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Black Sabbath will play one U.S. date sometime this summer, according to a VH1 interview with Sharon Osbourne, wife and manager of Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon revealed, "They're gonna be doing one show in America this summer but I can't say yet because we can't announce it, the promoters have to, but they are doing one show in August here together." The news follows the cancellation of all Sabbath tour dates abroad except for a headlining slot at the U.K.'s Download Festival in June, due to guitarist Tony Iommi's battle with lymphoma.

As for whether original drummer Bill Ward will participate in the U.S. show, Sharon said, "We don't know yet, we really don't know. It's up to Bill. The door is open for him to join us, so it's up to him."

  • Meanwhile, Ozzy, Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler are in London continuing to record their first album together in 33 years, although without Ward it is not the original Sabbath reunion announced last November.
  • Sharon said about the recording sessions, "It's going good. They're doing really well in the studio. Gosh, they must've written 15 new songs already and it's going great."
  • She also denied that she was responsible for Ward's current absence from the project, saying, "Everybody's got their own manager, so we have an independent group of people that have come in to manage the project, and I don't, and I get the blame because Bill doesn't want to play with the band; he doesn't like his deal and I get the blame. It's like, 'All right, I'm a big girl, I can take it.'"
  • Ward has been sitting out the sessions due to being offered what he called "an unsignable contract" in an open letter to Sabbath fans.
  • Ward posted an update on February 17th in which he said he "remains hopeful" for a positive outcome to the situation.
  • The rest of Sabbath's scheduled European summer gigs will be replaced by "Ozzy And Friends," at which the singer will be joined by Butler, former Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde and other special guests, including Slash on selected dates.


  • If Sabbath is just going to do one U.K. date and one U.S. date, wouldn't it be worth their while to at least make a deal with Bill Ward for those shows?
  • Do you believe Sharon when she says she had nothing to do with the Ward situation? Even if she didn't handle it directly, doesn't she have to sign off on behalf of her husband?
  • Should Ozzy go ahead with this "Ozzy And Friends" tour or just can it? Should it be Sabbath or nothing?

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

Eatfusu wrote: "Sharon says the door's open to Bill -- yeah at half price- he gets what they all get 25% -- or it's not Black Sabbath - it's the Stuff Your Pockets For Ozzy And Tony Tour- No Bill No Go."

machiavelli wrote: "dont get too amped for this reunion... Ozzy can barely sing live nowadays. Sure, Iommi is still a master but do they really got the collective to put together a great record? I'm thinking the chances are slim."

kickback wrote: "Yea she says the door open and its up to Bill. Ha ha. Yea its up to Bill if he wants to accept working for minimum wage."

intlecktual wrote: "So what's your guess about the show? Los Angeles? New York? A headlining slot at Lollapalooza?"

wanteddead wrote: "What's the point of all of this anymore, everyone is sick n old, and no Ward."

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