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George Harrison's son Dhani has inherited his father's love for the ukulele, incorporating it into his own recordings. Dhani, who fronts his own band, thenewno2 (The New Number Two), as well as the "emo" trio Fistful Of Mercy with Joseph Arthur and Ben Harper, spoke about the allure of the "uke" as his father called it. Dhani told Rolling Stone, "Eventually it gets to you and you can't help but love it. It's very disarming. Sometimes in the house there would be 10 people playing ukuleles at the same time."

Tom Petty credits George Harrison for teaching him how to play the ukulele during the 1988 sessions for the first Traveling Wilburys album: "Yeah, he taught me to play and gave me a ukulele years ago. And, of course, we were close friends for a lot of years, and we did a lot of ukulele playing. It was kinda fun. They're really fun little things, which I, I never would've known if it weren't for George. I'm still grateful that he taught me how to play it."


  • George Harrison's widow, Olivia Harrison, says that Martin Scorsese's upcoming documentary, George Harrison: Living In The Material World, is nearing completion. Olivia told The Los Angeles Times, "I assume we're going to announce it sometime soon, the actual (premiere) date, but it will be this year. We're real excited about it. Marty is such a great storyteller, and of course he always finds the story that you don't expect."

CHECK IT OUT: The surviving Beatles performing "Ain't She Sweet" with Harrison on ukulele in 1994:

Tom Petty Says George Harrison Taught Him How To Play Ukulele

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