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Pete Townshend is actively shopping his autobiography, called Who He? to major U.S. book publishers. posted that Townshend's agent has sent out the proposal for the memoir -- complete with a sample chapter and a full outline for the project. The book, which had a few excerpts online several years ago, talks about Townshend's turbulent upbringing, his childhood sexual abuse, the rise of the Who, through to "his scuffle with the law when he accessed a child pornography site while researching a campaign to fight the exploitation of children." Townshend's agent, Ed Victor hopes to have further news of the deal later this week.

Back in 2007 Townshend published the "prologue" to Who He?, on his now defunct website, The prologue was broken into three parts: The first recalls happy memories of his parents during the summer of 1946; the second part deals with Townshend reliving traumatic psychological and physical abuse at the hands of his maternal grandmother, with whom Townshend periodically lived while his musician parents were on the road; and finally, Townshend recalls the moments leading up to the Who's first-ever performance of Tommy in 1969 for the British rock press.

  • Townshend told us that he stopped writing songs for the Who for many years because he felt that he could never match their greatest work: "When the Who stopped making records in 1982, I felt that I just couldn't do it anymore. I felt that what the Who had done was triumphant, huge, innovative, groundbreaking, massive, unsurpassable, and that there was no reason at all, no way that I could ever come close again."
  • Although no dates have been officially announced, is reporting the Roger Daltrey has booked two Canadian solo shows for September 30th at Toronto's Sony Centre for the Performing Arts -- and October 30th at Calgary's Scotiabank Saddledome.
  • The no word as to whether Daltrey will be performing Tommy in its entirety like his upcoming UK tour.


  • Britain's The Guardian reported that Who manager Bill Curbishley has confirmed that a film sequel to Quadrophenia is in the works. Director Richard Jobson, the former frontman for the Scottish punk band the Skids, has signed on to direct the upcoming feature.
  • There's still no word on a premise, who's writing the script, whether or not it will feature Who music, or when a shoot date will be announced.

CHECK IT OUT: The Who rehearsing "Sister Disco" in 1979 with new drummer Kenney Jones and keyboardist Rabbit Bundrick:

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