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Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has revealed some of the inspiration for House Of Gold And Bones, the band's two-part concept album which is also being spun off into a four-part comic book series this spring. Taylor told Comic Book Resources that the themes of the sci-fi story draw heavily on his own life, explaining, "I had an ideal of who I wanted to be as a man and I realized who I was at the time didn't exactly jibe with what that idea was. So I started the process of changing for the better -- it took me a long time, but I feel like I'm a lot closer than I ever was to who I want to be."


He added, "(House Of Gold And Bones) is loaded with that journey, but it also has a lot of pieces from my friends' lives -- some are a lot more ahead of the curve than others, but we are all doing the same thing: trying to figure it all out. That's why I wanted to tell the story in the first place -- to put it all in perspective and find my place in it all."

  • Taylor told us how he developed the lyrics for the project: "I took basically what was essentially a morality play and I was able to kind of twist it into this crazy sci-fi fantasy world. That encouraged me to really get weird with the lyrics, where it's essentially following the story and yet, obviously because it's me, there's some personal refuse going on in there, if you will (laughs)."
  • The singer also told Comic Book Resources about the storyline, "The hero wakes up in a world he doesn't understand, is bombarded with strange characters and in the end finds out more about himself than he ever could have imagined."
  • The first issue of the comic book is due out on stands April 17th, around the same time that the second album, House Of Gold And Bones, Part 2, will be released. Part 1 came out last fall.
  • A single from Part 2, called "Do Me A Favor," will arrive next month.

FAST FACTS -- about House Of Gold And Bones:

  • The main character of House Of Gold And Bones is simply called The Human.
  • His guide/mentor in the story is named Peckinpah.
  • The Human must complete his journey and find his answers before a massive event known as the Conflagration takes place.
  • The villains of the story include Black John, who is the leader of an evil group known as the Numbers, and Allen, who is the Human's twin and lives to torment the hero.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch an interview that Taylor did with Comic Book Resources at last summer's Comic-Con in San Diego about his album and his love for comics:

Stone Sour's Corey Taylor On Mixing Fantasy And Reality On 'Gold And Bones'

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