing, which I guess was pretty flattering. I had some good times in the Who, although the dynamic was a lot different to what I'd been used to in that I had to learn a batch of other people's songs, rather than become involved in the writing process myself."

Jones spoke about how he needed to change his style upon replacing Moon: "The main difference was in the songs. The Who have a lot of powerful rock numbers, so in terms of having to adapt my style I had use a different approach. Keith Moon's style was quite unique anyway, so anyone expecting to just step into his shoes and continue from where he left off was in for a rude awakening. In terms of the people, we'd all known each from the early days of both bands. The Small Faces and the Who have played together many times before, same with the Faces and the Who."

  • Looking back, Roger Daltrey told us that he, Townshend, and John Entwistle made a rash decision in naming anybody a permanent replacement for Moon: "I think we should have kept the door open and we should have been much more experimental. If you imagine, you're sitting in a room and it's 10 foot, by 10 foot, by 10 foot. You've got four walls. One of the walls falls out, now you've got a room that's infinite. And we should have kept it like that for a while until we found the right pieces to put back in. Now the room's even bigger 'cause there's just two of us."


  • Prior to officially becoming the band's second drummer, Kenney Jones played on Who-related projects like the Tommy and Quadrophenia film soundtracks. He was made a full member of the band in late 1978 after drummer Keith Moon died. Jones also drummed on Pete Townshend's first mainstream solo album, Empty Glass, and was featured on the album's standout track, "Rough Boys."
  • Roger Daltrey was vehemently opposed to naming anyone Moon's replacement, preferring to change drummers on a project-to-project basis. After being out-voted by Townshend and Entwistle, he reluctantly approved Jones joining the band, yet openly criticized his drumming as being wrong for the Who.
  • With the prospect of a major tour looming, Daltrey gave the band an ultimatum: it was either him or Jones. Townshend, who was always Jones' biggest supporter, eventually sided with Daltrey.
  • Although the financial settlement between Jones and the Who has never been discussed, he eventually relinquished all rights in the band's partnership. In 1989, the Who, with drummer Simon Phillips and a host of additional musicians, undertook the 50-date 25th anniversary The Kids Are Alright tour, hitting North America and then Britain.
  • In recent years, Jones has formed a new rock trio, the Jones Gang, with ex-Foreigner bassist Rick Wills and one-time Bad Company frontman Robert Hart -- as well as performing in a revamped version of the Faces with Ron Wood and Ian McLagan.

CHECK IT OUT: Kenney Jones with The Who live on December 28th, 1979 performing "Sparks" on London at The Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea:

Roger Daltrey On The Who Rushing To Replace Keith Moon

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