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Previously unreleased songs from Saving Abel and Hinder lead the track list for the soundtrack of the upcoming horror film Saw 3D. According to Tunelab Music, the set is due out on October 26th and will also contain a mix of old and new tunes from Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington's Dead By Sunrise project, Saliva, My Darkest Days, Adelitas Way and more.


  • Saw 3D is set to arrive in theaters on October 29th.
  • The film is the seventh and supposedly final entry in the long-running series, and first to arrive in 3D.
  • While the first five Saw films were box office hits, last year's Saw VI was a flop, leading producers to decide to end the series.

The complete track list for the Saw 3D soundtrack is:
1. Saving Abel - "Never"
2. Dead by Sunrise - "Condemned"
3. Hinder - "Waking Up The Devil"
4. Karnivool - "Goliath"
5. Nitzer Ebb - "Promises"
6. Kopek - "Love Is Dead"
7. Saliva - "Badass"
8. My Darkest Days - "The World Belongs To Me"
9. Default - "Turn It On"
10. I-Exist - "Firefly"
11. Boom Boom Satellites - "What Goes Around Comes Around"
12. Adelitas Way - "Scream"
13. Krokus - "Hoodoo Woman"
14. Lordi - "This Is Heavy Metal"
15. Wagdug Futuristic Unity - "Ram The Crush"
16. Dir En Grey - "Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami"

INTERNET COMMENTS at Tunelab Music -- agree or not?

NinjaNick wrote: "Sounds like a mostly lame soundtrack. Weak."

Marc wrote: "Karnivool - Goliath is a great track. Adelitas Way is good. Interested in hearing Saliva, My Darkest Days, & Dir en Grey."

last2know wrote: "the my darkest days track is on their new cd... so you can hear it anytime lol"

Tal wrote: "can't wait. lot of bands i love. great soundtrack."

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