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Although he's still deeply immersed in the promotion and touring cycle for Stone Sour's double album, House Of Gold And Bones, singer Corey Taylor has a rough timeline worked out in his head for the next Slipknot album -- and he told us it's still quite far off: "Essentially, I want to start looking at putting demos together for Slipknot fall of 2014, to go in the studio in 2015 and start making an album. So it's gonna be a while."


  • Taylor told Loudwire that Slipknot will play five festival shows this year, all overseas, and that other, unnamed members of the band are "getting healthy and trying to stay healthy," although he did not go into detail.
  • He mentioned a similar timeline in that interview as well, saying that the band would begin demoing material in late 2014.
  • Slipknot's last U.S. performances were its own Knotfest shows, which took place last August in Council Bluffs, Iowa and Somerset, Wisconsin.
  • Meanwhile, Stone has confirmed April 9th as the release date for House Of Gold And Bones, Part 2, the second half of the band's two-disc concept album. The first single, "Do Me A Favor," will be available digitally on February 12th.
  • House Of Gold And Bones, Part 1 came out last October and featured the chart-topping rock single "Absolute Zero."
  • Stone Sour is currently on the road through February 17th with Papa Roach, with the tour stopping in Corpus Christi, Texas on Thursday night (February 7th).


  • Wait -- Corey wants to start demoing new Slipknot songs in late 2014? That's almost two years away!
  • Does he really think he'll be promoting and touring behind these Stone Sour records until then?
  • Even so, isn't that a little unfair to the rest of Slipknot -- to wait almost another two years to make a new record?
  • Does Taylor seem more and more like Maynard James Keenan, who seems clearly not that interested in making a new Tool album?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Loudwire -- agree or not?

Analyzer wrote: "It makes sense. Corey's busy with Stone Sour at the moment, and there are always a few years in between each Slipknot release."

Steven Smith wrote: "Bought House of Gold and Bones Pt. 1 and love it! Can't wait for part 2 in the Spring!"

Danish Meman wrote: "2015?!?!? that's a looooong time away."

Corey Taylor On The Timeline For New Slipknot

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