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Nickelback and Linkin Park had the top two rock songs of the past ten years on Billboard's decade-ending rock chart, with the former's "How You Remind Me" taking the Number One slot and the latter's "In The End" right behind it. The chart encompassed airplay on modern, mainstream rock and adult alternative radio stations, indicating the wide appeal of both acts. Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger told us a while back why he thinks 2001's "How You Remind Me" caught on in such a big way: "I just think that along with the melody that seems to stick in people's heads, it's a topic that a lot of people can relate to. It's like, 'Hey, I just got really screwed over in a relationship.' You know, that's definitely something that 90 percent of us can relate to."

Meanwhile, "In The End" also finished at Number Two on the more specific Alternative chart, behind Trapt's "Headstrong."

Linkin Park also ended up as the top act of the decade overall at alternative rock radio, with eight chart-topping singles at the format.

On Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs chart, Nickelback earned top act honors while "Kryptonite" from 3 Doors Down was the top song.

On the adult alternative chart, Kings Of Leon was a late-breaking winner at Number One with "Use Somebody," while Coldplay was the top act at the format overall.

Billboard also named Nickelback its rock band of the decade, based on total album sales and airplay during the past 10 years.

Would you say that Nickelback is the band of the decade?
If not, then who would you name?
Do you think being named "band of the decade" in terms of sales and airplay actually says something about the quality of the music as well?
Will you be happy when the New Year rolls around and all these "end of the decade" lists are done, or do you enjoy them?
INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

Nick wrote: "I CANT WAIT to tell my kids i grew up with NICKELBACK!!! god they are going to be so jealous...they really are the voice of our generation."

Nate wrote: "and statistically, they still suck. hahaha the world is coming to an end. 2012 might be correct..."

Rick wrote: "Metallica, Motley Crue and AC/DC have been making music for the past 30-40 years. Let's see in 20 years where Nickelback will be, before we start comparing them with great bands."

Diamond wrote: "Nickelback are an awesome band and are single-handedly keeping arena rock alive. Music is a democracy - Nickelback is the winner. To all the haters out there, FACT: it is statistically proven that more people like Nickelback than like whatever band you like."

Chris wrote: "My lord what a joke."

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