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Buckcherry singer Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson have both spoken recently about the short film that will accompany the band's upcoming album, Confessions. Todd told us that the movie idea arose partially out of the desire to find new ways to market the band's music: "There's a lot of things changing as far as how you put a record out there, and market a record, and we wanted to have something different on this one, and we felt like this was the right way to go."


Meanwhile, Nelson told Lithium magazine that the idea for the movie came directly from the lyrics Todd was writing for their new songs, explaining, "Josh's lyrics started to take on a really cinematic quality. I encouraged Josh to write from his view almost from a character's point of view. The realization happened that we've been doing this long enough; I trust our artistic instincts on levels other than musical. So we start writing these songs and . . . Josh started to write the screenplay, which started to dictate where he was going lyrically."

  • Nelson added that the album and screenplay "don't need each other to actually work. The story is awesome, and the songs stand on their own."
  • The film has not yet been shot, but Nelson said, "We've got so many things in place to do it. We're just waiting on the final business things to get in line so we can complete it."
  • Confessions is due out on February 13th and the first single and video, called "Gluttony," is out now.
  • The disc a loose concept album that revolves around the notion of the seven deadly sins. The album's lyrics were inspired by events in Todd's childhood.
  • Buckcherry will join Kid Rock as special guests on his upcoming Rebel Soul tour, beginning February 2 in Kansas City, Missouri.


  • Do you agree with Todd that bands need new ways to market their albums, such as short films? Or is just making good music enough?
  • Is it kind of strange that the film has not been shot yet, with less than three weeks before the album comes out?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

jorgen wrote: "I want it I want it I want it (whoa oh oh oh)...Didn't you guys already write this song? Didn't every band? So mediocre."

RedZombie wrote: "Album will probably kick some ass, like all their other ones did before."

RiotAct666 wrote: "Bring on the new CD. BC are awesome."

Buckcherry's Josh Todd On Doing A Short Film

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