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Following Julian Lennon's Facebook lashing of Paul McCartney over snubbing him at both his wedding receptions in London and New York, a source close to the former Beatle admitted it was "an oversight." Britain's Daily Mail quoted an unnamed McCartney insider who explained Julian's lack of an invite to either party by saying: "Julian is regarded as part of the family, but everyone just assumed he was in Italy (where Julian lives)."


On October 23rd Julian posted an attack on McCartney on his own Facebook page, but has since removed it, saying: "Wow. . . Snubbed at Macca's Wedding, Snubbed at the Anniversary of 'LOVE' in Vegas! Snubbed at Macca's Wedding reception in NYC, last night Snubbed at George (Harrison's)'s Film Premier. . . What Have I done to be ignored in such a way? I was not invited to ANY of these events. . . I thought WE had a relationship. . . Obviously not. . . Gimme some truth. . . Maybe now it's time to tell the Truth. . . I & My Mother will NOT be eradicated from History. . . How dare they. . ."

Later that day he posted: "Rising Above. . . Always have, Always will. . . & Better for it. . . I Luv You Mum. . . Thank You. . . x"

  • A former friend of Julian's told the Mail that he's incapable of keeping any long-lasting relationships in his life due to the shadow of his father, John Lennon, saying, "He loves his mum, but that is the only relationship he has ever had that sticks. . . He can never relax and open up; he thinks everyone's out to use him because his dad was John Lennon the legend."
  • A record industry insider who's worked with Julian in the past added: "Julian is a perfectionist and that is partly because he wants to live up to his father's talent. Although he constantly talks about what a terrible father John was, Julian is still the archetypal child who was deprived of his father's love and still wants to win his approval."
  • Julian is back with his first album in 13 years, with the international release, Everything Changes. We asked Julian with such a long span between albums over the years, if he was constantly demo-ing new material at home: "I did -- God knows where they are now. During that time I was living in L.A. and after that I moved back to Europe, and a lot of my tapes and a lot of material disappeared during the transfer of all my stuff from the house. So, yeah, I've lost a lot of tapes (which) have disappeared -- literally -- that I'm furious about, because there's some original stuff there that I was hoping to use."


  • Julian Lennon was the first of the Beatles children, and was born in Liverpool, England on April 8th, 1963 -- three days before the Beatles' third single, and second UK chart topper, "From Me To You" was released.
  • He helped inspire two of John Lennon and Paul McCartney's most popular Beatles songs -- Lennon's "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," which was the title of one of his drawings done in kindergarten; and McCartney's "Hey Jude," which was originally called "Hey Jules" and written to cheer up Julian after his parents' separation.
  • In the late '90s, after years of bad blood, Julian Lennon received a multi-million dollar financial settlement from stepmother Yoko Ono and the Lennon estate, rumored to be around $30 million. Part of the settlement ensures that Julian now owns a percentage of his father's song copyrights.
  • Julian has released six albums and scored four Top 40 hits -- including the Top Tens "Valotte" and "Too Late For Goodbyes."


  • Julian was born getting the shaft -- and these snubs are no different. Apart from Julian and his mom, Cynthia, being allowed to attend the LOVE premiere in Las Vegas, they are barely in the picture of the Beatles and "Lenono" camps.
  • Now that things are "buddy-buddy" with Yoko, it seems like McCartney has no use for Julian, who in a pointed move during the tumultuous late-'90s period between McCartney and Yoko, McCartney not only had Julian accompany him and daughter Stella to his induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999 -- but according to industry insiders, he gave Julian invaluable support and advice during his legal battle with Yoko over the Lennon estate.

CHECK IT OUT: John Lennon on piano and Julian Lennon on drums performing "Ya Ya" from 1974's Walls And Bridges album:

Julian Lennon On Lost Demos


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