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Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood tied the knot for a third time on December 21st to 34-year-old theater producer Sally Humphreys, according to The Sun. Wood, who is 65, is 31 years older than Humphreys, and only one year younger than her father. Faces bandmate Rod Stewart served as Wood's best man, with Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell in attendance. Among those not at the wedding held at London's Dorchester Hotel was Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Two of Wood's children with former wife Jo, were on hand -- 34-year-old Leah Wood and 29-year-old Tyrone Wood.


Wood and Humphreys met nine years ago while she was working at a theater where Wood was staging one of his many art exhibitions.

  • In 2008 Wood split from his wife of 28 years, Jo, before taking up with the 20-year-old Russian waitress Ekaterina Ivanova for a very public and tumultuous affair. Prior to hooking up with Humphreys, Wood was seen out and about with then 32-year-old polo coach Ana Araujo, before coupling with then 25-year-old stylist, Nicola Sargent.
  • Ron Wood -- who's checked himself into rehab seven times over the years -- told us that sobriety seems to always recharge his creative outlets and enrich his life: "A much happier place because after playing the last few tours focused, I feel much better within myself and satisfied. I couldn't have done a better job, and every show did get better, and my playing for some miraculous reason is getting better and better all the time -- and so is my painting. And I'm still on this ambition thing. Y'know, I'm still very ambitious, and I think that's a big drive to life."

CHECK IT OUT: Ron Wood & Sally Humphreys on their wedding day:

CHECK IT OUT: Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell at Ron Wood's wedding:

INTERNET COMMENTS at The Sun -- agree or not?

MikeBoyd wrote: "He has shoes older than she is."

doctorwhat wrote: "What do these attractive younger ladies see in the Millionaire Ronnie Wood?"

bbinlon wrote: "they look a lovely and couple and wish them best of Lucks!! by the way, Paul and wife don't look natural at all. She has nose plastic surgery."

davidxyz wrote: "gold digger."

nido70 wrote: "Argh she must be thrilled with his 65 year old breath."

eldiablo1979 wrote: "He looks like a waxwork that has been left out in the sun!"

barrys wrote: "Silly old fool. Shall we say 6 months or will she be in for the real money shot aka get up the duff and then claim twice as much..."

manofwealthandtaste wrote: "Wonder if she wed him for his good looks and not his money?"

arealmanutdfan wrote: "The way ronnie spends money she needs to divorce him within a year before the money runs out."

Ron Wood On His Sobriety

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