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Mudvayne will not tour behind its upcoming self-titled album, which arrives in stores on Monday, December 21st. Singer Chad Gray told us that the band has already done a lot of live work during the past year, adding that he and guitarist Greg Tribbett are getting down to business on the next Hellyeah record: "We've been through the States a couple of times, so we're pretty saturated. I think that it's important that people kind of go away for a little bit, let people get hungry for it again, you know. So no, I don't know if there'll be any immediate touring, even over the next several months. Right now it's just, you know, my focus is just getting ready to go down to Dallas and start working on the Hellyeah record. That's everything that I'm thinking about right now and that will be just Hellyeah 'til the end of the year."

Gray told that not touring behind the new album was "the ultimate statement of what we're about," adding, "I'm sure we'll eventually tour behind this record, but it's not going to happen any time soon. Let people live with the music. Let it sit, and let it fester a little bit, and hopefully people are excited about it. You've got to be careful nowadays because everything about the world is very fast food."

The new album, Mudvayne's fifth studio effort, follows 2008's The New Game, but was actually mostly recorded before that project.

Gray and Tribbett formed Hellyeah in 2007 with Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul and members of Nothingface, touring heavily behind that year's self-titled debut.

The new Mudvayne CD's cover art and packaging -- including lyrics, credits, inside art and photos -- will be entirely white and only visible with a black light.

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

Mike wrote: "I wish every band didn't tour. Albums would be released a lot faster."

pen wrote: "Translation: I can't tour behind Mudvayne cause I need time for Hellyeah!"

stalechips2 wrote: "I do know (Mudvayne drummer) Matt McDonough is going to be pissed. I heard in an interview he was expecting a tour when the CD came out, and the interviewer was saying that Hellyeah was getting back together to record an album. Matt apparently had no idea that was going to happen."

TC1979 wrote: "Why do I get a bad feeling that this will be Mudvayne's last album?"

rockett wrote: "I can (safely, and reassuringly) say this is NOT the last Mudvayne record. I knew that there wasn't going to be any touring either. This album is the tracks that weren't placed on 'The New Game', so there was little $$$ put up for the album, it has a very high profit margin and with the new Hellyeah coming out in the Spring/Summer - there is little time or reason to tour."

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