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Breaking Benjamin frontman and chief songwriter Ben Burnley has issued an open letter in which he disowns an upcoming greatest hits set being released by the band's label. Burnley wrote, "I just needed to let all the fans know that the upcoming 'Greatest Hits' album is being conceptualized and released without my approval or consent. It contains outtakes and materials that I believe do not live up to the high standards that I have worked so hard through out my songwriting and musical career to maintain in an effort to give only the best and highest quality material to the fans."

Burnley added, "Therefore I believe the 'Greatest Hits' album is not suitable for the breaking benjamin catalogue. This also includes the 'duet' version of 'blow me away' featuring Sydnee Duran p/k/a Valora. The song was altered and vocals were added to the existing song without my knowledge or consent. The song was also released to radio and media with out my knowledge or consent."

  • Burnley ended his statement by saying, "Much love to you all. Thank you for your understanding and support."
  • The hits package, titled Shallow Bay: The Best Of Breaking Benjamin, will be released on August 16th.
  • It will be sold as both a single disc and as a double disc set, with the second disc containing rarities, cover tunes, B-sides, alternate mixes and more.
  • "Blow Me Away," which previously appeared in a different version on the soundtrack of the Halo 2 video game, is currently Number 12 on the rock radio chart.
  • Breaking Benjamin has been on hiatus since the summer of 2010, reportedly because of long-term health issues that Burnley has been dealing with. The group's last album, Dear Agony, came out in late 2009.


  • Is it cool of Burnley to do this and warn his fans that he's not involved in this project, even if it takes money out of his pocket?
  • If this is the case, is it wrong for the label to put this set together without his involvement, or is that just business as usual?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Ultimate Guitar -- agree or not?

strat0blaster wrote: "This'll be cool for the acoustic and unreleased. I usually hate 'best of' records, but this seems worth it for the extras."

mysticguitar77 wrote: "greatest hits albums usually aren't the bands doing and more of the record company trying to use their rights to the songs to make a few extra bucks."

Guitar92player wrote: "I love Breaking Benjamin, but this is just sad. Their record company is pathetic."

Frankeer wrote: "The company is taking their chance while burnley is sick. looks like they need a new company."

mrageinthename wrote: "It may be best for them to go independent. Their label seems to wanna rape them."

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