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  • Florence And The Machine has added a new leg of North American tour dates to their upcoming schedule. Following a first run that begins on April 14th in Santa Barbara, California and ends on May 12th in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Florence Welch and company will return in the summer for eight more shows beginning on July 20th in British Columbia. The new dates are:
    July 20 - Burnaby, BC - Deerlake Park
    July 21 - Auburn, WA - White River Amphitheater
    July 22 - Troutdale, OR - Edgefield
    July 25 - Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheater
    July 29 - Indianapolis, IN - The Lawn and White River State Park
    July 30 - Cleveland, OH - Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica
    July 31 - Detroit, MI - Fox Theater
    August 2 - Toronto, ON - Molson Amphitheater (Consequence Of Sound)

  • Jack Johnson will issue a live album called Jack Johnson And Friends - Best Of Kokua Festival on April 17th. The disc compiles performances from Johnson's benefit concerts for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation and features appearances from Eddie Vedder, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper and others. Proceeds from the live album as well as a just-announced seven-date April tour of Hawaii will go to the Kokua Hawaii Foundation. a non-profit organization founded by Johnson and his wife to support environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawaii. (FMQB)

  • Indie pop-rock act Metric has announced that its new album will be titled Synthetica and will arrive on June 12th in the U.S. Singer Emily Haines wrote online that the new disc "sounds like the culmination of everything we have done. We've always had a sound in our heads that we hoped to realize and we finally heard it coming back out of the speakers this time." Synthetica follows up Metric's breakthrough 2009 album Fantasies. To read more of what Haines had to say, go to (FMQB)
  • Adele apologized for flipping the bird at Tuesday's (February 21) Brit Awards. The singer was reportedly cut off by the show's host because the live event was running out of time.  Adele said, "I flung the middle finger. That was for the suits at the Brit Awards, not my fans. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but the suits offended me."  The show's producers also apologized to Adele for ruining her big moment. The official statement read, "We regret this happened and we send our deepest apologies to Adele that her big moment was cut short this evening due to the live show over-running. We don't want this to undermine her incredible achievement in winning our night's biggest award. It tops off what's been an incredible year for her."  Adele took home the awards for Best British Album and Best British Female artist.  21 reaches 21 weeks. Adele's sophomore album coasted to another week at the top of the pop charts and it has now been at number one for 21 nonconsecutive weeks. According to Billboard, that's the most by any album in the modern sales era.

  • Blabbermouth reports according to, MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee has settled his legal battle with his former assistant, who sued the rock star for defamation and failure to pay overtime, among other claims. Lee will pay Michael Anthony Sullivan more than $400,000 and deliver "a public apology," a source tells Star magazine.  Sullivan, who claims to have worked as Lee's "procurer, Man Friday, chauffeur, guide, bookkeeper, attendant, door-keeper, agent, butler, valet, attendant, cook, shopper, nanny, bodyguard, maid, nurse and nursemaid" from January 2005 to March 2011, filed a lawsuit against Lee and Lee's company, Mayhem Touring, in Los Angeles Superior Court in November 2011, claiming that he was worked virtually around the clock, and that Lee made improper deductions from the assistant's paycheck. The disgruntled assistant also asserts that after he was terminated, he was hired to become the tour manager for BUSH, but lost the job because of "Lee's defamatory statements and interference."  "Lee found Sullivan so useful that he required him to stay at his residence so that he was always available for service," the suit said. "However, after requiring Sullivan to stay at the home and obtaining the benefits of Sullivan's presence in his home, in 2009, Lee began deducting $1,000 from his wages every month for 'rent.'"  You can check out the entire lawsuit at this location.  Read more at Ultimate Classic Rock
  • Blabbermouth posts Dave Pehling of SF Weekly recently conducted an interview with MOTÖRHEAD founder, bassist and principle songwriter Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow hereSF Weekly: Your taste for Jack and Coke is pretty well known, and it's pretty clear from some of your song lyrics you don't have time for organized religion. You're currently touring with MEGADETH, a headliner that has a couple of members who are sober born-again Christians.  Lemmy: Well, the great thing about my philosophy is live and let live, you know? I don't mind if you want to worship the Great Poobah in the sky, as long as you don't expect me to do it, too. And nobody has so far preached to me on this tour, so it's alright.  SF Weekly: So you don't try to steer clear of certain subjects? You just go about your business?  Lemmy: No, no. We hardly ever see MEGADETH anyway. They come late and we leave early after we finish to beat the traffic out of there. So we don't see much of them. I've stayed a couple of times to watch their show, but that's about all.  Read the entire interview from SF Weekly.  Read more at Loudwire
  • Blabbermouth posts Thomas Stanley Orwat Jr. of recently conducted an interview with MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow here. Do you ever get concerned about you personal safety when you play in places such as third-world countries?  Phil Campbell: Actually, we did have a bit of a riot one time. I can't remember exactly where it was, but it was somewhere in South America. We played a set, and it was cut like five minutes short. And the audience didn't seem to like that. So, we had to lock ourselves in the dressing room. Is there anything that you would still like to accomplish as a member of MOTÖRHEAD?  Phil Campbell: I've accomplished way more than I ever thought that I could when I was a young kid learning the guitar. We get great crowds every night, we've played some amazing concerts and places. It's nice that I got a Grammy Award, even if it wasn't for our own song. But we still got one, and I thought I would never have one of those on my mantle piece, along with several other awards. So, there's really nothing else that I desire to accomplish. But I think that our greatest accomplishment, really, is the fact that we are still going, and stronger than ever. I've been with Lemmy for 28 years, so that's the main accomplishment, and we've done it with maintaining our dignity, and we still have a bit of sanity left. And people are still enjoying going to the shows. So that's really our greatest achievement, when looking back on it. And just playing a good gig is satisfying to me, and just keeping it going.  Read the entire interview from
  • Blabbermouth posts VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N' ROSES drummer Matt Sorum and "Glee" actress Jane Lynch joined Fox 11's "Studio 11 L.A." yesterday (Wednesday, February 22) to talk about their passion for Adopt The Arts, a group that's trying to save art and music programs from being cut in LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) elementary schools. You can watch video footage of their appearance below.  As previously reported, Sorum spoke at the February 14 Los Angeles Unified School District board meeting where the board debated a $557 million budget cut to close a funding deficit in the district's $6 billion budget. He told the board that music helped keep him in school because he was not good at academics. He also said that cutting arts would be a travesty, explaining, "My mother is a music teacher and I grew up with music. I've gotta say — I wasn't the greatest with academics. I gravitated towards the creative aspect, which I had at public school. I had choir, [where] I learned how to sing, and I also took orchestra and learned how to play the drums, I became a world-renowned rock and roll musician."  He added, "I'm really concerned with cutting the arts and music for a very scientific reason, and the scientific reason is that kids learn four times better with music and arts in the program. Without a creative outlet, the academic programs are gonna suffer, and then there's gonna be children that don't gravitate towards the academics that have a creative mind that we're gonna lose nurturing them and may possibly be losing a very creative force in the future."  The drummer's speech apparently convinced the LAUSD board to hold off on a $6 billion budget plan that would result in eliminating the district's adult education, preschool and most elementary arts programs.  Watch Sorum in action below as he pleads his case to the Los Angeles Unified School District board.  An Adopt The Arts fundraising event in March will feature Jane Lynch as host, dinner by celebrity chef Kerry Simon and a performance by Sorum's band MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

    Matt Sorum and Jane Lynch on "Studio 11 L.A.":

    Sorum pleading his case to the Los Angeles Unified School District board:


  • Blabbermouth posts In a recent interview with Classic Rock RevisitedCHICKENFOOT guitarist Joe Satriani was asked if he has heard the new VAN HALEN album, "A Different Kind Of Truth", and what he thinks of it. "I kind of like it," Joe replied. "I was talking to Sammy [HagarCHICKENFOOT/ex-VAN HALEN singer] about it the other day. I said, 'You know, Sam, I have to congratulate you on the enduring success of VAN HALEN. It is something that Mike [AnthonyCHICKENFOOT/ex-VAN HALEN bassist] and you should be proud of.' Mike and Sam were at least as successful, if not more so, than when Dave [Lee Roth, original VAN HALEN singer] was in the band. If you turn on any classic rock radio station, then you hear just as much Sammy-era VAN HALEN as you do David Lee Roth-era VAN HALEN. As uncomfortable as it might be for those guys to try to sort out business between them, from my perspective, I'm just a guy and I like it all. If I hear Eddie [Van Halen] and Alex [Van Halen] playing together, then I'm pretty much all the way there immediately. I think that both Dave and Sam brought interesting things to Eddie's musicianship, as he wrote different kinds of songs with each. Dave is more vaudeville and Sammy is more rock. For me, just to have a new record with Eddie Van Halen — I like that. When you think that we've been missing him for so long — the crime is that we don't have three new albums."  Speaking to Cack Blabbath in January, Hagar was asked what he thought of VAN HALEN getting back together with David Lee Roth and whether they were doing it for the music or they were doing it for the money. "Well, I'm not going to speculate why anyone does anything, but I'll tell you what — they waited so long and they're so not fan-friendly, and as big as VAN HALEN was in the past," he said. "That's what we used to argue about when I was in the band. I got thrown out because I didn't want to do a greatest-hits record. I said, 'Why the fuck? We're the biggest band in the world. Every album we've done since I've been in the band has been No. 1, we've sold out every arena on the planet. Now why would you want to sell them the same old record again and give them two new tracks? Why do you want to do that to the fans?' And we got into it. They wanted to do it at that time for the money, a new manager came in and he thought we could make a whole bunch of money for doing nothing, and I'm going, 'We've got a whole bunch of money, so why are we doing this?' We really didn't need to do it and it really caused problems in the band. Why they're doing it now, I have no idea, but I think it's about time. I personally don't think that what they have just released [referring to the single/video 'Tattoo'], what I have seen and heard, is great at all. It should be better than it is, but hey, it is what it is, and at least they got together and at least they came out with something, that's all I can say, you know. God bless them, but I was expecting a lot more."

  • Blabbermouth posts the February edition of the Classic Rock And Metal Podcast features new interviews with Glenn Tipton from JUDAS PRIESTBiff Byford from SAXON and British black metal pioneers VENOM. You can now stream the podcast using the audio player below.  Tipton talks about PRIEST's "Epitaph" world tour, the band's new guitarist Richie Faulkner and their 40-year legacy now celebrated with new singles and album box-set releases.  Byford checks in with a summary of SAXON's incredible last 12 months, discussing their recent studio album, "Call To Arms", rightly celebrated as their finest for years, and touring Europe twice in the same calendar year of 2011.  VENOM has been around for more than 30 years now and recently released a new album, "Fallen Angels", through Spinefarm. Original frontman Conrad "Cronos" Lant gives his forthright views on why they have been so influential and why a whole new audience is finding out what VENOM is all about. Classic Rock And Metal Podcast speaks to him and relative new boys Stuart "Rage" Dixon (guitar) and Danny "Danté" Needham (drums). 

    Classic Rock And Metal Podcast (audio):

  • Blabbermouth reports drummer Thomas Noonan has left the the Alaskan metal band 36 CRAZYFISTS due to personal and family matters. He explained in an online post, "I just lost my passion for [playing heavy music] and drumming for that matter. I'm not saying I will never play again, it's just that I'm ready for something different, and more challenging for me that will not take me far away from home to do it. I love what we have built as a band and with friends, but after years and years of dealing with the in and outs of the industry, I'm just over it for now. I'm not a person that can do two things at once, and I feel I want to put everything I have into pencil art. I know that sounds crazy, but it's something I fell in love with and strive every day to excel at. So it was a very hard decision for me to decide between the two for this year, but I choose art. I choose being happy and spending time with my family and not touring."  36 CRAZYFISTS's latest album, "Collisions And Castaways", sold around 3,300 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 161 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at No. 3 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.  "Collisions And Castaways" was written and recorded between October 2009 and May 2010. It follows on the heels of 2009's DVD, "Underneath a Northern Sky", and is the band's second straight effort to feature Steve Holt in the producer's chair and Andy Sneap handling the final mix.
  • Blabbermouth posts Bay Area Backstage has uploaded multi-camera video footage of TESTAMENT's February 19 performance at The Avalon in Santa Clara, California. Check it out below.  In a recent interview with Decibel magazine, TESTAMENT frontman Chuck Billy stated about the band's forthcoming album, "The Dark Roots Of Earth" — which is tentatively due on April 27 via Nuclear Blast Records — "We [recorded] it at our place in Oakland and at Trident Studios and Andy [Sneap, producer] came out and did all the recordings with us — as much as he could — and then we finished off some vocals and guitars at Trident studios. I think over the years Andy really knows the sound of this band, and kinda knows what we want. We've mixed stuff with Andy, so I think he knows without has having to be there physically with him what we are looking for. And I just haven't heard anybody in metal come out with any better mixes! Honesty!"  Regarding some of the songs that will appear on "The Dark Roots Of Earth", Billy said, "Well, there's a song called 'Native Blood', which is basically a song about my Native heritage. It's almost like a protest song, that the Native Americans have a voice that needs to be heard — that's the chorus of the song. There's another called 'True American Hate', which was kinds inspired by when we sent all our troops overseas there, and we were just seeing in the news when all that was going on a lot of young kids, under 10 years old, out there with their families burning American flags. And that was a pretty shocking thing to see, to see that generation, a kid that young being taught to hate that much. It makes you think what's going to happen, 10 to 15 years from now when the majority of these kids have just been raised to hate? It struck me as a little odd. There's a song called 'Cold Embrace', which we kinda hoped we'd be able to pitch the song into one of the 'Twilight' series movies; it's a song about a girl becoming a vampire and never being able to see the sun again. 'The Dark Roots Of Earth' is kind of a play on the band we have together, just like a metaphor, like TESTAMENT is a tree and all of us in this group are really embedded in the planet, in the earth, the environment and our surroundings. It was kind of a play on that. 'Rise Up For War' is more of a war song, like your preparing yourself for war, going into battle. There is a lot of cool stuff there."  Due to a "serious injury," TESTAMENT drummer Paul Bostaph was unable to take part in the recording sessions for the CD and was replaced by Gene "The Atomic Clock" Hoglan (DARK ANGEL, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, FEAR FACTORY, DETHKLOK). Bostaph has since announced his departure from the group.  When asked if Hoglan — who is currently touring with TESTAMENT — will become a permanent member of the band, Billy told Horns Up Rocks!, "We'd like him to be, but I think right now we're just taking it tour by tour. We don't know yet. We just kind of unexpected had to do this tour before the record came out, so we haven't really thought about it yet."  Regarding how different it is playing with Gene compared to working with Bostaph, Chuck said, "We played with Gene before on our 'Demonic' record [1997], so we knew exactly what Gene was capable of and what he would bring to the table. We knew that it would definitely bring a different style of drumming, 'cause Gene's a different player than Paul. I think it just worked out. Eric [Peterson, TESTAMENT guitarist] had a lot of the [basic drum patterns] already done [for the new album], and Gene just had to kind of put his style on it."

  • Blabbermouth posts "Electric Rattlesnake", a brand new song from New Jersey thrash metal veterans OVERKILL, can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below. The track comes off the band's new album, "The Electric Age", which will be released in North America on March 27 via eOne Music and in Europe on March 30 through Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded and mixed at Gear Recording Studios in New Jersey, owned and operated by OVERKILL bassist D.D. Verni.  OVERKILL will embark on the "Killfest 2" headlining tour in April/May. Support on the trek will come from BELPHEGOR, BLACKGUARD and DIAMOND PLATE.  OVERKILL will take part in an in-store signing session on Tuesday, March 27 at 7 p.m. at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, New Jersey.  OVERKILL's latest CD, "Ironbound", sold 4,100 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 192 on The Billboard 200 chart. The effort landed at No. 4 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.  OVERKILL's previous album, "Immortalis", opened with 2,800 units back in October 2007.  "Ironbound" was released on February 9, 2010 via E1 Music (formerly KOCH Records). The CD, which was issued in Europe on January 29, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records, was mixed by PAIN/HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren and is described in a press release as "a true thrasher-piece."  OVERKILL is Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (vocals), D.D. Verni (bass, backing vocals), Derek "The Skull" Tailer (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Dave Linsk (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Ron Lipnicki (drums).

  • Blabbermouth posts Eric Blair of "The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show" conducted an interview with vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn of San Francisco Bay Area metallers MACHINE HEAD when the band performed at the Avalon in Hollywood, California on February 17. You can now watch the chat below.  MACHINE HEAD has just completed a North American headlining with support from SUICIDE SILENCE and DARKEST HOUR.  MACHINE HEAD's new album, "Unto The Locust", sold more than 17,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 22 on The Billboard 200 chart — putting MACHINE HEAD in the Top 25 for the first time in the band's 17-year history.   MACHINE HEAD has consistently averaged more than 100,000 copies sold in the U.S. for each of its seven albums and has shifted double that overseas (accruing several silver records in the U.K.), resulting in cumulative worldwide sales of more than 2.4 million.  MACHINE HEAD's previous CD, "The Blackening", opened with just under 15,000 units back in April 2007 to debut at No. 54 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's 2004 effort, "Through The Ashes Of Empires", premiered with less than 12,000 copies to land at No. 88.

  • Blabbermouth posts Nikki Blakk of the San Francisco, California radio station 107.7 The Bone conducted an interview with Y&T guitarist John Nymann about the band's participation in the Monsters Of Rock cruise, touring and recording, when the next Y&T album might come out, and late Y&T bassist Phil Kennemore. You can now watch the chat below.  Y&T last year announced the addition of bassist Brad Lang to the group's ranks.  The band's current lineup is rounded out by original guitarist/vocalist Dave Meniketti, along with longtime drummer Mike Vanderhule.  Y&T's first studio album in 13 years, "Facemelter", was released in Europe on May 21, 2010 via Frontiers Records.

  • Blabbermouth posts "Look Inside Your Heart", the new video from the legendary hard rock singer Jeff Scott Soto (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, TALISMAN, JOURNEY), can be seen below. The song comes off Soto's new solo album, "Damage Control", which will be released on March 23 in Europe and March 27 in North America via Frontiers Records.  An extraordinary performer and amazing vocalist, Jeff Scott Soto blasts through these hard-rocking tracks with energy and masters the transition smoothly from heavy rock to a delicate ballad.  For "Damage Control", Jeff has turned to many of his past influences and most requested aspects of his career by blending the art of melodic rock with hard rock.  "I feel 'Damage Control' is more of a return to what my fans would expect to hear from me," says Jeff. "It's a perfect blend of my first two solo albums with Frontiers Records'Prism' and 'Lost In The Translation' — but also mixes in some of my favorite moments of my past bands such as TALISMAN and SOUL SIRKUS. It is heavy, AOR, hard rock with loads of great riffs and melodies."  "Damage Control" was recorded in the fall of 2011 and features appearances and writing contributions by Jeff's former and current bandmates, along with many guests, including Jamie Borger and Nalley Påhlsson (TREAT), Casey Grillo (KAMELOT), Joel Hoekstra (NIGHT RANGER) and legendary Y&T founding member Dave Meniketti. Jeff states, "Y&T drummer Mike Vanderhule played drums on a track and suggested I bring Dave on but, as he is a long time friend and one on the 'wish list' of people I would have loved to have, I didn't want to get an excuse that he was too busy or not interested, to my surprise I got neither... he was willing to do it and I was not only grateful but beyond pleased to work with another musical hero!"  "Damage Control" will be released in two exclusive configurations; the basic version in CD jewel box will include 11 songs, while the deluxe edition in digipak format has an additional three bonus tracks and a DVD.  Jeff Scott Soto is currently planning tour dates that will support the release of the new record. "The plan is to do as much touring as possible wherever the world will have me," he says. "I plan to promote this album with a proper touring regiment!"

  • Blabbermouth reports ROB ZOMBIE/ex-MARILYN MANSON guitarist John 5 will release his new full-length solo CD/DVD, "God Told Me To", on May 8 via Rocket Science Ventures.  "God Told Me To" was recorded and produced by John 5, Chris Baseford (ROB ZOMBIE, TOMMY LEE) and Bob Marlette (SEBASTIAN BACH, BLACK SABBATH) in 2011. The cover art for the album is illustrated by none other than Rob Zombie, who is also tapping John 5 to score the entirety of his upcoming film, "The Lords Of Salem".  The CD portion of "God Told Me To" features ten painstakingly handcrafted pieces transcending multiple styles — an equal combination of acoustic and electronically influenced tracks — each designed to gradually reveal John 5's innovative interpretation of his instrument. The orchestration of "God Told Me To" showcases John 5's ability to master the subtlety of dynamics, thus emphasizing the overall production value of this body of work.  The DVD portion of "God Told Me To" is hosted by retro-style horror-host Mike Odd and takes a look inside the world of John 5 during his terrifying trip into the realm of "God Told Me To". The DVD features footage of John 5 in the studio while working on the new album, exclusive videos taken on tour, a peek inside the photo shoot for his 2011 remix album "Remixploitation", and more.  'I'm so proud of this record; I've put more time into this release than any other!" John 5 said. "It's half acoustic and the other half electric with a tribute to Michael Jackson and Eddie Van Halen with 'Beat It'. The DVD shows me actually recording the songs as well as behind the scenes of a 'day in the life' of John 5! This album will take you on a musical journey designed to show more diversity in my playing than in the past."  As well as the stunning cover art by Rob Zombie, art from the solo singles will also feature within the album. The single covers were created by ROB ZOMBIE bassist Matt Montgomery's (a.k.a. Piggy D.) and Emma (John 5's web manager) from Nineteen76-Designs.  John 5 doesn't just play the guitar. His instrument is an extension of his soul and through it, his music has become the Frankenstein birth penetrating the ear drums of fans and admirers worldwide. His impressive resume has seen him work with some of the most renowned musicians in the industry (Rob Halford, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, to name a few), and has cemented his name into the annals of rock history.  John 5 continues to branch out, coupling his solo career with his work in Rob Zombie. His five previous solo albums, up to his 2010 release, "The Art Of Malice", broke new molds in solo instrumentalist work. John 5 also continues to work with other artists, including LYNYRD SKYNYRD and Rod Stewart.  Read more at Loudwire

    "God Told Me To" trailer:

    "Welcome To Violence" video:

  • Blabbermouth posts Candlelight Records has announced the signing of hardcore/metal veterans VISION OF DISORDER (a.k.a. V.O.D.). The band will enter the studio in the next month or so with producer Will Putney (SHADOWS FALLSUICIDE SILENCEFOUR YEAR STRONG) to begin recording its new album for a late 2012 release. Cameron Webb (MOTÖRHEADSOCIAL DISTORTIONIGNITEPENNYWISE) will mix the CD.  Commented VISION OF DISORDER: "Before the word 'metalcore' existed… VISION OF DISORDER did. We did what we did because we loved it, not because we thought others might. 20 years later, we're once again at work with the same approach.  "After a newly inked deal [with] Candlelight Records, we are about to begin tracking on our first studio album in a decade. We are bringing all the elements of what made us unique and ferocious to the table.  "Playing reunion shows over the past few years and seeing such positive responses has truly been inspirational.  "This album is absolutely dedicated to our fans that have stuck by us through our ups and downs. Without them, it would not have been.  "We are excited to be a part of the Candlelight roster. They were a perfect choice for us. After numerous record label woes, it was refreshing to partner with people that are passionate about music — not just profit or agenda."  Added Darren TomsCandlelight's European label manager: "I have been a fan of the band since the first release many years ago on Roadrunner/Supersoul and after hearing the new material, I'm very excited to be working with the band and getting them back to where they need to be in today's market."  A demo version of a new VISION OF DISORDER song, "The Enemy", can be streamed below. According to guitarist Matt Baumbach, the track will appear on what will be V.O.D.'s next release. "This track is a good example of the style of the record so that's why we picked it first," he said. Other working songtitles that are set to appear on the CD include "Hard Times""Annihilator" and "Be Up On It".  Regarding the musical direction of VISION OF DISORDER's new material, bassist Mike Fleischmann previously told Greg Prato of UGO, "The songs are what you would expect from V.O.D. — very aggressive and melodic. We really feel that on these new songs we have kind of mixed up all of our past efforts into a blender with a dash of new flavor, and we are excited to see what V.O.D. fans will think of it."  VISION OF DISORDER's current lineup includes singer Tim Williams, guitarists Matt Baumbach and Mike KennedyFleischmann and drummer Brendon Cohen.  The band's last studio album, "From Bliss to Devastation", came out in 2001 via TVT Records.  VISION OF DISORDER toured with some of metal's biggest names during the late 1990s — including PANTERABLACK SABBATHTYPE O NEGATIVEANTHRAX and BAD BRAINS — before calling it quits in 2001, and then reuniting in 2008. 

  • Blabbermouth reports Polish extreme metal veterans BEHEMOTH are twelve shows into their European tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, MISERY INDEX, SUICIDE SILENCE and NEXUS INFERI.  Commented BEHEMOTH guitarist/vocalist Adam "Nergal" Darski: "We are in the middle of this tour and on behalf of the band I must state that's probably the best European run we've done ever! And it's not just courtesy but a fact. Never seen European venues so crowded and enthusiastically reacting to our show. I know, we've been away for a while, the band's future was a big question mark and if you ask me, I have to say I was seriously worried if I can pull it off at all. Now I can finally admit: Fuck yes! I can still get my ass on stage and give my blood, sweat and heart to the people who truly deserve that. These 'return' shows have some transcendental touch to it and I can't get rid of the feeling, it's a new life injected in band's veins. I am proud. Of my band, myself and all the fans coming to the shows. Thank you. Stay strong and see you soon!"  BEHEMOTH, WATAIN, THE DEVIL'S BLOOD and IN SOLITUDE will join forces for the inaugural Decibel Magazine Tour in April/May.  BEHEMOTH's "Evangelia Heretika - The New Gospel Three" DVD (2010) — a three-disc set featuring two full shows ("Live In Paris 2008" and "Live In Warsaw 2009"); every BEHEMOTH music video ever made; "Evangelion" tour documentary featuring band interviews plus tons of backstage footage; and a bonus "Live in Warsaw" audio CD — was certified platinum in the Poland for sales in excess of 10,000 copies.  BEHEMOTH recently released a video for the song "Lucifer", off "Evangelion". The Grupa 13-directed clip features Polish singer, guitarist, and poet Maciej Malenczuk, who also contributed guest vocals to the track.
  • Blabbermouth reports Oakland, California hard rock band HIGH ON FIRE will release its new studio album, "De Vermis Mysteriis", on April 3 via eOne Music. Recorded in Salem, Massachusetts' GodCity Studios with producer and CONVERGE guitarist Kurt Ballou, the 10-song effort — touted as "direct, eye-opening and powerfully supernatural" — is the band's sixth studio recording and the follow-up to 2010's "Snakes For The Divine" which debuted at No. 62 on The Billboard 200 chart and has been called "wonderful" by The New York Times and "an exhilarating rush" by the Chicago Tribune.  "De Vermis Mysteriis" (or "Mysteries Of The Worm") takes its title from a fictional grimoire created by "Psycho" author Robert Bloch and incorporated by H. P. Lovecraft into the lore of the "Cthulhu Mythos" (Lovecraft mentioned "De Vermis Mysteriis" as one of the books that "repeat the most hellish secrets learnt by early man"). The album carries a deeply mystical undercurrent, incorporating fantastical themes and lyrics detailing, among other things, time travel, a serum called liao that is made out of a black lotus and "a Jesus twin who can see the past through his ancestors' eyes." And that's just scratching the surface!  Musically, "De Vermis Mysteriis" is absolutely explosive, showcasing the California power trio's thundering roar and expanded harmonic and rhythmic palettes while the songs move confidently through multiple riffs and movements. HIGH ON FIRE construct tough, burly stoner metal that is at once devastatingly epic and mercilessly metallic as superstar guitarist Matt Pike's sizzling ax and avenging-angel riffs fuse with Des Kensel's double-kick-drum onslaught and Jeff Matz's concrete crushing, Burton-esque bass guitar. Over the course of forty-five minutes, HIGH ON FIRE have created an amalgamation of fantastical lyrical ideas and brute force musicianship anchored in an endlessly captivating, punkishly frantic sound. Simply put, the band generates awesome on demand and has a virtual chokehold on monolithic-sounding, masterfully crafted epic music. HIGH ON FIRE is a savage bull in the china shop of modern metal.  When asked for comment on "De Vermis Mysteriis", Pike somewhat cryptically replied, "Prepare for your dark journey."  In advance of the new album's release, HIGH ON FIRE will perform a number of live dates as part of the 2012 SXSW (South By Southwest) in Austin, Texas. The band is expected to preview new material at the shows.  Read more at Loudwire

  • Blabbermouth reports Paper + Plastick Records has announced the release of the biography of veteran heavy metal bassist Dan Lilker. Entitled "Perpetual Conversion: 30 Years & Counting In The Life Of Metal Veteran Dan Lilker", the book follows Lilker's career from his pre-ANTHRAX band WHITE HEAT in 1980, through BRUTAL TRUTH's latest 2011 release, "End Time". It traces Lilker's time spent in seminal metal bands NUCLEAR ASSAULT, BRUTAL TRUTH, ANTHRAX, STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH (S.O.D.) and HEMLOCK, and also includes his lesser-known projects THE RAVENOUS, CRAB SOCIETY, CRAB SOCIETY NORTH, EXIT-13, EXTRA HOT SAUCE, CRUCIFIST, NOKTURNAL HELLSTORM, NUNFUCKRITUAL, LAST SATANIC DANCE, OVERLORD EXTERMINATOR and more.  "Perpetual Conversion: 30 Years & Counting In The Life Of Metal Veteran Dan Lilker" was written by Dave Hofer, a Chicago-based music fan, record store employee and sporadic freelance writer.  Although not classically trained in long-form writing, Hofer spent years interviewing Lilker, his friends and his family to present what Hofer calls "the most comprehensive interview Lilker has ever done."  "After spending a decent amount of time with Danny, I decided that this book would function best mostly from his perspective, as his tone and sense of humor are right on point," Hofer says. "The transcriptions were providing too much good material to pick and choose pull quotes."  Featuring input from Scott Ian and Charlie Benante of ANTHRAX, John Connelly and Glenn Evans of NUCLEAR ASSAULT, Kevin Sharp and Rich Hoak from BRUTAL TRUTH, Barney Greenway and Shane Embury of NAPALM DEATH, Fenriz, Faust, Craig Setari, Gene Hoglan, Gloria Cavalera, Howie Abrams, Jim Welch and others, "Perpetual Conversion" will detail Lilker's life in an unparalleled way.  "Anyone who's enjoyed anything I've done over the last 30 years will also enjoy this book," Lilker says, "And endless thanks to Dave Hofer for having the inspiration and patience to pry all the memories out of my brain."  Due this summer, "Perpetual Conversion" will be accompanied by a multitude of unreleased pictures and other types of memorabilia that Lilker has had in storage for years. There is also a plan in the works to bring a very special music-related accompaniment to the project, but it is unconfirmed so far.

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