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Metallica has revealed that the Metallica Museum will be back on site for the second annual Orion Music + More festival, scheduled for June 8th and 9th at Belle Isle in Detroit. A statement posted at the band's official website said, "We're bringing back the Metallica Museum in 2013, so stay tuned for more details and information about all of the awesome memorabilia we'll have on hand in Detroit! Classic Metallica guitars (including the last bass that Cliff Burton ever played), amps, lyrics, merchandise, stage props and more . . . except this time it will be BIGGER and BADDER!"


The post continued, "Last year, festival-goers basked in the glory of 30 years worth of band history and memorabilia in one single spot at the Metallica Museum. They strolled down Metallica memory lane and snapped shots of the band's rare guitars, like the originals James and Kirk used to record Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, and Master Of Puppets, Justice stage props, vintage tour posters and T-shirts. For the Pushead fans in the crowd, the museum will display pieces of his original Metallica artwork."

  • The band has also confirmed that the 2013 festival will see the return from last year of James Hetfield's Custom Car & Motorcycle Show, Kirk Hammett's Crypt, Lars Ulrich's Hit the Lights Film Tent and Robert Trujillo's Vans Vert Ramp.
  • Ulrich told us how much he enjoyed doing the film tent at last year's festival: "I was really, really pleasantly surprised at how people seemed to like that whole movie tent. I had no idea if that was going to work or not, and I think people really got off on it and there was a sense of intimacy and a sense of, you know, living room-esque vibe to it that I think people really dug and I certainly dug. Just sitting around with a couple of hundred friends talking film and interviewing directors and filmmakers and showing films and sharing those experiences -- it was really, really cool."
  • Last year's inaugural Orion festival was held in Asbury Park, New Jersey and featured Metallica headlining both nights. The band played its entire 1991 "black album" one night and its 1984 Ride The Lightning record on the other.
  • Acts joining Metallica at this year's show in Detroit include co-headliners the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, Deftones, Silversun Pickups, Bassnectar, Gogol Bordello, Tomahawk, The Joy Formidable, The Bronx, Dropkick Murphys and more.

CHECK IT OUT: See photos from last year's Metallica Museum at

Watch one of Metallica's sets from last year's Orion festival:


  • When you go to a festival, do you go to the tents and other attractions, or are you there strictly for the music?
  • Which of the four individual exhibitions from each band member holds the most appeal for you?
  • What movies would you like to see Lars screen at his film tent?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

SweetCheetah wrote: "I bet there's some interesting stuff to peruse in there. Cliff em' all!!"

Jesse Pinkman wrote: "Why is that white kit in a museum? Lars should bust that kit out of retirement then we can finally hear Metallica drum sound with some balls!"

MF wrote: "I will definitely not be there. Worst festival lineup of the summer worldwide, and it's in 3rd world Detroit."

FadedLineVigil wrote: "Put out a new album already! No one cares about a Metallica memorabilia museum."

Metallica's Lars Ulrich On His Festival Film Tent

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